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Describe and analyze your learning from these experiences, identifying the implications for you as manager.

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Describe and analyze your learning from these experiences, identifying the implications for you as manager. In order to complete my assignment I am going to take 2 experiences from my group work, which was undertook in skills. The aim of the group work was to produce a 'learning resource', which will tackle some sort of problem/deficiency within the college. I will take the third experience from my own experiences in life. Communication Whilst undertaking my group assignment I would consider the most important factor for successful group work, perhaps overlooked, to be communication. "In any organization, the communication of information is necessary to achieve co-ordination"1. I believe this quote by Charles Perrow to be very clear and extremely fitting to the situation. It highlights the fact that in any group, whatever the size, good communication is essential for success. As soon as the word communication is mentioned we immediately think of 'talking ' to someone else. Getting our message across. Perhaps this in itself maybe the biggest problem. There are many mediums of communication eg. Telephone, face to face, e-mail, fax, letter etc. So how do we actually get a task done? What medium of communication is used to make this happen? Whilst undertaking the group assignment to biggest problem we had was communication. Obviously we interacted face-to-face whilst working in the project but I felt we did this very poorly. As there was actually no designated leader in the group I felt that the progress of the group would suffer, I was right. ...read more.


We managed to do this with great ease and were all able to contribute equally towards the project, with very few problems. In hindsight I ask myself, Why did I agree to go along with the video ever if I didn't ever think that it would materialise? I know that I originally thought the brochure/leaflet idea was the better one, so why did I hesitate and not question the decision, which was made? I now know that I conformed too easily to the ideas of the group and I was a victim of 'groupthink'. " Groupthink is the deterioration of mental efficiency, reality, testing and moral judgements that result from group pressure" 2 As we were put in-groups for the assignment and we didn't really know each other very well I believe this worked against us. When we first met to brainstorm possible ideas there was an air of negativity about our first meetings. When ideas for the project medium were put forward it was very easy to conform to what the other members felt, rather than to disagree. The sanctity of the group consensus seriously needed to be questioned, but no one was brave enough at the time. All discussions were half hearted and ideas/input for improvements were minimal. There was a definite false illusion of security within the group, I remember thinking that whatever the group decided to do, would get done in the end, so it didn't really matter. I just 'went with the flow' rather than against it, it was a lot easier at the time as confrontation was avoided. ...read more.


a mature person is better than an immature one. However, I feel that his work helps to support my views that whatever beliefs/personality a person may have changes over time and there is nothing that we can do about this. This brings me onto my next point, the nature argument. If my opinion on something has changed due to personal experience, what gave me that opinion in the first place? Was it learnt from a previous experience or was I born with that perspective? I personally believe that it is a little bit of both. I believe that a person inherits a learning capacity from their parents and that this develops over time. It is learnt experiences and perceptions on events, which help us to mould out personality. I am aware that every person is different and that people form their own opinions on life, I don't think these are inherited. Why is everybody different? If personalities were inherited then we would be an exact clone of our parents. "Human beings, do not behave in, and in response to, the world as it really is...human beings behave in, and in response to, the world as they perceive it"5 I think that any manager needs to be aware that every employee has different changing perspectives on life and that these perspectives change over time, there is always the possibility of a 'personality clash' between any two individuals. 1 Perrow, C, Organisational behaviour 2 Irving Janis, Buchanan, D, and Huzynski, A, (2001) Organisational behaviour, 4th edition 3 Jenkins, T, Organisational behaviour, 3rd edition, bpp publishing 4 Argyris, C, Business Basics, 3rd edition 5 Buchanan, D, and Huzynski, A, (2001) Organisational behaviour, 4th edition - 1 - ...read more.

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