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Dairy Milks current marketing strategy

Extracts from this document...


Dairy Milks current marketing strategy (E4) At this present time, Dairy milk is in a competitive market with a small number of large dominating businesses. The main competitors of Cadbury are Nestle and Mars. These are also large firms, which are able to produce confectionary that is similar. Therefore all firms in the market place must differentiate their products. In order to try and gain advantages over the competition Dairy Milk has developed a marketing strategy based on the marketing mix. Dairy Milks Marketing Mix In order to achieve the marketing objectives of Dairy Milk, as well as the overall objectives of the company, Cadbury's must consider its Marketing Mix. This refers to those elements of a firms marketing strategy, which are designed to meet the needs of the customers. These are four parts to the marketing mix, (product, price, promotion and place) the marketing mix is often referred as the 4P's. To meet consumers needs Cadbury must produce the right product at the right price and make it available at the right place, and let consumers know bout it through promotion ideas. Product - this refers to the goods or services that the business is providing. In order for a product to be produced the business must first meet the needs of customers. The product here is Cadbury Dairy Milk. Price - the way in which a product is usually priced reflects the market at which the business is aiming at. Cadburys Dairy Milk is priced in a competitive strategy. The current price that Dairy Milk is usually priced at 37p Promotion - There is a number of promotional methods a business can use in order to sell its goods and services. Dairy milk is promoted in different ways, such as advertising on television and posters. It also includes promotion in terms of public relations and packaging of dairy milk. Place - this refers to the physically method used to supply a product to the consumer. ...read more.


However the internet can be used to allow multi packs to be brought. Public relations This is concerned with the process of communicating a specific message to firm's stakeholders so as to achieve favourable publicity. The public relations (PR) department of an organisation has the responsibility for getting publicity. Cadburys is very concerned about PR, as it has developed a 'family' image for itself, which it would not want to tarnish. PR is concerned with the process of communicating a specific message to a firm's stakeholder so as to achieve favourable publicity. Public relations involve: * Keeping the media informed of new products or changes to existing products - if Cadburys was to change the image of Dairy Milk then it has to inform the media of its change. Cadburys may use a press conference to attract publicity. Journalists are given a company presentation, where they are given information. Cadburys may use this opportunity to launch updated Dairy Milk. * Providing press release stories on the behalf of the firm to the media - Cadburys send a press release to the public about a re-launch of Dairy Milk. * Community relations - This is to do with providing a service to the community. Cadburys Dairy Milk should be used to support a charity and help in community projects. Dairy Milk is used in wild life bars which are used to make donations to the World Wide Fund for Nature for each bar to be sold. There is also the very successful 'Cadburys World', often used for education purposes and family trips. Sales promotion This refers to the techniques and methods used by businesses to sell its products to either customer or other business. This is technique used by Cadburys to sell its projects to customers. There are several ways in which to do this: * Vouchers and coupons - Cadburys can use vouchers and coupons to promote Cadburys Dairy Milk by putting them in magazines, especially supermarket magazines which are aimed at housewives. ...read more.


* There is also some information on the marketing strategies used. * The data is very accurate as it obtained straight from the company * That data is very much up to date * The information is not relevant to my specific product jus the company * It can be time consuming to find out the information in this method Primary Data Internet www.cabury.co.uk * The information is updated regularly as it is on the internet * There is an important pack available on the internet, which is sent to the address given * The data is very accurate as it is straight from the company * The data collected is very much related to the company as well as the product. * Some of the information is not relevant to the actual product. * It can be time consuming to find out some information Secondary Data Mintel reports Chocolate confectionary 2002 * The information given is very useful when analysing external influences. * The data gives a very accurate picture of the market * The Mintel records can not be removed from the library, therefore there would only be notes made from the Mintel records. * The data is quite old and therefore the market may have changed. * The data collected is about the general trends of the chocolate confectionary market, and therefore not relevant to the product Secondary Data Book Essential business studies * The book provides some very good aspects of marketing * The book is not very up to date * It does not relate to the product Secondary Data Book AVCE advance business * The book provides some very good aspects of marketing * That data is up to date * IT does not relate to the product. Secondary Data Book Business studies: marketing * The book provides some very good aspect of marketing * The data is very accurate * The book is not very up to date * It does not relate to the product ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 3 - Marketing ...read more.

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