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Butler's Chocolate Company

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2/11/2008 Business Management Assignment Angelika Lukyanova Table of Contents: Detailed description of the organisation 3 Name, Year established, Location 3 Private/Public, Purpose, 3 Products Market/Customers 4-5 Last news 6 SWOT 7-8 PEST 9-11 Conclusions and Recommendations 12 Bibliography 13 Butlers Chocolates was established in 1932 by Mrs Bailey Butler. In 1959 the company was purchased and has been owned by Mr. Seamus Sorensen since that time. The Butlers Irish Chocolates brand was born in 1984. It was named in memory of Ms Marion Bailey Butler. Butlers Chocolates is located is Clonshaugh, Dublin 17 since 2003. It is a private manufacturing limited company. The company is the leading luxury chocolate producer in Ireland and operates from a custom built production facility in North Dublin. The starting point was, when in 1932, Mrs. Bailey-Butler began to produce a range of handmade chocolates from her house in Dublin's Fitzwilliam Square. The company produces a wide range of delicious confectionery products including chocolate assortments such as truffles, fudge, toffee, chocolate bars and seasonal novelties. In November 1998 the first Butlers Chocolate Caf� opened its doors on Wicklow St, Dublin. Since then, thousands of customers have visited the shops. In addition to a relaxing caf� ambience, Butlers Chocolate Caf�s also offer a top quality retail outlet. This unique combination is now very successful. ...read more.


Butlers also opened its first UK store in the high-profile Westfield shopping mall in London last week.2 SWOT Analysis Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an organisation and its environment. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers to focus on key issues. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. Opportunities and threats are external factors.3 SWOT analysis show where a business should focus its attention. Butler's chocolate company could pitch the following strengths and weaknesses against the opportunities and threats. Internal Strengths: * Irish market leader in a handmade and luxury product: chocolate. The brand, instantly recognisable fro the luxurious white and gold embossed presentation boxes. * The Irish company has maintained a progressive orientation to using the Internet to expand its reach and penetration. Regarding the case study the company felt the area of mail ordering was potentially a very profitable market and the Internet was the best vehicle for opening up new markets and building a new customer base. * Chocolate leader in several big markets including: UK, US. * Faster decision making and ability integrates competitive products into problem-solving system. * Differentiated products. Butler's company makes move into organic. "Irish speciality chocolate company Butlers Chocolates is launching a range of organic chocolate bars which includes four new varieties; organic milk chocolate, 70% dark, white chocolate with raspberry and milk chocolate with orange pieces.4" Weaknesses: * Relatively low advertising and promotions budget. ...read more.


* Higher input prices: For instance: Butlers Irish Giftwrapped Assortment (500 g) costs �25. There are a lot of competitive prices around. * Political: Threats from imports. For example: France still remains a leader in the luxury chocolate. * Regulation and legislation: Access to food technology should also helps the company face changing consumer tastes and legislation. Therefore European Union legislation will force manufactures to disclose the content of their product. This will adversely affect the attractiveness of some ingredients. Conclusions and Recommendations In summary, from the case study we can see that the marketing concept of the company is to determine the needs and wants and to deliver the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors do. It is market-focused and customer-driven company. Managers and employees use a creative entrepreneurial freedom, thinking and acting as if it were their own company. I guess there is no reason to expect any competitors for the company in Ireland at least for next five years. Despite on it I would recommend to create a promotional and advertising plan to keep the company on the right direction and not to loss their costumers. The Internet is a different selling medium. Therefore it is a vital that the web-focused department maintains and keeps up-to-date its site all the time. As the chocolate's confectionery market is concentrated and very competitive, the management must be focused on harmful threats and prepare plans in advance to meet them. ...read more.

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