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Central Banks of BRIC and Mexico (web-sites overview)

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Introduction This paper is a review of five web sites of the central banks of four BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and Mexico. As the importance of emerging markets in the world economy is strengthening, investors, analysts and other users will require a wide range of information and data to include in researches, as well as in the process of investment decision-making. All sites will be analyzed in terms of design, overall representation of information, instruments available for investors to use financial information, statistics and other data. Only English versions of all sites are assessed. Each site will be graded maximum 3 points for design, 5 points for information available, and 7 points for data and tools. Maximum total grade is 15. Banco Central do Brazil (bcb.gov.br) The main page of the English version of this site provides a user with the latest news on the Brazilian financial system, as well as with the quick access to the latest reports, which seems to be very convenient for investors and analysts. ...read more.


Grades: design - 1, information - 4, data and tools - 4. Total: 9. Reserve Bank of India (rbi.org.in) As other sites, the site of Reserve Bank of India has a simplified design, emphasizing content rather than decorations. Unlike the previous sites, this one is very well structured. The index page doesn't contain much of information, though latter can be easily accessed through other pages. All important documents and reports on Indian economy and financial system, as well as statistical data are presented in a very practical way. Depending on the purposes and time period of investor's analysis or research, one can sort out and choose information published on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Each report can be downloaded as a PDF; statistical data and time series are represented in Excel sheets, which is quite useful. Grades: design - 2, information - 4, data and tools - 5. ...read more.


All customized graphs and tables can be immediately exported to Excel or saved as JPG files. Statistics page should be considered as the most valuable piece of information from the entire site. Besides, the site has some very simple and basic, yet useful tools, such as inflation rate or exchange rate calculators. Grades: design - 1, information - 4, data and tools - 7. Total: 12. Conclusion All reviewed sites have minimalistic designs and concentrate on the content. Normally, all sites provide information on monetary policy, most important macro-economical indicators and key banking indicators. Reviewed sites also contain some information on legislation of the countries' banking sectors. Though all of the sites have pages for statistics, the most useful from the investor or researcher's point of view are the sites of Indian, Brazilian and Mexican central banks. Nowadays, investors and researches have to analyze huge amounts of information that is why the availability and usability of this information is crucial. The best site in terms of grade system introduced in this review has the central bank of Mexico. ...read more.

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