Demonstrate knowledge of recruitment processes within Tourism and Hospitality organizations

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Title : "Demonstrate knowledge of recruitment processes with in Tourism and Hospitality organizations?" Subject : Human Resources Management Submission : FEBURARY, 2010. Sustainable growth and successful hospitality business relies upon constant recruitment of skilled workers. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the necessary functional factors that focus on management, recruitment, training, direction, motivation to the employee of the organization. Human Resource Management is done by line managers as well. Human Resource Management deals all the compensation, safety, wellness, benefits, hiring, performance management, organization development, communication, administration issues. Recruitment Analysis: Recruitment is described as complete process of generating a set of suitable candidates, short listing them and choosing the appropriate, best suitable person for the vacancy. The business organizations are keen in attracting and retaining the relevant candidates and depict an optimistic image to the potential applicants. The recruitment is an inducement process as within the firm employees are being retired, promoted, resigned and dismissed at times. In regularity the technological development, improvement in procedures and market often declares that the jobs are reconfigured and embosses the opportunities to external labors which instigates the recruitment and selection process. The questionnaire approaching the applicants will be * Job Basis * Job Aspects * Ideal candidates Knowledge about the job aspects * Personal specification This will assist the applicants to know the chance of their suitability for the vacancy and specific procedure is being followed before the job.


In order to prevent injury or illness, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created in 1970. Through workplace inspections, citations and penalties, and on-site consultations, OSHA seeks to enhance safety and health and to decrease accidents, which lead to decreased productivity and increased operating costs (Cherrington, 1995). Stages of Recruitment and Selection The recruitment and selection in high level business organization is followed by HR departmental action. The recruitment process is implemented by a checklist document which undergoes stages from adverting to choosing of the best candidate. The stages * Job description * Person Specification * Advertising the Vacancy * Receiving the Application forms * Selection the applied CVs * The Interviewing procedure * Filtering the apt candidate * Offering the Job for the performer Job description and Person Specification: The primary stages of recruiting and selection procedure includes the tasks such as evaluate, analyze and define the exact job title. The technical data of the job offer is provided crisp and accurate. The Job description is an impartial formal analysis of the vacancy specifying the goals and objectives of the role and responsibilities of the job seeker. The person specification is the best profile of an applicant that would fit the job. The detailed specification for the elements focusing on required skills and qualities. The completed form aids HR Representatives, Line Managers, colleagues and recruiters in the recruiting process. The tactic task is re-evaluating, re-allocate and reappraisal responsibilities amongst the team. The ruthless, speedy evaluation will followed by accuracy of specification.( R.


Kathleen,1998) Interviewing Process Interview is defined as the conversation between the employer or his representative and the candidate to examine his skills and abilities which decides if he/she is suitable for the job. The filtered candidate is called for the interview and other finalizing tests. The job interviewing procedure may be in stages or just direct questionnaire depending on the firm and job requirement. The candidate will undergo aptitude test, personality test, psychometric tests and technical tests and in certain cases assessment centre will be used to select the top qualified applicants. The final face to face interview with the candidate, CV, Expectations and skills will be compared with the other applicants and also job will be offered to the best performing candidate. Conclusion The search factors to overcome unemployment, recession and search of applicants by recruitment and selection process for vacancies in firms are both under progress for the uplift. The human resource management is set to provide care and support to the employees. Humanity, loyalty and equality followed during recruitment and selection process will definitely pick the best performer for the firm. Good communication and co operation maintained between the employees and the employers will increase work satisfaction and profit to the concern. Reference * Effective recruitment & selection practices By R. L. Compton, Alan R. Nankervis,2009 - 5th Edition * Essentials of HRM By Shaun Tyson, Alfred York,2000 - 4th Edition * * How to prepare your curriculum vitae By Acy L. Jackson, C. Kathleen Geckeis,1988. *

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