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Discussing British Airways.

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INTRODUCTION In the present times the business firms are able to understand the importance of the right and the relevant information that is helping the firms in taking the right decisions. It is basically an intangible entity that is also having certain elements of the tangible aspects also in it. These are helping the firms in lowering the uncertainties concerning certain events or the situations. Therefore an information system is regarded as the series of systematic organized processes which when being used can help in providing the vital information that is helping the different departments of the organization to carry out their various operations in a smooth and effective manner. In the present project that is concerning the IMS group in which we have opted for the British Airways that is the most famous airline that is UK based which has been catering to consumers for a long time by providing them with the international standards of services. Moreover the company has been able to earn the faith of the customers also due to the fact that the firm has virtually invested one hundred million pounds on the different security steps that have been taken in regard to the aircraft activities. Even the company has been taking the feedback directly from its customers regarding their opinion about the various services being provided by them to the customers through a continuous survey system that is known as the Global Performance Monitor. ...read more.


Some of the dynamic properties which are being utilized by the firm are referring to the latest aircraft which are been put for the services to be rendered to the final consumers. OUTPUT It is the services or the products which are the outcomes of the processing units that are ultimately being utilized for providing effective services to be provided. FEEDBACK It is referring to the information concerning the process outcome which is being utilized for the analyzing and monitoring of the efficiency with which the system is operating and guiding in for more effective performance. (Source: Harry Mike (1994) Information Systems in Business) THIRD TASK EMERGENT PROPERTIES It refers to all such properties which are being utilized together for the entire system to operate efficiently. These can be of great help to the users as they are able to help in the adaptation of the commodities to assist certain jobs which are never being thought of by the designers. At times these can be having a negative impact on the crucial safety needs. Thus there is a substantial debate concerning the emergent property nature. There are other kinds of emergent properties which are being applied to show behaviors which are otherwise not found with the help of functional decomposition. Thus the manner in which any system forms the emergent properties is mainly on account the member in which it is internally interacting with the other elements and also with the outside entities such as the government or the other parts of the environment. ...read more.


There are six phases by which the life cycle of the system development takes place at British Airways. Feasibility study - in this the prime objective and the scope of new system of British Airways has to be analyzed in regard to its feasibility like analyzing the possible expenditure and the advantages that would be flowing to the company. I. System investigation - present processes and the manuals are to be taken into account before any new system is being introduced such as the E-ticketing etc. II. System analysis - it is a stage of conducting critical evaluation of the present system in regard to finding out any drawback which are requiring any improvisations. III. System design- in this a new system has to be developed in such a way that it is able to cover all the drawbacks of the present system IV. Implementation- before the introduction of any new system it is necessary to carry out the sample in order to see that if it is able to effectively cover up the drawback of the present system V. Maintenance and Review - it is necessary that the company is maintain and reviewing the manner in which the new systems are operating so that it is able to analyze for all the different omissions and faults in the working of its present systems. ...read more.

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