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DELL computers has utilized the IS/IT market.

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Executive Summary: From the research and report provided here, people would get a clear idea of how well the DELL computers has utilized the IS/IT as a factor for the successful running of their business and popularity in selling desktop PCs. Dell is by far the most renowned name in the computer industry. It is headquartered in the Round Rock, Texas; Dell is a premier provider of products and services required for customers worldwide to build their information-technology and Internet infrastructures. In this report we are going to analysis how IT/IS played a role in DELL company. We also would be identifying the position that DELL has acquired using some of the techniques that we studied. Among them are value chain analysis, Boston box portfolio analysis, and McFarlan's application matrix. Using the techniques above we are going to evaluate and conclude some facts with the information we collect from these techniques. In this report we would also include how the implementation of IS/IT affects the social life as in how does it affect employees, what are the ethical and privacy issues regarding the implementation of IS/IT. Inputs into Information Systems strategy: Business Strategy Dell's strategy is collapsing profit margins throughout the PC market, a dire development for rivals who can't keep up. Dell is pricing its machines not so much like lucrative high-tech products, but more like airline tickets and other low-margin commodities. That puts pressure on Dell to push up sales volume to compensate for the thinner margins. External Business Environment There are a lot of factors affecting DELL's business from the external environment. DELL has tight competency with other big computer sellers like Compaq, HP and so on. Social factors also affect the business environment of DELL. ...read more.


* Operations: transforming inputs of all types into the products or services to meet customer requirements. This involves bringing together the requisite materials, resources and assets to produce the right quantity and quality of products or services. * Outbound logistics: distributing the products or services to the place of sale, or to customers directly, using channels of distribution by which the customer can obtain the product or service pay for it. * Sales and marketing: making customers and consumers aware of the product or service and how they can obtain it; promoting the products in way that persuades the customer that it satisfies a need at an appropriate price. * Services: adding additional value for the customer at the time of sale or afterwards, for examples: financial services, user training and warranty claims processing. SECONDARY ACTIVITIES * Administration & infra-structure: DELL has computerised all the working places. And also DELL has integrated the information system that possible can reduce errors, provide more accurate data and reduce administrative costs. * Human Resource Management: DELL also conducts training for all employees in order to reduce absenteeism, down time and mostly for human error. High-quality staff is very much required in order to enhance the overall quality performance of the company. In terms of IS/IT, DELL has step a bit further by generating automation environment at its operational working space which assists the staff jobs. * Technology Management: DELL must be more innovative in finding the technology that is very useful in lower down the production costs. * Procurement: These are the activities that support the procurement of inputs for all of the activities of the value chain. ...read more.


Social, Privacy and Ethical Issues Associated with your Applications Portfolio Social: Destroy the employment It is not always true if the technology can create the employment, but it can actually destroy the employment as well. Most of the people loss their jobs because: * The technology can replace human jobs * Human capability limitation * It gives more accurate, efficient and effective results. * It required IT-literate staff. Non IT-literate person are very difficult to work with IT environment Privacy and Ethical issues: The IS/IT used by DELL are used in a very ethical way and the board of management also is responsible for managing and keeping the Dell's business with standards, ethics and integrity. There is a board which also monitors the direct and senior management and sees whether they act ethically at all times and adhere to the policies of Dell and whether they are using the IS/IT in a proper way. There can be a lot of unethical issues which can be conducted like getting personal information about customers like credit card and so on. By doing such activities they invade the privacy of many customers and do unethical activities too. So the board of Dell monitors that such things are not done. Security: Dell protects the IS/IT from being accessed by unauthorized people. They allow certain people with username and password to access the server and also to enter the room where the server are kept. Conclusion: Thus to conclude, I would like to say that IS/IT played a very major role in DELL becoming the number one selling of computers. IS/IT has helped Dell to gain competency among its rivals and also helped Dell to expand business all over the world. So IT/IS played a very major role in the success of Dell. ...read more.

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