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Edible Chips

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Edible Chips Computer Technology has redefined the world that we live in today. From cell phones to medical technology, computer technology improves our lives in a more efficient way and takes much of the hassle out of doing everyday things. A biomedical company has created a system to embed tiny computers and sensors into drugs and link them to a cell phone or the internet in a bid to make the monitoring of drug efficacy foolproof. With this technology patients can monitor their medicine usage easily with the help of chips. The California based company Proteus has created an edible computer chip designed to mark a new way of monitoring patient drug intake. The process involves two pieces of technology: a small chip containing sensors and a small patch worn by the patient. ...read more.


That information is transmitted via Bluetooth to an online repository and can show how the body is responding to the drug, says Savage. "This provides automated physiological data that gets uploaded with a time stamp to the internet," he says. "So when physicians see a patient for a few minutes they know exactly what is going on." Proteus, which was founded in 2001 in Redwood City, California and has 66 employees, has raised more than $90 million in equity and debt financing, including $32 million in late-stage funding in October. (Ganapati) this product should be released in the market by 2011. This technology is a huge breakthrough for the medical world, this can improve the way individuals take medicine and help them and their doctors become more aware of what going on with that particular patient. ...read more.


The data is also vulnerable to a malicious attacker. Bluetooth is not completely secure and there is the possibility of data being intercepted while it is being uploaded to the internet. Having the data stored online not only allows more doctors to access it, but potentially more adversaries as well. This technology has the potential to evolve into sensors that can stay in the human body for prolonged periods of time, instead of moving through the digestive system. (cuijunwu ) However, these same risks would still apply. In conclusion, Edible chips(Raisin) can definitely change the way people think and use medicine. Unlike some technology that may appear to be useless in today's world, this actually is a plus for the medical world and can help in a lot of ways to help ensure that patients are getting the best care and usages of pills. Technology like this lets individuals see exactly what think outside the box or being creative can do. ...read more.

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