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Corporate Culture. When comparing corporate culture with customer service, it can be seen that each one has some type of influence over the other. Employee satisfaction is directly affected by the culture of an organization.

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  • Submitted: 09/10/2011
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University Degree Management Studies

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Corporate Culture

April 27, 2009

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is defined as the customs, values, and traditions of an organization, which can enable an organization to fail or succeed in the business world. Corporate culture is mostly referred to in larger corporations. Corporate culture can also be seen in large corporations as an atmosphere that is carried out on a professional level. This atmosphere is shown in the way that people conduct themselves, how they dress, and how they communicate while they are on the job (Encarta, 2009). One can learn many things about an organization by watching the corporate culture of the organization, and observing the employees of an organization in action.

Where corporate culture is concerned, this is a complex culture, which can affect the employees and the organization in positive or negative ways. Corporate culture can and will determine whether an organization will survive in the business world. If one has an understanding of the culture in an organization, they will be able to understand why changes do not occur, or why some projects do not succeed. In addition, understanding the culture will enable one to know when and

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