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bottled water company decision making

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Fazlur Rashid Bottled Water Company The aim of this report is to satisfy the four requirements of the Business Case Study Analysis module of the Business Enterprise course. Requirement 1: The key facts that will need to be assessed to establish the potential of the business The key facts are: * Susan and Peter business plan * Where they going to open this shop or keep storage? * What research they carried? * How they did the research? * Their competitors * Quality of product and service * Supplier and customers * What survey they done and how they confirm they will get 2000 orders per month * Will they get any credit facility from suppliers? * Customer credit facility terms and conditions * Start up cost and capitalization * Management and employee * Financial plan The likely start up implications Susan and peter will encounter with this type of business. What are the possible effects on them? The possible effects are on Susan and Peter * No experience on selling bottled water * location where they trading e.g. premises * Cost of premises including deposit * Start up cost * Very small capital * Hard to get credit from supplier as a new business * Customer credit facility if customer ask for long term credit * More business will open due their success * What type of company they need to choose? ...read more.


But result will be same as postal or may be more according to reply. Secondary research: Secondary research is also known as desk research. This research carries out on the data already collect by another or third party or distributer of primary research. Susan and Peter can collect these data from internet, books, journals and trade newspaper. According to B.B.C news/ Europe on the 03/05/01 bottled water is waste of money wrote by Claire doole in Geneva. It's not healthier or safer drink than tap water. Panorama website on the B.B.C 15/02/08 consumers spend �2billion. A litre of one of the UK's most popular French mineral water generates up to 600 times more co2 equivalent than a litre of Thames tap water. In my opinion there is an advantage and disadvantages of primary and secondary research. The advantage of primary research * Easy to carry out * The results are confidential * Quick and up to date * Specific to the purposes only ask the questions business wants answer to The disadvantages of primary research * Take long time for collect data * Expensive * May provide misleading results * Only small number of people can be contacted The advantage of secondary research * Low cost because use data has already collected by third party * Easy to access because internet access may get relevant information quickly The disadvantage of secondary research * Information not up ...read more.


Therefore in some cases, the best interests of the service provider may be diluted with other users * You may lose focus of the customer and concentrate on the product (the outsourced process) * The loss of talent generated internally * Employees may react badly to outsourcing and consequently their quality of work may suffer * You can't control an independent representative Implication for an individual starting a new business is: * Need start-up capital * No support * Need very hard work * Responsible for all debts * Will not get time to go to holiday * Stressful life If I starting a business of selling bottle water in Portsmouth area what would I need to consider * There is an opportunity for this business * People living in Portsmouth area drink more bottled water * Profit margin is very high What market research or information would I need? * Population of Portsmouth * Information from superstore how many bottled water they sell per month * Primary research by asking people in Portsmouth area do they buy bottled water * Secondary research but need information from internet, books, trade newspaper as well as primary research What factors would need to be assessed to decide whether or not to invest in this business? * How many orders will I get * How many people want this product * What proportion of people will buy this product * What is the profit margin * How much money do I need to invest or capital ...read more.

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