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Choose any Indian company that has adopted or is planning to adopt sustainable business practices. Evaluate the challenges that can arise in the process & suggest strategies that a practicing manager should implement to overcome the identified challenges.

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"Sustainable development, in today's times, goes beyond environmental sustainability only. Good sustainable business practices, contrary to the popular belief, should be embedded into organizations' regular activities rather than taken up separately. In fact, increasingly the corporate sector is also recognizing longer run profitability of such practices." a. Do you agree or disagree with the above statement. Justify with appropriate reasons. Answer)In 1972, the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi emphasized, at the UN Conference on Human Environment at Stockholm, that the removal of poverty is an integral part of the goal of an environmental strategy for the world. The concepts of interrelatedness, of a shared planet, of global citizenship, and of "spaceship earth" cannot be restricted to environmental issues alone. They apply equally to the shared and inter-linked responsibilities of environmental protection and human development. Yes, I agree with the above statement. Sustainable Development is not only restricted to environment but it is way above this. Yes, whatever activities we undertake we should keep in mind the environment. The commission's report, "Our Common Future", popularly known as "The Brundtland Report" that coined the term sustainable development suggested that economic development cannot stop, but it must change course to fit within the earth's ecological limits. Corporate sector must make money; and staying in corporate sector and prospering is a fundamental value of any for-profit enterprise. At the same time, corporate sector is required to take into account the interests of all stakeholders that include customers, employees, investors, vendors, government and the society. ...read more.


* Basic Agriculture service: This provides farmers with tips on agriculture techniques and news. * Premium Agriculture service: This offers the full suite of information including market prices, weather updates and news and tips. * Education (Learn English): This provides simple courses on English in the local language. The General Knowledge option keeps users abreast of what's happening in the world daily. * Entertainment: This provides users with regional news updates, astrological predictions, cricket news as well as ringtone download. Despite being an agricultural country, Indian farmers face lots of challenges and hardships due to lack of sufficient information and knowledge related to modern techniques of farming. The problems farmers encounter are not only with Mother Nature they face the more pressing issue of marketing their produce. This initiative taken by Idea cellular would provide Indian farmers an opportunity to avail agricultural as well as educational services which would help them to improve upon their knowledge and skills. On the other hand many farmers find the market price feature very helpful as it helps them in avoiding middlemen exploitation. Now they can get the prices directly from their handsets and choose which market to sell the produce in. Network Infrastructure Initiative Reducing Carbon Footprint Idea pioneered the concept of 'Shared Telecom Infrastructure' services, along with a few other industry leaders in the wireless space. This initiative is committed towards continuous innovation endeavors, optimization of future tower rollouts and enhanced operational efficiencies leading to a substantial reduction of carbon foot print. ...read more.


This resistance would be majorly due to lack of knowledge in advanced technology usage. Strategies to Overcome the Challenges * Pre-paid service is preferred by the poor because of the cost as well as the ability to control spending behavior. Similarly the rural customers can be provided with economical internet pre-paid cards so that they can access the Agriculture and Educational services online easily. Also slowly and steadily mobile internet education would spread across the rural India as development grips the area. Also the services are available in regional language which makes it easier for it to be adopted in rural eco system. To fasten the process Idea cellular can take up initiatives to regionally educate the rural customers of the usage and benefits of using mobile internet. * Before undertaking any sustainability project the company must analyze the total cost and benefit. A trade-off between the two is very important as it would help them know exactly how much funds will be required to support the project and how much resources would need to be diverted towards that particular project. A balance is very essential before taking up and implementing the eco-project. * As said before the main reason for resistance by the employees towards any sustainable change is lack of knowledge about the new sustainable practice. The HR of the organization must make sure to educate their employees of the organizational and individual benefits that will be achieved by such a change. Along with it they must help train those employees who are unfamiliar with the usage of advanced technology in conducting day to day operations. ...read more.

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