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Business plan for a computer hardware shop in Pakistan.

Extracts from this document...


DEDICATION * To our creator who bestowed on us the meaning of life * Our parents with greatest gratitude whose love and prayers have always been a source of strength for us. * Our mentor who coached and inspired us, and gave us courage to pursue against all odds * Our friends who were dedicated and made a committed team to support the work Acknowledgement We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following groups and individuals to the development of our presentation. Prof. Muhammad Rafiq at Superior University, Lahore.. One of our cousin Javed Khan directed us to a wide range of resources on the web and in his library stacks. He answered all of our questions as well as asked me questions that helped us to narrow my search. Further, he helped us figure out correct documentation for sources that did not fit the Research Guide examples. We also worked with librarians at University Library who helped us locate primary sources. My class peer research group: Mirza Huzaifa, M. Shahzad, , Muneed Ahmad, M. Shahzad, Huzaifa and Muneeb Ahmad helped me to refine my thesis and pointed out weaknesses in organization. Shahzad and bilal directed me to two resources that they had used so that I could find more information to elaborate on a point that I had insufficiently developed. Additionally, Ahmad asked me questions about my research that helped me realize that some weaknesses were the result of a focus that was too general. Although at first we were annoyed, but the team effort, enthusiasm and unrelenting chant pushed us to go beyond the obvious statements we had been making. Our parents who gave us courage to do all this with strength and passion. Executive summary By focusing on its strengths, its key customers, and the underlying values they MAVEN Tech will provide customers with those products and services which are unique and substantial in the market. ...read more.


* Profit Potential Maven Tech has high profit potential as its production cost is quite low. And due to the attractive industry a large number of customers are available which will cause high profitability. Customers always want something good and new, and thus Maven Tech is focusing on providing them different products from their competitors to gain customer attraction which in turn would generate high profits. * Industry life cycle In industry life cycle computer industry is at the maturity stage, which reflects high return on investment. There are high profits in this industry. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths > Good Human Resources. > Advancement with technology. > Availability of Products. > Competitive prices. > Best Quality brands. Weaknesses > New in market. > No discount. > High competition. > Unaffordable price Opportunities > Our idea is unique and there are less Dealers of new products > Our all competitors are foreign > We have less local competitors Threats > We are new in market. > We have no experience. > We are unaware with the ups and downs of Business. > Popularity of other well-known and established Dealers like Galaxy Computers. > We have a threat of red tape. TARGET MARKET Target Market Customer Volume Our target market volume is almost every organization using computers and networking. That could be either universities, offices schools, home use, networking places and all government organizations. But still we have estimated a number of 2856,000 people living in different localities of Lahore, who have potential to but or update their machines and networking. Our main target people age ranges from 10years to 80years. This figure has been found out after a detailed segmentation, multi segmentation and then it has been adjusted. Target Market Calculation Population of Lahore Below Poverty line (40%) Middle/Upper class (60%) Under 10yrs of age (20%) Left 80% Need updated replacements (85%) Not interested Potential Customers 7,000,000 2,800,000 4200000 4200000 840,000 3360,000 2856,000 504000 2856,000 Target Segment Our target market volume is almost every organization using computers and networking which includes upper, middle and lower middle class. ...read more.


Remedy: In this case when any of the management team members leaves the company he is not entitled to use the name of the company. He cannot start the same business with any other name. Marketing Risk: In case of marketing we realize that here may be any fault in our marketing plan due to which business can suffer. Remedy: For the backup of this risk we have prepared our proposal for different authorities and we also have different marketing plans, as if in any case plan A does not work the plan B will be executed. Operational Risk: There may be a risk which can disturb the operations of the business such as production. There may be strikes by the workers. Remedy: For minimizing this risk we don't encourage the trade unions in our business and we provide bonuses to our laborers on semiannual basis, provide them with gifts on different occasions, we provide them excellence awards. Financial Risk: We realize that in case of termination of any member there is a risk of finance that he or she may take his/her equity away which cause the business to suffer. Remedy: To avoid this risk we have made certain clauses in our agreements that if any member d\decides to leave the company he/she will not take his/her equity out of the business. The time period to pay back the equity will be determined on the amount of equity shared by that member. Intellectual Property Infringement: In business there is a high risk of infringement of the company's intellectual property. Any one of your competitor may copy your business which causes your business to suffer. Remedy: As a remedial step of avoiding this risk we have patented of business for next 15 years i.e. for next 15 years no one can start this business is he/she does so will be held liable for legal prosecutions. ?? ?? ?? ?? MAVEN TECHNOLOGIES www.maventech.co.pk Page 1 ...read more.

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