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Canyon Ranch Health Spa, Business Model, Strategy, and Viability

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Canyon Ranch, Business Model, Strategy, and Viability December 2011 Team Happy Introduction Canyon Ranch is a leader in the spa and health resort industry that was founded in 1979. It strives to be a place where people can not only choose to relax by getting a massage but can also work on their health through nutrition classes and even work on their fitness. Canyon Ranch came to be where they are today by offering much more than the local day spa and by paying close attention to each and every individual customer's needs. "No matter what feeling better or feeling healthier means to you, Canyon Ranch is a place that helps you connect to a happier lifestyle. Everyone experiences a different Canyon Ranch; we'll meet you where you are." Harley Mayersohn, Vice President of Marketing Issues, however, have started to arise now that Canyon Ranch is starting to face some intense competition and are subsequently looking at possibly greater utilizing their IT system to allow them to offer an even better experience to their customers. Personalization and CRM Strategy A major question being asked by Canyon Ranch is whether or not to engage in a personalization and customer relationship management system (CRM). ...read more.


Using customer preferences data from a CRM system, they could invite the customer to come stay that weekend in a garden view room at a discount of 25% off the normal booking rate. Or, they could even off the discounted rate for a courtyard view room to try and entice the customer to try something different. Another idea would be to have each customer fill out a survey after each service and stay so that Canyon Ranch can capitalize on their areas of strength and work on the areas that need improvement. There could even be a section that allows customers to offer ideas and possible solutions for any issues that they experienced. This would not only provide Canyon Ranch with helpful feedback, it would also give guests the perception that the resort is serious in addressing all customer concerns. A more internal solution in some ways would be to have customers fill out a survey rating the doctors, masseuses, dietitians etc. and have a "reward" system of sorts for the employees that would be contingent on customer ratings, such as a small bonus or an extra vacation day. This would help to motivate employees to make sure that they are doing all they can to help give customers the best experience as well as help in retaining the good employees. ...read more.


On the other hand, they need to keep the Health and Healing departments as the industry leader in terms of quality. This again can be achieved by integration with other services through IT system and retaining and acquiring good talent. Obviously, Canyon Ranch suffers from a very high turnover rate so they need to understand the cost of this and how to reduce it. The cost could be more than the direct dollars spent to the image of Canyon Ranch because customers would feel more comfortable if they deal with the same faces when they return, and that is at the core value of Canyon Ranch - they treat customers as special people. Canyon Ranch should focus on keeping customers by giving more perks and long term advantage for returning customers and perks for friends' referrals, family members and so forth. On another frontier, Canyon Ranch should consider expanding, and expanding internationally. The trend of growing demand in the US on these services will be followed by the rest of the world. They should consider partnering with high end hospitals in other countries and invest in some market research for various countries regarding these global ventures. ?? ?? ?? ?? 5 ...read more.

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