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Customer Service booklet for TJX

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Customer Service Booklet/Guide Introduction: For this assignment for customer service I have been requested by the manager of my company to design a customer service booklet for the company, the information that I obtain from my research has to be in form of a information booklet which will inform employees how the business uses their customer service policies to control quality, communication, different types of customers, identify needs of the customer, take care of customers and advice, the organisation that I work for is called TJX. This booklet can be a maximum of around 2000 words and a minimum of 1000 words. In this booklet I may cover some of the topics which are in the assignment guidelines, these include: Quality of service Methods of assessment Customer expectation Standardised procedures Codes of practice Staff competency Staff flexibility Staff reliability Staff responsiveness Communication Verbal/non-verbal communication Types of customers Different age groups Different cultural backgrounds Special needs Under influence Needs Products/service Urgent/non/urgent products/services Special requirements Quality of service Value for money Consumer protection legislation Customer care and service Consultations Advice Complaints procedure Confidentiality Repeat business Reputation Contents Page Who is TJX? 3 What Customer Service Means 3 Target customers 3 Customer wants and needs 3 Customer Service Qualities 4 Simple Actions Huge Returns 4 Desired level of customer satisfaction 4 Conversations over the Telephone 6 Telephone protocol 6 Answering the Telephone 6 Troubleshooting 7 First Impressions - You Only Get One 7 Positive impressions 8 Negative impression 8 Ten Major Do's and Don'ts of Customer Service at TJX 8 Ten Major Do's and Don'ts of Customer Service at TJX 9 Wrong Approach 9 Polite and Friendly ...read more.


over the telephone you should concentrate on the following: * A flat tone of voice says to the customer, "I don't like my job and would rather be elsewhere." * Slow pitch and presentation say, "I am sad and lonely - do not bother me." * A high rapid voice says, "I am enthusiastic and excited!' * A loud voice says, "I'm angry and aggressive." Telephone protocol The telephone is often the first or last place a customer comes in contact with you as a part of TJX. Being telephone friendly is one of the least expensive and cost-effective ways to deliver better customer service. (http://www.businessballs.com/customer_service.htm) Answering the Telephone How you answer the phone can tell the whole story of how TJX treat their customers. The correct phrase said in the right order in a positive tone leaves a good impression and starts the customer relationship off on the right foot. You must pick up the phone in three rings as more than three rings signals inattentive and portrays bad customer service on the part of TJX companies. Start by greeting the caller "hello", "good morning". Good manners show you respect the caller. Give location and state your name, "Hello, TK Maxx Hammersmith, Saad speaking". You now have a point of reference if the customer decides to call back or follow further enquiries. Ask the customer if or how you can help put it altogether and you have a good example: "Good morning, TK Maxx Hammersmith, Saad speaking" and after the enquiry finish by saying "thanks for calling the TK Maxx, Have a nice day" The greeting is key because it sets the tone and style of the whole interaction. ...read more.


Here are some statistics that prove this point: * People spend up to 10 percent more for the same product with better service * When people receive good service, on average, they tell 11 people * When people receive poor service, on average, they tell up to 20 people * There is an 80 percent chance that customers will repurchase from a company if their complaint is handled quickly and pleasantly Complaints procedure If a customer has come to you with a question or a problem but they are not happy with your response, then they have a right to complain. Never be dismissive of your customer's problem - even if you're convinced you're not at fault, a customer with a complaint represents a genuine opportunity for you and TK Maxx to improve on service and behaviour. Customers willing to complain are rare but if you handle the complaint successfully, the customer is likely to prove more loyal than if nothing had gone wrong. Complaints should be handled sympathetically by listening to establish the details of the complaint, recording the details together with relevant material, such as a sales receipt or damaged goods, offering alternatives; whether by repair, replacement or refund and follow-up actions appropriately and when all is over apologise to the customer. If you have questions or concerns, talk to your immediate supervisor. If you are uncomfortable speaking with your supervisor, talk with your supervisor's manager or an executive or contact an Associate Relations or Human Resource Representative. TJX Compliance Officer 508-390-6570 complianceofficer@tjx.com TJX Assistant Compliance Officer 508-390-6510 asstcomplianceofficer@tjx.com TJX Corporate Internal Audit Director 508-390-6540 corporateauditdirector@tjx.com TJX Legal Department 508-390-6550 lawyer@tjx.com Winners Compliance Officer 905-405-7530 winnerscomplianceofficer@winners.ca T.K.Maxx Compliance Officer 01923-473821 tkmaxxcomplianceofficer@tkmaxx. ...read more.

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