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Effects Of Terrorism on the Tourism and Travel Industries.

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Effects Of Terrorism on the Tourism and Travel Industries. Report on The Effects of Terrorism. 1.0 Terms of Reference. I have been asked to compile a report about the Effects of Terrorism, and submit it to Anthony Jacques. The report has asked me to investigate the consequences of terrorism. 2.0 Introduction. "Terrorism has a major effect on the world economy and in particular on the Travel and Tourism Industry" The massacre that occurred at the World Trade Centre in New York on Tuesday 11th September at 9.00am (EST) has affected the world in many different ways. The consequences of these terrorist attacks are: * The economy -loss of shares value * People are scared to travel * Companies loss in revenue * Job loss * Population loss I will discuss these in more detail in my findings of my report. 3.0 Method. In order to obtain the vital information for this report I adopted the following procedures: 3.1. ...read more.


The company Rolls Royce who make the engines for the aircraft have also been affected by the 11th September incident, as the airlines are not introducing any new aircraft into their fleet many jobs have been lost. 4.3. Terrorism has not only affected the tourists that were there that day but it has frightened people all over the world. It is not only tourism in the USA that is suffering it's the UK's too and many countries all over the world as passengers are too scared to board an aircraft and travel. The long-term effect is still unknown and will stay unknown until this terrible atrocity is over. The infrastructure of New York can be rebuilt, although it will take a long time, but the rebuilding of the peoples confidences when it comes down to air travel is going to take even longer and for some people this may never happen. Meanwhile this is happening the travel and tourism industry is losing out on a lot of revenue. ...read more.


The industry may never recover only time will tell. 5.3. This maybe the worst crisis that aviation and the travel and tourism industry has ever suffered. 6.0. Recommendations. 6.1. After this event peoples needs and expectations have changed. The travel and tourism industry needs to change to meet the new standards of the consumers. 6.2. There needs to be more security at airports and especially on the aircraft themselves. For example on flights there should be uncover police officers or some sort of security on board to try and stop these terrible things happening. 6.3. The cockpit needs to be made into a more sustainable material and the entrance needs to be made safer so that access is not easy for terrorist and hijackers. 6.4. The companies should try and keep their costs to a minimum to keep their staff, or at least guarantee them their job back if the industry ever recovers. ...read more.

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