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business functions

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(Part 1) - (Question 1) There are generally 5 key business functions that are generally important to most businesses. They are Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Accounting & Finance and Information Management. We will be looking into detail what similarities and differences are in the operations management of my chosen businesses which are bmibaby and Fullers Brewery. Operations function is a vital part of a business for both bmibaby and Fullers Brewery. For Fullers Brewery it defines the production of goods and how it is moved out the door to be delivered to it's relevant customers. This operation is vital for the business and mainly involves the management side of the resources that they have. The main driving force of operations is to improve customer service. It is the responsibility of most people in the business to maintain positive levels of customer service by working together as a team. The Transformation Model applies to most businesses including bmibaby and Fullers Brewery. These organisations have inputs which is dependant on it's objective, transformation which is appointed after the input is mainly established and then needs to be transformed into it's desired output, which is mainly the quantity & quality in which the goods and services are being produced. ...read more.


It is also vital for quality assurance and quality control procedures which have to be met with strict guidelines as the standards for the beer has be high to ensure maximum protection of the brand as it exposed to the outside market of today. To ensure quality assurance and quality control is at it's highest standards a testing panel is on duty to give it it's final recommendation's to maximise sales, profits and most important of all to meet consumers demand. Customer service is vital for future of it's business as it maximises publicity leading to high revenue and maximum financial stabilisation of the business to grow future success. There are many variables in brewing especially the transformation process in which the product takes from raw materials to brewing to packaging and then finally to distribution. The relationship with the suppliers are vital as it keeps a constant business and contact to maximise revenue and profitability. The process of packaging for these products are vital as they need to be maintained in working order to the consumer's eye and has to pass trading standards. Good quality packaging is viable for the distribution pressures of the product and imagery has to be of attractiveness to the consumer's eye. ...read more.


I conclude that although most business's look different in their operation most of them actually are similar because all business's need a foundation to start off with and when they build from their foundations this is where differences occur because of their overall business plan in the 5 key business function in which they operate from. They start to defer within the sectors they build their business on as every business has a different way of getting their products and services forward depending on the market they explore in which they try to dominate through success to keep the business alive. They key similarity between both businesses is the monitoring of their business as this is the key to success as it very vital to quality assurance of the business to move forward in the world and the market in which they try to dominate which can only be achieved by learning from their business's mistakes in which they have their own way of doing. They key difference is how they outsource their organisational role and activities all depends on how the business is adapted to operate to meet the demand of the business's activities. This is vital for the business to fulfil their organisational needs so the operation of the business is flawless and it will maximise their organisational productivity and stability. ...read more.

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