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Discuss the different methods used by your chosen organisation to identify a suitable employee. Evaluate the issues raised in the use of the interview as a selection method for your organisation and state how these issues can be addressed?

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Discuss the different methods used by your chosen organisation to identify a suitable employee. Evaluate the issues raised in the use of the interview as a selection method for your organisation and state how these issues can be addressed? Dowling and Schuler stated that recruitment is "searching for and obtaining potential job candidates in sufficient numbers and quality so that the organisation can select the most appropriate people to fill its job needs" whereas according to Hackett selection is concerned more with "predicting which candidates will make the most appropriate contribution to the organisation now and in the future" British Airways is the largest airline of the U.K. and is described as the "National carrier of the U.K" with around 36million people travelling with them annually. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Airways) The recruitment and selection process is critically fundamental to the success of British Airways, to ensure the right candidates are selected for the required job specification. It is essential that the right candidates are recruited and selected, otherwise recruiting the wrong candidate is extremely costly once recruitment cost, cost of sub-standard performance, training expenses and waste of management time are taken into consideration as well it being time-consuming and counter productive. British Airways vigorously look to employ individuals that have right "technical skills and qualifications necessary for the job in question" (www.britishairwaysjobs.com) Furthermore personal skills such as "initiative and team-working ability, as well as good communication skills"( www.britishairwaysjobs.com) ...read more.


word processing test. General intelligence testing, gives an indication of overall mental capacity and how good candidates are at solving problem using logical thinking. Lewis 1985 stated that "personality questionnaire allow quantification of characteristics that are important to job performance and difficult to measure by other methods" British Airways mainly conduct attitude testing which normally focus on verbal and numerical skills. Candidates are required to sit two tests normally, with applicants for senior or management roles required to participate in more. BA also conducts personality assessment, to find out more about the candidate. Assessment centres Flower 1992 stated that assessment centres "consist of a small group of participants who undertake a series of tests and exercise under observation, with a view to the assessment of their skills and competencies, their suitability for particular roles and their potential for development". The reason for conducting assessment centres is due to the weaknesses of a single selection process. Assessment centres usually last from 1 to 3 days and are used to gather information on candidates suitability for job, they are extremely useful as employer can gather a picture of applicants major strengths and weaknesses .There are several key characteristics of assessment centres which are, * Multiple assessors are used (ratio is usually one assessor to three candidates), * Selection decisions are based on pooled decisions * A variety of group and individual assessment techniques are used. ...read more.


Furthermore issues stated above can be resolved by making sure interviewers are unbiased and don't stereotype applications. British Airways also conducted assessment centres in accordance with interviews to make sure applicant actually possess the required skills, experience and knowledge and not actually learn competence answers. Conclusion Even though research has suggested interviews can be poor predictors of performance and has major flaws much of which have mention earlier, it's still the most favoured form of selection technique due to the advantages it provides. If used correctly interviews can provided valid judgements which can be made on a number of aspects on behaviour. Furthermore interviews are important in selling the job to applicants. Also interviews allow the exploration of a specific topic, whilst allowing the applicant to tell the interviewer what they think is important. Interviews also provide the opportunity for the applicant and employer to meet face to -face, this allow both of them to exchange information. Applicants can ask questions about the job and organisation, whereas interviewers can inform candidates of the role they are expected to perform and the duties they are expected to undertake. With experience and adequate training it should be possible to avoid the major flaws that can occur within the interviewing process that have been described. I feel interviews should be used in conjunction with some type of assessment in order to find the most suitable candidate for the job vacancy. ...read more.

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