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Business Continuity Planning

Extracts from this document...


Business continuity Planning Contents Potential risks 3 Electrical/IT/Security 3 Physical threats 5 Human threats 8 Evaluation of Risk 10 Electrical/IT/Security 10 Physical threats 13 Human threats 15 Countermeasures 18 Electrical/IT/Security 18 Physical threats 20 Human threats 25 Recommendations 27 Electrical/IT/Security 27 Physical threats 36 Human threats 39 Business Continuity Plan (Fire) 42 Initial Response 42 Damage and Situation Assessment 43 What a BCP must contain 44 Group work breakdown 45 Introduction This assignment has asked us to form a group of students then to identify, analyse and evaluate any visible risks to the business continuity of the organisation and the IS and IT. Once the risks have been evaluated we then need to produce a set of countermeasures for each one to return the business to full productivity and then finally produce a disaster recovery plan for the described incident in the case study. Potential risks All businesses faces risks regardless of the size, nature, location or type of business, this is a fact of industry. It is impossible to foresee all the possible risks for one given business as there are too many and the main thing about disasters is they are normally unexpected. When you plan for risks/disasters it is impossible to correctly predict the impact, duration and costs to the business if it occurs. Electrical/IT/Security Threat 1 - viruses Due to some data being stored on computers there is an added risk of hackers and viruses which can affect this data and possibly compromise the companies' security and privacy. This can affect the continuity of the company because they will need this data for tests or to send the results to customers who have sent items to test. This risk may occur due to inadequate data security on the computers which will leave the data vulnerable to attack. Also this would be a breach of laws, the data protection act 1998, that make companies' protect all their data within their systems as a result the company can be legally viable for any data breaches which can effect continuity and cost the company a lot of money. ...read more.


If fire doses occur then staff members will need to know what to do in this situation and important documents, data and test items will require protection from the fire. Threat 4 - Single access to site Due to there being only one access to the company this poses a risk because, there can be a natural disaster that can block the access. In addition, protesters could block the one access as well. This will affect the business because they will not be able to gain access to the company or they will not receive deliveries or receive them late and as some are refrigerated this can cause some damages to test samples. In addition, the gate can malfunction since it is an automated gate and will result in blocking access or allowing access to the company. One solution for the barrier risk could be to have a manual override for the gate so it could open by hand instead of automatically. However, some more security measures will have to put into place to stop people outside from opening the gate without being authorised. Another solution could be to have a smaller gate just for people to pass through and to stop vehicles from getting in. With these changes, this risk is vastly reduced so it is very unlikely to happen. However if it does happen a second access should be used to get in and out of the company. Threat 5 - No backup power supply The power outage risk can be avoided by the use of a backup power supply like generators or a backup connection to the grid. Another way of avoiding this risk is to use generators on site that will provide enough power to keep refrigerated samples cool and to keep the business running to reduce the impact on customers. Threat 6 - Collapsed trees This risk can be avoided by cutting the bushes back frequently (monthly) ...read more.


* Determine extent and severity of disruption to operations. * Assess financial loss. * Prepare final assessment and report, notify DR teams of findings. Report or log, communicate with appropriate parties. * Activate DR teams if they have not already been activated. * Review recovery options based on disaster assessment. * Select best recovery options for the situation, begin plan to implement recovery options * Notify management and crisis communications teams. * Prepare a disaster declaration statement that can be communicated to employees, press and local authorities, DR team and community contacts. * Monitor progress. * Document results in event log, communicate with appropriate parties. * amend BCP What a BCP must contain Emergency Response Contact List, Maps, Floor Plans - External emergency contact numbers: Police, sheriff, Fire, Hospital, Ambulance, Other - Emergency response team contact numbers: Emergency response team leader, Medical staff, Evacuation leaders, Search and rescue staff, Crisis team manager and/or corporate executive contact - Maps: Evacuation routes and assembly areas, Shelter-in-place assembly areas, Escape routes from site-primary and secondary (several options may be needed depending on disaster scenario), Floor plans, Location of fire doors, fire extinguishers, Location of utility closets, circuit breaker panels, power lines, Location of gas, electric, water lines, Location and nature of hazardous materials Emergency Supplies and Equipment - Depending on the size of your company, the location of the facilities, and the nature of the business, you may need other supplies than those listed. Develop a list of supplies and equipment needed. A schedule for testing needed equipment on a periodic basis. A procedure for performing periodic maintenance on equipment, and a process for performing a periodic inventory count of supplies. - First aid supplies (portable kits, additional supplies). - CPR training and equipment. - Fire suppression equipment (fire extinguishers, etc.). - Hazardous materials safety equipment. - Hazardous materials containment and clean up equipment/supplies. - Water, water purification tablets, shelf-stable food supplies (for shelter-in-place). - Clothing, blankets, and other materials (injuries, cold climates, shelter-in-place). - Emergency communications equipment (walkie-talkies, batteries, etc.). ?? ?? ?? ?? Business Continuity planning CP3052 Group D 2 ...read more.

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