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Describe the products and services provided by one built and one natural UK visitor attraction.

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Unit 18:- The Appeal and Importance of UK Visitor Attraction Task1 Products and services (A) Describe the products and services provided by one built and one natural UK visitor attraction. Built attraction The built attraction I have chosen is Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds is a wax museum in London with branches in a number of major cities. It was set up by wax sculptor Madame Tussaud. (Primary products) People might want to go there to see the wax statues of famous people. There are numerous galleries such as Pirates of the Caribbean, World leaders, Warhol's women The Royal Family, the Culture zone and the History of London. There are also interactive tasks such as entering the Big Brother diary room, umpiring an Andy Murray tennis match or taking a penalty alongside David Beckham. And if tourist wants to have a bit of scary and fun experience then they should try visiting the Chamber gallery where serial killers lurk and scream. Visitors are also encouraged to try out their own dance moves to see if they can win an award. The secondary products that are available at Madame Tussauds are shops where you can buy some attractive and nice stuff, there is a caf� where people can relax and have their food. You can have your picture taken alongside A - list celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Orlando Bloom, Nicole Kidman and Leonardo DiCaprio. Natural attraction The natural attraction that I have chosen is Wookey Hole Caves. Wookey Hole Caves are Britain's most spectacular caves and legendary home of the infamous Witch of Wookey. Tourist can wander through the prehistoric valley of the Dinosaurs featuring King Kong and relax in the attractions magical fairy garden. Wookey Hole cave was formed by the action of the River Axe on the limestone hills. Before emerging at Wookey Hole the water enters underground streams and passes through other caves such as Swildon's Hole and St Cuthbert's Swallet. ...read more.


Actors - There are currently no actors at the Wookey hole Caves. Interactive technology - Due to the advances in modern diving technology and the blasting of a manmade tunnel, visitors and divers are able to dive and explore the caves more thoroughly. Divers are allowed to dive up to chamber 25 due to the modern diving technology at Wookey Hole Caves. Guides and tours- There are a range of guides and information facilities at Wookey Hole caves. Demonstrations and historical briefings are given to all sorts of groups such as to students, groups, tourists etc. Information leaflets and maps are also available at the information centre at Wookey Hole caves for everyone visitors to find their way around and other purposes. It also provides information about the local attractions and places of interests that visitors and tourists might want to visit. Curators - there are interactive maps and displays around the caves as well as demonstrators and instructors to provide help to visitors with any queries. The staffs at the caves also help disabled people to get around and take extra care when needed. Information about the Wookey Hole caves can also be obtained by the local shops and residents. Signage - A number of signages guiding people around and under the caves are put up so that visitors do not stray off from their path. Also, signs for directions to various facilities are displayed at various locations to help people access the services and facilities at Wookey Hole Caves. Task 2B (D1) - Make realistic and justified recommendations for improvements to the products, services and interpretation techniques used by either your selected built or natural attraction. Natural attraction- Wookey Hole caves A number of improvements can be recommended at Wookey Hole caves. To attract more visitors, they could run their own transportation such as coaches so that it would be easier for people to reach to the attraction. ...read more.


Some of things I would like to recommend to Madame Tussauds are that they should make more activities for visitors or students interested in arts for example teaching students/visitors how to make wax models the techniques that are needed in that, how to make the structure of a celeb/a person and many other things related to the statues. Play areas or cr�che for toddlers where people can drop their children/toddlers to make the most of their experience and for this Madame Tussauds can charge an extra fee or they can also include this in a family ticket buy increasing the price a bit so that they don't make any loss. Create more cafes, restaurants or small snack shops could be opened to ease the availability of food and drinks whenever tourists or visitors needed it and a place where tourists can sit and relax when they are tired. Madame Tussauds should limit the amount of people after a certain times for a while as it can get very crowded and tourists have to wait for hours to get their tickets, they can also increase the number of ticket counters/centres where tourists can by their tickets at Madame Tussauds/outside or they can make a new entry gate for people who have booked their ticket online/ or if a person is disabled which will make it quicker for everyone and it wont have any bad remarks. Tourists and visitors could be offered with a discount on their next visit; this will not just attract more tourists to the attraction but also make it popular as the word of mouth will spread. Visit to Madame Tussauds can be combined with other tourist packages at a discounted rate. Madame Tussauds can also do partnership with other restaurants or food places at a discount e.g. they can do a points system like Tesco's, Boots etc. It would allow the food places to make profit as well as increasing the number of tourists and visitors at Madame Tussauds. http://visitbristol.co.uk/site/things-to-do/wookey-hole-caves-papermill-p26531 http://www.viator.com/tours/London/Madame-Tussauds-and-Thames-River-Sightseeing-Cruise/d737-3542MADAME/TR ...read more.

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