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CoffeeTime Research and Decision Making

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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: INTERCLEAN, INC. Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc. David Lejuez University of Phoenix Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc. The cleaning and sanitation industry is extremely competitive and currently the industry is going through some major changes. These transformations are being forced on the industry by governmental agencies that are now requiring that each organization within the industry is to provide an optimum service and product. In order to compete and meet the regulatory demand in this industry InterClean's CEO David Spencer has established an all-inclusive service strategy that will demand more dedication from InterClean's employees. In addition, David Spencer has just completed a merger with Enviro Tech Inc. As the company continues to grow, David Spencer will come under pressure to maintain the morale of his employees while attaining outstanding results. In evaluating InterClean's situation the issue is not as obvious as it may appear. Clearly management desires that the company's employees acquire the proper skills that will meet the strategy set forward by David Spencer. Nevertheless, management must understand that with their intent to grow both domestically and abroad, InterClean will have to establish an effective human resource system. The lack of proper employee training will likely give a serious blow to employee morale and InterClean's strategy. Management has identified the problem that InterClean faces, and clearly the issue does not evolve around its employees, but rather the implementation approach taken by management. This analysis will provide InterClean's management with the proper techniques that can attain outstanding results. In every corporation leaders and managers must establish strategic advantage that will permit the organization to survive over the long-term. "A company's survival and success depend on how well employees sense environmental changes and alter their patterns of behavior to fit those emerging conditions" (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005, p. 21). When a leader such as the CEO of InterClean David Spencer initiates a competitive advantage strategy, he or she is creating an open system organization. ...read more.


This step will assure that InterClean maintain an effective and optimum workforce. By taking these courses of action InterClean can achieve at minimum three SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) objectives. These goals are to implement an efficient human resources system, to rebuild employee morale through a credible reward system and provide a skill enhancement training program. Through these objectives InterClean management will meet its market growth and profit targets. When corporations develop strategies to resolve their problems, one important aspect of the strategy is the alternative solutions. Although InterClean has established a clear strategy to improve the quality of employee service, management should also focus on other alternatives. InterClean's management needs to address its most important aspect of its business-the-customers. InterClean needs to aggressively target and maintain the client base that Enviro Tech established prior to the merger. Minimizing the potential number of clients that they could lose as a result of the merger will be crucial. Therefore, by establishing a promotional package plan with additional services, InterClean can aggressively seek to increase its client base. "Some promotional strategies enhance product values by explaining often unrecognized ownership benefits" (Boone & Kurtz. 2002, p. 583). This strategy would correspond with that used by AT&T Inc. shorly after the company merged with Cingular Wireless. In an effort to become the dominant player in the wireless industry, AT&T became the sole service provider for the iPhone. The promotional strategy in essence eliminated any competition from other wireless providers. As a result, "AT&T said it had activated 1.1 million subscriptions for iPhone users, and that roughly 40 percent of those subscribers were new AT&T customers"(Flynn. 2007, � 11). By effectively using incentives to target clients, AT&T created a positive brand awareness of its services and products. By taking similar steps, InterClean will also attain its desired market share goals. This alternative will in many ways coincide with InterClean objective of providing an all-inclusive service. ...read more.


While the costs will be extravagant in the short term, by addressing these basic resolutions, InterClean will find itself with a more receptive workforce. In taking these initiatives InterClean's management, specifically CEO David Spencer will send the message that InterClean is moving towards addressing the concerns of its employees. After implementing these strategies, InterClean should see a significant increase in profit as well as in its market share. While the time frame for proper implications appears to be on short notice, employees and management understand that InterClean is facing an unprecedented task. The decisions that are made must give the company quality results, every decision must be considered carefully and thoroughly before management can implement its all-inclusive service strategy. After analyzing InterClean's issues along with the opportunities, the company appears to be moving in the proper direction to address the demand of its clients. Arguably, the company possesses some of the industry knowledgeable managers and employees, and they find themselves in a position to become the main player in their industry. InterClean management must use the knowledge and expertise of their employees and establish a competitive advantage by properly using them instead of replacing them. The management at InterClean has several alternatives to implement optimal strategies. The solutions presented to InterClean will ensure that the company remains a top performer in the short term while it thrives in the long-term. Despite the strong need to maintain its employee base in place, InterClean must also work closely with employees of newly acquired Enviro Tech to assure that the client base does not depart to other competitors. Finally, by revamping its current human resource with an effective human resource system, InterClean will be able to put in place a workforce that will meet the company's new product service. A failure to implement an effective HRM system will likely impede potential success and place the company in jeopardy. This means that management must execute innovative solutions for the short and long-term. ...read more.

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