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Emerging Technology in E-business

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Emerging Technology and Trends in e-Business Emerging Technology and Trends in e-Business Businesses must select technologies that support core business initiatives to help sustain operations in an e-business environment. To gain a competitive advantage in any e-business industry businesses must analyze current trends and implement new technologies that will help increase efficiencies, support functionality, and increase profit margins. This paper will discuss the effects of emerging technology trends on e-business and supply chain management as well as provide examples of business opportunities from these technologies. Emerging Technologies and the Effects on e-Business With the recent hype of social media websites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter e-businesses need to harness the marketing capabilities that come with this type of Internet technology. Commonly called a "virtual marketplace" this technology makes it easy for sellers and buyers to come together, give neutrality to both seller and buyer, and boost information about products a seller is providing. According to Fadden (2009) a virtual marketplace brings together buyers and sellers through the Internet. ...read more.


The benefits from an ERP system does not only improve efficiencies inside the supply chain but also helps strengthen business-to business relationships which become imperative for successful operations in an online environment. As e-business popularity continues to grow its important for businesses to keep up with current trends in technology that will increase their production and help streamline their supply chain. A web-base Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a cost-effective solution that enables small and medium size suppliers to be fully compliant with the EDI requirements of their customers with a solution that takes the complexity out of EDI (Edict Systems, 2003) Web-EDI systems is an emerging technology that e-businesses are using to partner up with one another. Businesses that use these types of websites allow other businesses to transact electronically by the means of a simple web browser. This technology is becoming a new trend in e-business as it is more affordable than traditional EDI systems. With low implementation and maintenance cost a web-base EDI system becomes the preferred technology for e-business to enhance their supply chains. ...read more.


With social media websites e-businesses can be given the opportunity to increase product market awareness and build relationships with fellow e-businesses. ERP systems present several opportunities for e-businesses as this type of system streamlines information flowing in and out of the supply chain and permits e-businesses to make more strategic decisions that can benefit all-around operations. Last, web-base EDI systems provide e-businesses the opportunity to reduce production costs as well as integrate suppliers and vendors into one harmonious supply chain eliminating complexity. Conclusion With new technologies emerging every year it is important for e-businesses to harness the best technology that will support their core business initiatives. As e-business becomes more of a common work ground for brick and mortar businesses, technology will be imperative for these businesses to stay competitive. In conclusion this paper discussed the effects of emerging technology trends on e-business and supply chain management as well as provided examples of business opportunities based on these technologies. Reference Fadden, E. (2009). What is ERP - ERP Definition. NeoEase. Retrieved from http://whatiserp.net/other-software-business/emerging-technologies-in-supply-chain-management/ Edict Systems. (2003). Web EDI. Retrieved from http://www.webedi.com/ ?? ?? ?? ?? Emerging Technology and Trends 1 ...read more.

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