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Consumer behavior and the marketing of Cartier jewellery.

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1. Introduction “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” (Bill Cosby) The reason is because there are no two people that have exactly same likes and dislikes. Everybody in this world is different. Hence trying to make everyone happy at the same time merely blow the pleaser’s mind off. Taking that quote into consideration, it is not only true to an individual but also to every industry. A business cannot aim to sell their products to the whole market, because every customer has different wants and needs. Only a group of similar consumers that suites the products’ property best should be considered, so the business can use the right marketing strategy. In other words, business should segment their market in order to have clear image about their customers. Thus the business would make high profit by selling right product to right customers. 2. History of Cartier Started in 1847 when Louis-François Cartier took over master-craftsman Adolphe Picard jewelry workshop. Owing to Cartier’s great quality of manufacturing, they were trusted and selected to be many royal family official purveyors, including: King Edward VII of England, King Alfonso XIII of Spain, King Carlos I of Portugal, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, King Paramindr Maha Chulalongkorn of Siam, King Peter I of Serbia, Duke Philippe of Orleans, King ...read more.


The brand Cartier itself is an effective selling point because of Cartier?s long history and heritage. The fact that Cartier is selected to be official purveyor for many Kings from many countries and also an excellent jewelry provider for people from elite class, can guarantee that its product are made with the extraordinary quality. As soon as these luxury items are available for people in lower hierarchy of social class, those with ability to purchase want to get as much of these product as they can afford in order to show their social status and to be regarded as special. People that always search for new, elegant and luxury experience are also the possible consumers. Buying ring from Cartier would be such an experience due to the exceptional service, start from the warm welcome from a doorman to a professional and helpful assistance provided by in-store sales staff. Cartier?s jewelry has variety of designs that suite customer with different personality. All collections from Cartier have modern look. But some are created with more simple styles and some are trendy and fashionable. For Trinity they attract customer who likes things to be simple yet classic. The table below explain the reason each type of VALS lifestyle and the reason why the are possible Cartier customers. ...read more.


Information is shared throughout every corner of the world in few seconds. People in society tend to have similar ideas and beliefs of valuation. Wanting to belong as part of the group, they then follow the same trends. In a big term of society, trendsetters are normally popular public people, for example, celebrities, famous athletes, and politicians. They are considered as comparative reference group. Consumers compare themselves with this group because they?re dreaming of being like one of them..[b] Figure 5.1.1 (popsugar.com, 2007) Only seeing celebrity wearing Cartier jewelry like in showing in pictures in figure 5.1.1 can create strong desire in brand?s consumers. In smaller terms, influencers are people who surround each customer. This group of reference is called normative. Their opinions and comments have big impact on customers?. 5.2 Process When influenced by society, consumer? new desires are created. That?s when the process of decision-making starts. People will suddenly feel the need of possessing new product. Let?s say one women want to get a ring for herself because she saw her favorite movie star wearing a gold ring on her pinky finger. She and her friend think it?s very cute. She will now start searching information or pictures of pinky ring on the Internet or even on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. When she got few picture of rings that she like she will move on to evaluation of alternatives stage, start considering each ring more carefully. ...read more.

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