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Business Innovation And Creativity

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Business Innovation And Creativity This report will be demonstrating the impact of innovation and creativity has in Virgin Atlantic. This will show the role innovation and creativity plays in the marketing and technology of the organisation. What is Innovation? "The intentional introduction and application within a job, work team or organisation of ideas, processes, products or procedures which are new to that job, the work team or the organisation."(West. M, 1997 Developing Creativity In Organisations, chapter 1, pg.3) Creativity is "the bringing together of knowledge from different areas of experience to produce new and improved ideas."(West. M, Developing Creativity In Organisations, chapter1, pg.1) Virgin Atlantic started in 1984, by entrepreneur Richard Branson. Virgin Atlantic is the second largest long haul airline in the UK and the third largest European carrier over the North Atlantic. Their route network has grown rapidly to include destinations in the US, Caribbean, Far East, India and Africa. Virgin Atlantics main brands and services operate a two class system: Upper Class and Economy class. (www.VirginAtlantic.com) The benefits for Virgin Atlantic to use innovation and creativity within their organisation is to create new inventions, new changes, produce more efficient and improved productivity levels, as well as economics that measures and also innovation involvement in the technological changes on new products or inventions that the business already has.(West, M. 1997) Innovation and creativity has an influence on the Marketing sector of Virgin Atlantic as "in the 1970s according to studies of innovations showed that the role of marketplace was influential in the innovation process". ...read more.


Advertising is used to encourage people to try the airline, to raise awareness of new product developments and a new route this is an example on how innovation and creativity is used to achieve promoting the business in different ways. . (www.VirginAtlantic.com) Another source of promotion used by innovative marketing is by Direct mail which is also used to encourage customers to try the airline and promote its existence and what it has on offer. Also, another innovative technique is Virgin Atlantic operates a frequent flyer programme; this is to encourage loyalty in existing flyers. This scheme includes free flights and rewards to its members and a lot of benefits, e.g., a "one call does it all" support service and Clubhouse access. (www.VirginAtlantic.com) Innovation is used to communicate with virgin Atlantics consumers as they market their airline to travel agents In addition to communication to consumers; they market wide range of promotions, trade incentives, familiarisation trips and educational/ social events. . (www.VirginAtlantic.com) Innovation is effective in Communications at virgin Atlantic to its customers as it helps to market the service by keeping business and leisure travellers informed through press and TV advertising, mailings and a variety of offers and promotions. They also run special promotions - like fare discounts on particular fares this increases the popularity of seats on each route all year round. Also innovation amongst employees working together on joint activity is innovative. ...read more.


The business's financial position has grew over the years and has made hundreds of millions of pounds in comparison to others airlines, gaining the most number of customers and its dominant position in the airline industry. To sum up Virgin Atlantic it is "A brand name that is known internationally for innovation, quality and a sense of fun - this is what we have always aspired to with Virgin."(Branson, Richard. www.VirginAtlantic.com) Summary The use of innovation and creativity in Virgin Atlantic is a key factor in the firms growing success and making it a leading online booking service and airline with customers. Through the use of innovation and creativity in the marketing and technology it has a major impact of success with new ideas created and producing new products and services. Virgin Atlantic are maintaining their firms objectives by meeting their customers needs and going ahead of its competitors gaining competitor advantage and rising to the top in its environment with its innovative ways of doing things and improving its current service. Innovation and creativity is the key element in Virgin Atlantic in creating new ideas and service to customers by differentiating their service by offering customers what they want and what other firms don't have. Innovation and creativity are important elements in all businesses including Virgin Atlantic in creating the best products and services. The more use of innovation and creativity will enable to improve business growth ,achieve Virgin Atlantics values set, Be more creative than others in the industry by Generating new products and services to beat their competitors, Improve financial performance, more Competitive advantage, keep existing customers satisfied and attract more. ...read more.

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