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Electric skateboard survey on the UCI campus

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´╗┐Patricia Rico ACP Marketing Group B UCI Extension RESEARCH PROPOSAL 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ZBoard is the world's first, weight-sensing electric skateboard. It is faster and easier to ride than a regular skateboard and is more cool, fun and portable than a bike. The demand of ZBoards is increasing fast. Retails stores and rental equipment businesses are showing more interest to carry ZBoards. The main target for Zboard is young people between 15-25 years old. However, Zboard?s price ($ 649 - $949) could be expensive for the majority of this segment composed by students. Due to this interesting niche, the company wants to study the possibility to launch a Zboard rental service for California Universities. UCI?s reputation as a leader University for promoting new alternatives of sustainable transportation would be an excellent test market for this service. The main objective of this project is to determine if there is a market opportunity for ZBoard rentals in UCI for students and staff/employees who live near/in the campus where everything is too far to walk and too short to drive. In order to reach this business objective, I have gathered primary data about the Zboard company and secondary data about the Skateboard Industry, UCI?s population size, their current methods of alternative transportation and Zotwheels (UCI Bike rental service) ...read more.


There are other electric skateboard companies but none with weight-sensing capabilities or rental options. They use a wired or wireless remote control to determine throttle and they're not as cool or fun as ZBoard. SWOT ANALYSIS Strenghts 1. It is the world's first, weight-sensing electric skateboard 2. Faster and easier to drive than regular skateboards 3. More portable than a bike 4. Cool and fun to drive 5. Sustainable, fun, powerful and device to commute short distances Weaknesses 1. Zboard is a brand new product, very few people knows about this kind of electric skateboard device 2. It is considered as a risky activity 3. The user needs to have some level of skate skills 4. It is a male predominant activity 5. People under 25 years old (main users) can?t afford to buy a ZBoard Opportunities 1. Offer a Zboard rental service to UCI population (students and staff/employees) who live near/in the campus 2. Be the leaders on electric skateboard rentals in California Universities Threats 1. Skate is not permitted on UCI campus core areas at any time. (The use of skate devices is just permitted in residential and outlying areas of the campus) ...read more.


5. TIME AND COST REQUIREMENTS The whole research would coast $3000 and it would take 8 weeks to finish. PROJECT ESTIMATION FORM Project Manager $100 Principal $150 Total Budget: $3.000 Hours Costs Comments Task Project Mng Principal Project Mng Principal Primary and Secondary Data: Initial Meeting 0 2 $0 $300 Ex. Data Review 2 1 $200 $150 Guidance Pkg. 0 2 $0 $300 Subtotal 2 5 $200 $750 $950 Consumer Research: 400 Email Surveys Survey Pre Design Meeting 2 1 $200 $150 Survey Software (free) 0 0 $0 $0 Survey Design 2 1 $200 $150 Survey Emaling 1 0 $100 $0 Subtotal 5 2 $500 $300 $800 Report Prep & Analysis Analysis 2 1 $200 $150 Report Prep 2 1 $200 $150 Subtotal 4 2 $400 $300 $700 Raffle and Prizes Prizes N/A N/A $120 $0 Raffle Execution 2 0 $200 $0 Subtotal 0 0 $320 $0 $320 Total Prof Time / $ 11 9 $1.420 $1.350 $2.770 Direct Expenses Budget $230 GrandTotal $3.000 TIME LINE W 1 W 2 W 3 W 4 W 5 W 6 W 7 W 8 Project Planning Primary and Secondary Data Email Survey Analysis Report Preparation Total Time to complete: 8 weeks 6. TECHNICAL APPENDIX LINKS: http://www.zboardshop.com/ http://www.oir.uci.edu/ http://www.parking.uci.edu/at/ http://www.parking.uci.edu/zotwheels/faq.cfm http://bike.uci.edu/pdf/skatedevices.pdf http://www.board-trac.com/ http://www.sfia.org/ http://www.surveymonkey.com/ http://www.surveysystem.com/ ...read more.

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