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eBay Strategic Audit. The paper examines the diverse strategies implemented by this organization in its business processes. The paper appropriately follows the pattern adopted for strategic audit and discusses about the three types of analysis, the SFAS

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Running Head: GLOBAL STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Strategic Audit Abstract The given research paper deals with the strategic audit for EBay organization. The paper examines the diverse strategies implemented by this organization in its business processes. The paper appropriately follows the pattern adopted for strategic audit and discusses about the three types of analysis, the SFAS (Strategic Factor Analysis Strategy), IFAS (Internal Factor Analysis Strategy) and EFAS (External Factor Analysis Strategy). These analyses are based upon the examination of the internal & external environments of the organization. Subsequently, the paper investigates certain strategic alternatives to resolve the problems of the organization after studying the various factors. Ultimately, it discuses about the implementation of these alternatives and the subsequent evaluation & control processes. The paper is based on authentic data and incorporates current facts, figures & ratios collected from consistent sources. Introduction eBay, Inc. was established in 1995 and has its headquarters in California. The organization in association with its subsidiaries provides online markets for the sale of various products and services. The organization has a significant presence in major business locations all around the world. eBay has categorized its business operations in three major divisions- Marketplaces, Payments and Communications. (eBay- Company Profile, 2008) In the Marketplaces segment, eBay offers online commerce platforms where buyers as well as the sellers are able to interact and trade with each other. ...read more.


These include: * The constantly changing lifestyles of people around the world offer huge potential for the company. * By acquiring Yahoo.com, eBay has a huge market segment to serve. * The constant international expansion will lead to increased revenues and high profitability. * Increasing use of the internet in various parts of the world provides immense opportunity to the company for expanding its business. * Current markets of the company are still offering huge opportunities due to constant developments in the information technology. Threats: eBay works in a volatile business environment and hence has to deal with certain threats. * Attack by illegal practices is a major threat for the company. * There is a constant increase in the number of online auction sites which serve as major competitors for the company. * eBay's major competitor Amazon.com is growing at a phenomenal pace. * The number of online stores has increased significantly. Environmental Sectors: Economic Factors- * Globalization has emerged as a major trend to follow for various business organizations as the global economy has become fully integrated and trade barriers continue to diminish. * With constant recovery in economies all over the world, online business segment is expected to grow at a fair pace. * The role of Information technology in monetary transactions is making a significant impact on the routine lives of the people in all the nations. ...read more.


eBay should invest in new & profitable market and explore the segments which are still unexplored. At present, the company is in a strong position and there are no major reasons for it to pursue the stability option. However, it needs to ensure that the new segments adapt well and integrate successfully with the existing operations. It also needs to adopt a flexible approach about various other alternatives as the business environment is changing on a regular basis. Implementation The company is required to follow a logical & coherent approach for the implementation of its strategies. * Adequate amount of research-work is needed to be done before undertaking new investments. * Development of a growth-oriented culture is essential for successful implementation of the strategies. * The top management should play a pivotal role in the implementation process. * Constant review of this implementation process is necessary to recognize any obstacle in the initial stages. Evaluation and Control The fundamental objective of strategic evaluation is to assess the effectiveness & significance of strategy in achieving organizational objectives. In fact, the strategic evaluation and control is defined as the process of determining the effectiveness of a specific strategy in achieving the organizational objectives and the subsequent corrective action as per the demand of the situation. eBay needs to control the extent of illegal practices in its operations. At the same time, sophisticated systems need to be installed for minimizing the errors caused due to technology failures. ...read more.

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