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Effective Communication in the Workplace. The author will demonstrate how effective communication has been a key element in Ascendant Technologies Ltd growth and success since 2003.

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´╗┐Student ID : 11068787 EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITHIN THE WORKPLACE AUTHOR : Andy McDuff Student ID : 11068787 INTRODUCTION The aim of this assignment is to understand and demonstrate the importance of effective communication in the workplace. Although there are many areas to consider as to what makes an organization successful (or not), it is communication that brings all other aspects such as motivation, perception, groups, teams and leadership together. It is the author?s intention through The Human Relations Approach and Classical School Theory to highlight the importance of effective communication in the workplace. The main areas of communication in the modern workplace are verbal and non-verbal. Verbal is what we are saying and non-verbal could be written communication such as e mails or our body language when face-to-face. The author will demonstrate how effective communication has been a key element in Ascendant Technologies Ltd growth and success since 2003. The Human Relations Approach Although the Classical School gave great thought to the efficiency of the worker and increased productivity for the organization, it did not take into consideration the workers social and emotional needs (Laurie J. Mullins, 2010: 53-56). It believed that the worker was motivated by monetary incentives. The most notable contributor was F.W. Taylor (1856-1917), whom believed that there was ?one best way? for organising workers to perform any set of tasks through experimentation by management with little or no interaction. ...read more.


As Ascendant Technologies are a small company there is one office which everyone including the managing director works meaning management are approachable for any issues and to join in with general conversations. There is a friendly, family atmosphere and everyone wants to work and do well for the company. Personal development is also important to Ascendant Technologies management. Quarterly reviews are held and a performance review is given to the workers with the opportunity for them to give feedback and if they require additional training or would like to improve their skills through learning then this is looked into. Types of Communication Ascendant Technologies trades globally and with modern technology it is possible to communicate with companies other than verbal communication. In some cases emails can be ideal form of communication if the customer is based in a country where it is already the end of their working day and to save lost time an email is sent. The advantage of email is that the conversation is written and in some cases can be translated through Google for example to be understood by the recipient. A written piece of communication can also be stored and referred to at a later date if required. However, as written communication lacks emotion, it can often be misread or misunderstood and problems can arise. ...read more.


As the company turnover has grown so has the staff and currently Ascendant Technologies has 4 office based staff, 1 external sales and 2 contract. Organisational Structure (see Appendix B for Organisational Chart) Managing Director ? Responsible to board of directors and shareholders General Manger ? Reports to Managing Director Sales Manager ? Reports to Managing Director Sales Assistant ? reports to General Manager Administrator ? Reports to General Manager Warehouse Operative/Technician ? Reports to General Manager Contract finance ? Reports to Managing Director The author?s role in the organisation is General Manager, managing day to day operations of the organisation. General Manager?s main function?s within the organisation include, interface with suppliers to obtain best service and value for the organisation, responding to customer requests and enquiries in a timely manner to achieve satisfaction and providing technical assistance and liaise with staff to ensure customer satisfaction. Appendix B Ascendant Technologies Limited Organisation Chart Managing Director General Manager Consultant (PT) Admin Assistant Contracted out Finance functions Warehouse Operative/Technician Sales Engineer Technician Sales Manager Reference List Brooks, I., 2003, Organisational Behaviour : Individuals, Group and Organisation, Second Edition, Essex: Pearson Education Limited H R Magazine, 2008, Effective Organizational Communication: A Competitive Advantage, Vol. 53, Issue 12, [online], available from: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m3495/is_12_53/ai_n31160712/ Mullins, L.J., 2010, Management & Organisational Behaviour, Ninth Edition, Essex: Pearson Education Limited Oxford English Dictionary, n.d, [online], University Press, available from: http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/communication ...read more.

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