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E-Business Evaluation of Tesco.com

Extracts from this document...


Table of Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 Background and Historical Information 1.2 Financial Performance 1.3 Key product and services 2 Situation Analysis 2.1 Present position analysis 2.1.1 SWOT Analysis Strength of Tesco E-Business Weakness of Tesco E-Business Opportunities for Tesco Threats 2.1.2 PEST Analysis Political Factors Economical Factors Social Factors Technological Factor 2.2 Industry Analysis 2.2.1 Porter?s five forces Threat of New Entrants Threats of Substitute Products Bargaining Power of Customers Bargaining Power of Suppliers Competitive Rivalry within an Industry 3 E-Marketing Strategy 3.1 E-Business Strategies 3.2 Competitions 3.3 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Issues and Strategies 3.3.1 Customer Selection Strategy of Teso.com 3.3.2 Customer Acquisition Strategy of Tesco.com 3.3.3 Customer Retention Strategy of Tesco.com 3.3.4 Customer Extension Strategy of Tesco.com 3.3 CRM to Support its E-Business Strategy 4 Legal and Ethical Issues of Tesco.com 5 Conclusion 6 References 7 Appendix ? Evaluation Finding 7.1 Summary of Evaluation Findings ________________ Task 1 Management Summary Tesco currently is the UK?s largest supermarket chain and the market leading food retailer with the purpose to create value for customer and gain their loyalty. Despite being the UK?s largest retailer, it has also been retailing in the global markets and based on revenue, it is the third largest global retailer behind Wal-Mart and Carrefour. With the focus on customers individually, Tesco provides a highly diversified range of products and services in order to gain customer loyalty keeping the customers in the center of the customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. Tesco.com considers that the customers are the heart of their business, as the customer needs and services are given the first priority. Their strategies of customer value and delivery services are giving the customers lots of help with shopping works. In order to keep on providing this services and lot more, Tesco have been through lot of strategies and trainings. ...read more.


Tesco.com also provided the voucher of the items to their top customers according to their preferred product items and also offers to explore the other part of Tesco.com which the customer wouldn?t had explored. Based on the top customer list of Tesco.com, Tesco started mailing the customer offering different products as customer likes in a cheaper price as well as some extra privileges and services. With the customer need, Tesco.com also provides the home delivery services even with the refrigerated truck if necessary. 3.3.4 Customer Extension Strategy of Tesco.com Tesco.com has always been focused on customer extension program. Through, the help of loyalty card program, Tesco always gets to know the customer needs individually. Based on the customer purchase information, Tesco could possibly analyze the customer needs and offer customers what they really need. The reselling, cross-selling and up-selling offers have always been adapted by Tesco to their top rated customers. Introducing the loyalty program as a part of the CRM program has greatly increased the customers of Tesco.com. With its use, Tesco.com had obtained lots of benefits that the competitor didn?t expect. 3.3 CRM to Support its E-Business Strategy Launching the Tesco.com and the loyalty card, Tesco?s manage to build up the great knowledge of their customer with the prioritization based on the customers purchase, life stage and location. Based on the customer information, marketing strategies were built up stronger. The customers were given offers as they would like to as a result customer satisfactory was rapidly increasing day by day. Moreover, Tesco?s money-off coupon program encouraged customer to buy higher priced products providing them a discount offers. Tesco get adapted its business expanding more online retails and adding more efficient technologies based on the customers day by day experience. Tesco became the UK?s one of the successful online retailer. Tesco facilitate the customer?s of making the delivery time of their own choices in order to limit the inconvenience of waiting for orders and also customer can modify their ordered items in a specific time before the delivery was to be made. ...read more.


The evaluated sites are Tesco direct, Tesco career, Tesco compare, Tesco clothing, and Tesco bank. Being a highly diversified online retailer, the products management is very cleanly done. The products are being categorized in different sites based on the product type. Considering in mind that how web pages must be, they have known the fact of customer like and unlike. For example: customers usually view the shop location fabulousness when they go for clothes shopping. This fabulousness in the shop attracts the customers for shopping in that shop. This concept also refers to the home appliances, furniture, gadget shops that is been provided by Tesco direct. With the known facts of this behavior of human nature, this concept has also been adopted in Tesco direct and Tesco clothing. The design of these web pages is designed considering the need of attractiveness in these two websites of Tesco whereas other sites of Tesco don?t include that much of design as those sites are not much for teenagers. But with the high level of design, their loading performance has been degraded comparing to other web sites such as Tesco Bank, Tesco Careers, etc. The overall sites of Tesco are very cleanly organized that is a plus factor of Tesco web sites. The information provided are very appropriate and sufficient knowing what exactly customer wants. Each of the site has maintained their own site terms and conditions with the availability of news based on the site that customer visits. As Tesco maintained these sites with highly flexibility in use, one thing that Tesco haven?t considered is the accessibility of one online store to another. One cannot access Tesco clothing while browsing the Tesco career site. Returning to main home page for accessing another site is much of exhausting and annoying experience that can be largely found among the customers. But with the overall evaluation of these sites, only the minor mistakes are being found in these sites. The customer needs has been sufficiently fulfilled in these sites. ...read more.

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