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Coastal County of Clerk Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: Coastal County Clerk of Court Coastal County Clerk of Courts is about to embark on a new way of doing business. Under the old way, Art Brewer was very relaxed and understanding when it came to work schedules, family commitments, and personal commitments. The employees did not have set schedules and were allowed to make up their time when they needed. Another issue facing the clerk of court is that Brewer refused to enter the technology era and still did business on a personal level. With the influx of new residents, it became very apparent to the town that in order for Amber Beach to survive this wave of citizens and be able to be effective and efficient, they would have to update their technology. This new turn of events took Brewer out of the picture for re-election and Accord took the majority of the votes (Clerk of Court Scenario, 2009). Accord decided to implement a lot of changes into the business and did so very quickly. This angered the long time employees because they were used to the old style under Brewer in which they did not have to answer to anyone. When the employee accountability program reared its ugly head, Munger decided to take Accord on. The one program that Accord should have started with was a conflict resolution program so that when the angry employees decided to voice their frustrations, they would have an outlet to do this without making bad press for the new Clerk of Court and their professionalism (Clerk of Court Scenario, 2009). Describe the Situation Issue and Opportunity Identification Accord faces some serious issues that could potentially have a negative impact on the court if he does not address them quickly and with the right mindset. The first issue facing Accord is the need for new technology. Although Brewer was able to keep the budget down for the small beach town, he never updated any of the processes and all transactions took place at the courthouse and none on line. ...read more.


Encourage participants to solve the problems themselves without drawing others in, (3) Argue the business case by pointing out that the conflict is hurting the working environment and hindering customer service, (4) Gain agreement on what must change and (5) Hold people accountable by creating a timeline of when the change needs to be accomplished. Lowe's has been very successful in avoiding the need for ADRs through the use of their five-step method to resolving workplace disputes (Anderson, 2006). Meanwhile, Wal-Mart has implemented a time clock in each of its stores to ensure that their employees are taking the required amount of rest breaks throughout their shift. Evaluate the Alternatives All the alternatives addressed and primarily risk free with the same goal, to increase technology, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. Using computers to do the work and websites so the customers can complete their errands online, is a very realistic and achievable goal. It may take some time and cost a little bit more than the court and town are used to, but in long run, it will be better for everyone concerned. Make the Decision Accord and his managers know that it takes time and money to implement major changes within any organization. They need to effectively manage the three phase process so that they can be in control of the situation. Implementing technology in phases is going to be time consuming and costly, but it is the best way to handle the situation. This will hold the risk to low by ensuring that the systems are working and that the customer is happy. If there is a glitch, it is better to find it on the first phase than to implement all and find it then. Develop and Implement the Solution Accord needs to meet the deadline of introducing the new technology thus increasing customer satisfaction as well as implementing a conflict resolution plan thus increasing employee satisfaction. ...read more.


Bring in support for the new technology * Very time consuming and expensive High * Plan a phase program to integrate the new technology and ensure the employees and the customers are comfortable with the changes. Conflict management plan * 1800 number, website and town halls can be used to move the process along. Low * The employees will have an outlet for their concerns. Table 5 Pros and Cons of Alternative Solutions Alternative Pros Cons Develop a training plan for new technology * Increased efficiency * Court will be more effective * Customers will be happier * Time consuming * Costly * May not work effectively Bring in support for the new technology * The court will be more effective when phases are complete. * Customers and employees can learn in phases and not all at once. * Phases will be time consuming. * Can be costly. * Customers may disapprove of the new way. Conflict management plan * Turns the court into a business. * Policies will alleviate any conflicting guidance. * A good way to resolve conflict in the workplace. * Time consuming * Depending on the type of conflict, may not work. * The plan will bring "dirty laundry" to the surface. Table 6 Optimal Solution Implementation Plan Action Item Deliverable Timeline Who is Responsible Implement first phase 15 days Technology manager; Mr. Accord Implement second phase 30 days after completion of phase 1 Technology manager; Mr. Accord Establish conflict management plan 10 days HR; Mr. Accord; all managers Employee training plan 30 days HR; managers Table 7 Evaluation of Results End-State Goals Metrics Target To launch the Court into the technology era Online applications introduced in phased process on time Employees and customers Resolve conflict between employees and managers Surveys, 1800 number, website, town halls 90% conflict resolution Properly train employees on the new technology Increased effectiveness and efficiency Employees feel valued at work ?? ?? ?? ?? Coastal County Clerk of Court 1 ...read more.

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