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Case study: Winds Resort, Barbados

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Thames Valley University Faculty of Professional Studies The London School of Hospitality and Tourism Rooms Management TH50039E Case study: Winds Resort, Barbados Andrew Pennington 20260736 2008/2009 Date: 21/11/2008 2.1 Discuss and evaluate ways how housekeeping standards could be maintained and monitored during this period to ensure all types of customers receive quality service. In addition, suggest and critique some appropriate incentives for staff to maintain set standards. This assignment seeks to explain how the new General Manager (GM) would address the following issues rising by the housekeeping department and how to maintaining the standards. The results of the case study indicate that Head Housekeeper (HK) have to plan how to minimise problems such as high expenditure, poor communication between staff, customer complaints, reduce utility costs by 40% by end of the next year. Management is a fast-paced and diverse role that involves a high level of responsibility, decision-making, strategic planning, developing policies and procedures, and monitoring budgets. According to Jones, C. & Paul, V. (1995 p317, 318) Management involves identifying and controlling all resources; controlling people, material, time and money. Those are achieved by through organisation, co-ordination, and communication. The actual standards required will depend on a particular need of customers or accommodation users and their needs and requirements. Raghubalan, argues that "the housekeeping are demands highly skilled specialisation, which in turn requires a sizeable investment in term of infrastructure and equipment to achieve a highly results." ...read more.


In other hand Head housekeeper to achieve that he has to non-judgmental in how to approach his staff so they can work together to again excellent results. The best way to achieve those follow Jones ideology that staff has to be motivated by appraisals, awards in orders to maintain good communication between them; or Maslow and Hezberg," arguing that people work for a complex package, including money, security, self-esteem of others, job satisfaction"....(Boella, 1996, p153). Bibliography Boella, M. (1996) Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry, 6th Ed. Stanley Thornes. P153, Chapter12 Boella, M. (2000) Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry, 7th Ed. Stanley Thornes. P122, Chapter 8 Jones, C. & Paul, V. (1995) Accommodation Management, London: Batsford Kirk, David 1996, Environmental Management for Hotels: a student's handbook. Butterworth-Heinemann Quality management standards, what are quality management system standards and how can they benefit you? http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/detail?type=RESOURCES&itemId=1074432115 [Accessed 13 November 2008] Raghubalan, G. (2007) Hotel Housekeeping: Operations and Management, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, India Rooms serviced with a smile, [Online], (Update 13 October 2005 00:00), by Patricia Hunter Powell and Jean Roberts, Hotel du Vin, Harrogate, http://www.caterersearch.com/Articles/2005/10/13/302991/rooms-serviced-with-a-smile.html, [Accessed 10 November 2008] Sourcing Outsourcing, by Karyn Strauss, Senior Editor -- Hotels, 6/1/2007 Available: http://www.hotelsmag.com/search/siteall?q=outsourcing&x=30&y=9, Standard Hotel guests value a clean room above anything else, (Update 18 August 2007 07:00). By Kerstin K�hn, Available at: http://www.caterersearch.com/Articles/2007/08/18/315554/hotel-guests-value-a-clean-room-above-anything-else.html, [accessed 08 November 2008] Standard Operations, Melrose Hotel Company streamlines operations by standardizing back-office software. ...read more.


Manager Neil can also implement measures to cut power usage, including training staff to turn lights and computers off when not in use. Training and meetings should take place to ensure that each employees and resident or everyone informed knew what are expected from them and what we're trying to achieve. Manager Neil has to ensure the local people also are encouraged to place of recycling programme. Such as recycling raining water, reduce the amount of boil water as they needed for a cup of coffee, tea can make a difference, this messages have to be point out on regular basics to take effect. After a while, manager Neil can found out if staff, residents are began taking responsibility and making suggestions for further improvement. For example Marriott social responsibilities are to support the local children's hospitals by fund money for children needing hospitalization in our local communities. Most funds are raised in collaboration with guests, business partners and employees, who organize golf tournaments. Source Marriott website. Further research needs to be completed to establish to achieve propose of environmental. Because more investigation to help manager Neil to achieve his goal. Who will profit from this? - The hotel will benefit, because an efficient run building requires fewer staff and results in operating expenses to reduce costs can release valuable resources that can be advantage of the hotel in improving or expanding hotel facilities..... Kirk (1996 p44). ...read more.

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