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E Marketing analysis. In this study I will try to make an introspective analysis of six sites regarding the methods they are using for production of profit

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´╗┐Introduction Online business have evolved during the last years, many sites have tried to increase revenues from online advertisements and promotion of products, goods or services. In this study I will try to make an introspective analysis of six sites regarding the methods they are using for production of profit, according to the modern compensation methods the instructor has pointed that they are using. Three of these sites are corresponding to the domestic Greek market, in.gr, sport.gr and newsbeast and thre are mainly addressing to a more global audience, FT.com, Economist and Google.com. In.gr Based on the data of alexa.com, in.gr is the second most popular site listed as Greek and the first most popular portal. It is managed by DOL Digital media S.A. which is a business unit of Lambrakis press group, a well know media related group of companies in Greece. It is designed as a portal of information and gives daily news, stock exchange information, weather forecast, sports news, finance, cars, entertainment, vacation, maritime, technology, health and more. According to alexa?s global rank, in.gr is listed with a score of 2.515 on the list and in the domestic list is ranked as 12th with a linking of 7403, all this data were accessed on May 20, 2012. If we take a look at the traffic chart (chart 1) it is obvious that there is a decline which is caused from the rise of blogging which has turned a lot of audience to this side of the internet and on the start up of competitor sites or portals. Chart 1 By the search analysis on alexa.com tab, in.gr has 3.4% of traffic deriving from search engines. The main keywords are in.gr, mega, and in. from the search analytics it is clearly shown that in.gr it is used mainly for daily news, weather information and navigational instructions. The audience of in.gr is mainly represented by ages from 25-44 years old, this is happened due to the fact that, the data where are displayed in the site are related mainly for this range of ages. ...read more.


New entrances of online ?products? must be launched on the site. These products must be based on the current audience of the site which is mainly according to alexa.com are represented by males, a revenue stream of subscriptions may be applied for access to information for finance consulting, betting agencies or trade services (forex etc.). Sport.gr Sport.gr is a dedicated site delivering mainly sports news and athletic information, focusing in the Greek athletic organizations but also for the foreign sports news. According to alexa?s it is ranked as 18.141 in the global list, 196th among the Greek sites with a reputation score of 1060. The daily traffic trend stats shows a significant decline since 2011 (graph 3), Graph 3 There is also a decline in the reach by almost 1.5 units which this is translated to -9% drop and with a bounce rate of 34%. These numbers might be a result of the decreased hits from search engines which have been dropped for about 58% during the last three month period. The most popular keywords returning sport.gr as a result are: sport with 22.36%, sport fm 6.47% and sport.gr with 5.77%. Mainly the audience is represented by ages ranging from 25 to 44 years old, almost exclusive by males with moderate education and residential access for most of the visitors, by 60.9% are from Greece, following by 6.5% from Denmark, 5.9% from the US. Regarding the click stream, by 11.83% of the upstream is deriving from google.gr, 6.31% via facebook.com and 4.4% from google.com. Due to the nature of the site?s content regarding athletic and sports industry, betting sites have the majority of the web page advertisement. It is more likely that an arrangement for revenue sharing could have been established as it will be more beneficial for both sides. ?In this model the advertiser pays explicitly per transaction type made by the buyer that resulted from a click on a banner impression. ...read more.


Websites, Display ads on your website that are suited to your audience's interests, and earn from valid clicks or impressions. Mobile WebPages and apps, Connect your mobile users with the right ad at the right time as they seek information on the go. Google has almost all types of compensation methods from Display advertising with CPC, CPM, and CPS Revenue sharing to e-commerce with the android market. With the evolution of the social media sites e-commerce will play an important role to the online way of doing business. There is no doubt that Google must invest more to the e-commerce segment of the corporation, by introducing more tangible products and goods except mobile software applications. High tech products and devices could be perfect candidates for Google?s new market entry as the profile of the organization has definitely that type of profile. Discussion Certainly the evolution of the World Wide Web revolutionized the way of making business. The rise of social networks, e-shops and online secure transactions methods took the game even further. One of the latest trends is to promote products or services through social media networking generally known as f-commerce or social-commerce. A clear definition based on my pinion for social commerce is one on socialcommercetoday.com, ?Social Commerce: A subset of electronic commerce that involves using social media, online media that supports social interaction and user contributions, to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services?. Based on a report for the role of social networks in online shopping from Stanford University they conclude ?that communication between buyers is a fundamental driver of purchasing activity?. Thus because the influence between individuals may drive to increased purchases of a product i.e. if someone bought a product announced in his social network then it is highly likely that his ?friends? will follow his lead and may proceed on buyings from the same online or physical store. ...read more.

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