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EIS system

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EIS project ABSTRACT Along with the fierce competition from hotel business,the profit margin more narrow and management more difficult at chinese star-rated hotels. The traditional way of contact in business which depended on telephones and fax machines and the hotel operation and management style of handwork and half handwork have become less adaptive to the demand of market development. How to optimize the business process, improve the quality of service and promote the hotel image by making use of the advanced information technology and communication technology, consequently keep ahead under the fierce competition in the market is the problem that the modern hotel business popularly concerned about. There are many examples that the enterprises abroad carried out ERP successfully and created profits. Many Chinese enterprises come into effect as well, and reached remarkable accomplishment. As a result, the implementing of ERP system in hotel business is very meaningful. In this paper, I picked a company of hotel, called Beijing HuiQiao hotel as an example. The article first introduce some information about the HuiQiao hotel, and then had a brief introduction to ERP, IT software requirements of the hotel, the range of ERP's used in the HuiQiao hotel, and security issues, recommmendations on ERP solution and acquisition for company, licencing requirements, recommendation and the last is summary. Key words: Hotel,ERP system, software, hotel management. The Beijing HuiQiao hotel is a 4-star hotel, it has a good management system and management system and hardware equipment. The hotel has 100 computer in a floor for the hotel satff, all the computer support all USB interface card reader. The original database uses Microsoft's MBD standard database structure. The LAN is smooth. There are several floors of checkout over 5. Every different business processes have its own specific system, etc. Introduction of ERP ERP is an acronym meaning Enterprise Resource Planning. The ERP system is an enterprise information system designed to integrate and optimize the business processes and transactions in a corporation. ...read more.


The operations should be simple, convenient and fast, general users can use without training. Modular design principles: ERP system is based on the needs of business dynamics, the system must have good flexibility. It should suit for the large changed and different information in the business. Subdivision authority principle: The users of the hotel ERP system are company employees, the access points can be within the company LAN, or it can be outside the company's Internet. For this complex application environments, the permissions for all users must be broken down and reliably manage. As a hotel industry, there is a complete business process. The IT software requirement of Beijing HuiQiao hotel including: cashier system, reservation system, financial system, reception system, supporting services, output and maintenance system and so on. And the hotel need a stable and comprehensive database and ERP software server, windows system, and visual basic and so on. The range of ERP's used in the hotel industry With the development of IT industry and computer technology, the enterprises have gradually got more and more information and intelligence. This greatly reduces the costs of the enterprises in the human and material resources and time management costs. So, how to optimize the business process, improve the quality of service and promote the hotel image by making use of the advanced information technology and communication technology, consequently keep ahead under the fierce competition in the market is the problem that the modern hotel business popularly concerned about. The ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)is a kind of popular form in the current enterprise management information systems. Most of the ERP systems help the enterprise to totally solve the core business problems of supply and marketing, finance, plan, quality and manufacture effectively. ERP is a mamagement platform that built on the basis of information, using the systematic management thinking for business decision makers and staff to run the means of decision-making, is a new management information system that based on the management theory and computer technology. ...read more.


It doesn't matter if we have assembled the best team of consultants and implementation partners; it's our employees that will ultimately make the project succeed. Licencing requirements The HuiQiao hotel has Software Certification of HuiQiao hotel and Software Product Registration Certificate of HuiQiao hotel. The hotel must register their activities and approve it by the Data Protect Commissioner or Registrar. All the data must be lawful and effective. Recommendations Through the analyze of IT software requirements , the range of ERP used in hoterl and security issues, we strongly recommend that our hotel should invested substantially in IT and use ERP system to manage the hotel. It will let hotel save the time cost , human cost , and get more profit . Summary and conclusions The cost of establish the ERP system is high. If a hotel has the economic capacity of developing ERP and other hardware and software equipments and Technical feasibility, the hotel can develop the ERP system in the business process. In the long term, a great ERP system can lead to better economic benefits, and make the hotel organisation and management more rationalization, informationization, intelligence, reducing the cost of hotel management. Of course, there are some problems during the process of using ERP system. It is very difficult to establish a company's ERP system that is perfectly suited for the hotel's environment. Hotels need to analysis from the various aspects, such as the economic feasibility, technical feasibility, demand analysis, to get whether it is worthwhile to implement ERP. In my opinion, the Beijing HuiQiao hotel as a 4 star hotel. It has a relatively complete management system and economic and technical conditions, it can implement the ERP system in the business instead of the past Enterprise Information System. Reference "MODERNIZATION" No.07, 2009 http://baike.baidu.com/view/3609.htm "Make ERP a success" "Critical success factors for the implementation of ERP " "Hotel management by IT system " "Security on erp" "IT software requirements of ERP" <<ERP Principle, Design and Implementation >>, Version 2, Hong Luo ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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