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Briefly explain your operational role and were it is located in the overall structure of the organisation.

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1. Briefly explain your operational role and were it is located in the overall structure of the organisation. My operational title within my workplace is Fabrications Manager and the role I play is man management, purchasing (materials, consumables, new machinery and supplies), production and on the job training. A demand placed upon me as a manager is the ability to handle Information. In my managerial role, I not only receive information from a wide variety of sources but my team and I need to analyze, store and transmit it both efficiently and effectively. This process of individual and organizational communication will have a major impact upon how well I am able to perform my managerial role. Company Hierarchy Span of control MANAGING DIRECTOR FABRICATION SALES ELECTRONICS R&D STAFF SALES REPS STAFF Flat structure The chart above shows that my organisation has a flat structure. This means that there are few layers of hierarchy helping decisions to be made more quickly and efficiently rather than a taller hierarchy. Each layer is able to communicate easily with other layers and the organisation avoids the danger of becoming 'bureaucratic'. The more layers of hierarchy there are the more the communication and information is in danger of becoming distorted as it comes down the layers. This simpler structure is generally found in organisations operating from a single site where directors and other decision makers are readily available for consultation and guidance. Employees find it easier to understand the reasoning behind the directors' decisions and therefore feel more a part of the organisation and less isolated. Equally employees are motivated as they are often given more responsibility through delegation. Some other types of management structures; - * Tall and thin. This type of structure has a small span of control and many levels of hierarchy. Managers have a bigger chance of being delayed in management restructuring * Wide and flat. ...read more.


Once the customer has purchased the goods and services, it is essential that after-sales service is offered and that the customer is happy with his/her purchase. Our business tries to keep the customer loyal so that they return in the future and become a repeat-purchaser. Suppliers Without flexible and reliable suppliers, the business could not guarantee that we will always have sufficient high quality raw materials, which we require to produce our output. It is important for the business to maintain good relationships with our suppliers, so that raw materials and components can be ordered and delivered at short notice, and also so that the business can negotiate good credit terms from the suppliers (i.e. buy now, pay at a later date). The government The government affects the workings of the businesses in many ways: * The business has to pay a variety of taxes to central and local government, including Corporation tax on our profits, Value-Added Tax (V.A.T) on the sales, and Business Rates to the local council for the provision of local services. * The business also has to adhere to a wide-ranging amount of legislation, which is aimed at protecting the consumers, the employees and the local environment from business activity. * We are affected by different economic policies, (for example, if interest rates are increased, then this will discourage us from borrowing money since the repayments will now be significantly higher). However, we can also benefit from government incentives and initiatives, such as new infrastructure, job creation schemes and business relocation packages, offering cheap rent, rates and low-interest loans. Local community The company provides employment for the local community and often will produce and sell some of our output to the local business. The sponsorship of local events and good causes (such as local charity work) can also help the business to establish itself in the community as a caring, socially responsible organisation. ...read more.


Promotion Promotion refers to the tactics that we use to make consumers aware of our product(s) and to entice them to purchase the products. Advertising is the most expensive of all the promotional activities undertaken. It can be carried out on television, on posters, in newspapers, in magazines, and on the Internet. Advertising can allow the business to easily reach a vast audience, to have a great impact on consumers and to reinforce other types of promotion that it is carrying out (e.g. competitions). Place This refers to were our factory is situated and the channels of distribution that we use in order to get our products to the customer. The channels of distribution refer to the intermediaries that we use to transport our product and make it available to the customers. The more intermediaries that exist in the distribution of a product from our factory to the customer, then the higher the final price of the product, since each intermediary will add on a profit margin in return for offering their services. Some products need to have minimum handling and travelling time, in order to minimise the risk of damage to the products. The trend over recent years has been for us to eliminate as many of the intermediaries in the distribution channel, and for the product(s) to be sold directly from the factory to the customers themselves. This reduces the final price of the product that the customer has to pay and it also speeds up the delivery and the distribution process. These developments are enabling the larger businesses to dominate markets and hold a significant percentage of the overall market share. These retail outlets can, therefore, exercise more power than ever before when buying stock from factories and warehouses - enabling them to dictate the prices that they will pay for their supplies. The factory providing them with their stock and supplies will have little alternative than providing the supplies at a low price, since they cannot afford to lose such a large and important clients. ...read more.

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