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Different Types and Purposes of Business Communications.

Extracts from this document...


SUBJECT : BUSINESS COMMUNICATION C O N T E N T S S.NO TITLE 1. IMPORTANCE AND PURPOSE OF COMMUNICAITON 2. 3. PROCESS OF COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION IN ORGANISATION 4. MANAGEMENT OF WRITTEN & ORAL COMMUNICATION 5. BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICAITON 6. REPORT WRITING 7. COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY-OFFICE PROCEDURES AND AUTOMATION 8. HUMAN RESOURCE AND COMMUNICATION 1. IMPORTANCE AND PURPOSE OF COMMUNICATION Nearly 80% of our work time goes in communicating. The entire world is moving on communication. Our day starts with 'communication'. What is 'communication', sharing, exchanging ones feeling with others is called communication. We have many acts like; 1. listening, 2. reading, 3. writing, 4. speaking, 5. facial expressions. 6. movements, 7. colours, 8. gestures, 9. arts, 10. ideas, facts, information, opinions etc. We express ourselves in many ways. Mainly in group of human beings communication is essential, infact it is a 'must' factor. Lets think what will happen to a family, a classroom, an office or a church without 'communication'. The main purpose of the situation is depending upon the communication. Communication creates and executes the situation under all the circumstances. Hence the communication is an 'in thing' in our day to day life. It is an important aspect of behaviour, human communication is affected by all factors that influence human behaviour. Business Communicaiton Communication is the main integrated ingredient of the business. No business can grow without proper communication channels. The word 'communication' is originated from the latin word called 'communis / communicare' which means make common, that means sharing of information, or intelligence. Communication helps the business to flourish. Communication in any business should be very simple. Simplicity in communication channels would lead the company to the success. Business Communications is defined as the "process of transmission of information within the business environment". In earlier times it was thought communication finesse is required only for marketing and sales personal. But today, we know all the people irrespective of their occupation needed good communication skills at all the levels and in all the time. ...read more.


People with dogmatic opinions and views prove to be very poor communicators and erect maximum number of barriers. 7.REFUTATIONS AND ARGUMENTS: Always enter into healthy discussions. Refutations and arguments are negative in nature. Trying to communicate with the sender on the premise that refutations and arguments can yield fruitful results would prove to be futile. Communication is a process in which the sender and the receiver are at the same level. The minute the refutations or arguments begin, there is a shift in balance between the two participants, after which the receiver moves to a conceived higher position and the sender remains at the same level. In case there are some contradictions that need to be resolved, discussion is the right way to approach. Listening to the views of the other, trying to understand or at least showing that there has been understanding, appreciating and , finally posting own views should not make the sender feel small or slighted. Most of the barriers that are receiver-oriented are best overcome by improving listening skills and learning strategies of giving feedback. 6.REPORT WRITING A report is a logical presentation of facts and information. It is a logical and coherent structuring of information, ideas and concepts. It is a basic tool on which decisions can be based. What is a report? As per C.A.Brown it is very simple: A report is "a communication from someone who has some information to someone who needs that information". FIVE W'S AND ONE H Prior to commencing work on a report, a few queries should be raised by the report-writer and satisfactorily answered. Basically the writer should answer the queries centered to five W's and one H. 1. What? : what is the outline of the message? 2. Why? : Why is the issue important? 3. Who? : Who is involved in the situation? 4. When? :The timings of the situation 5. Where? : The place of the situation. 6. How ? : The main reason for the content/how it happened? ...read more.


Prepare the HRcommunication strategy : A sequential approach is needed in setting up of any HR communication strategy. Below are the basic aspects to be covered in the framework of HR communication strategy: * What is the message to be communicated? * What are the objectives? * Who are the target audience? * Who is the sender of the message? * What is the medium? * How will feedback be obtained? Ex:-The board's decision on the annual pay round can be communicated to the employees successfully based upon the above aspects of HR communication strategy. HR Communication Plan: The HR communication plan serves three purposes. 1. It articulates the detail of the implementation programme. 2. It provides a framework for co-ordinating all the constituent parts of HR. 3. It provides role clarity both within the HR function and those parts of the organization on which HR is dependent. The HR communication plan is the road map by which the communication strategy is achieved. The HR communication plan and its implementation will not be successful unless those in HR are fully competent in the theory and practice of communication. The following is a description of some of the skills that will be needed. * Developing a communication strategy. * Planning and control. * Influencing. * Using information effectively. * Effective Personal competencies (oral and written communication ) * Presentation skills. Preparing an HR communication plan allows the HR professional to deal with both long and short-term demands. In the long term the overall purpose of HR communication will be identified and the planning process will facilitate a dialogue about what the key messages or objectives are. Then resources can be allocated to implement the longer-term communication plan. The HR communication plan will also provide a framework within which short-term communication may take place. The benefits of being able to see that next week's pay communication coincides with an announcement of a large-scale recruiting or redundancy exercise are great. The absence of such a plan means that HR will not achieve the joined-up approach for which we strive. ...read more.

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