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Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Selling the Dream - related questions.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Selling the Dream Objective of the Assignment The objective of this assignment is to answer the given questions in the case study, reflecting to what was learned through marketing classes and analyze it using the case study Company background Enterprise is the largest car rental company in North America, which is a $6 billion company with 600,000 vehicles, more than 50,000 employees and over 4,800 locations in the U.S., Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Activities include renting of vehicles, fleet acquisition, and vehicle maintenance and vehicle disposition through wholesale vehicle channels. In addition to car rentals, Enterprise also offers other services which include Corporate Class(r), which is the discount program for local business vehicle rentals. Car Sales, which offers quality, pre-owned cars with "haggle-free buying, worry-free ownership, fleet Services, which provides complete fleet management services for small and large companies seeking leased vehicle fleets and rideshare supplies vans to groups of co-workers for commuting purposes. 1.) How are the buyer Decision process different from someone renting a replacement car due to a wreck, for someone renting a car for leisure/vacation purposes; for business renting a car? A customer decides to rent a car( figure 1) when he finds his car wrecked, stolen or in the shop being repaired or if he want to go on a vacation and finds the family car not suitable or if he needs a additional car when his friends or other family members are visiting him or if somebody in the family needs to be picked up. However selecting a particular car company depends on consumer behavior. According to book marketing Third European edition, the decision process and action of people involved in buying and using products are termed their buying behavior Type of consumer behavior Routine Response Behavior: A consumer practices routine response behavior when buying frequently purchased low cost items that needs little search and decision effort. ...read more.


employees , and profits will follow" To retain it present market performance and to penetrate into other markets the company needs to attract and retain its employees. The company needs to attract people of the benefits the company offers to its employees. Even though dean pitman did the right decision by taking a job at enterprise he was not sure how career is would be when he joined the company. So enterprise should change the situation. Its need to let young graduates know the advantages if they work for enterprises and how their career and life will grow. Enterprise need to keep in mind to give these information to graduates about the advantages of working with Them > Equal opportunities > What they will learn and earn > Commission on performance > Personal life and appreciation of their hard work > What is a management trainee work ? > The corporate culture > The training programs which they will receive > Whether they will be relocated > How long will it take them to get promoted 4. What marketing recommendation would you make to enterprises to improve its marketing strategy? Marketing is the process by which you can temp your customer to buy your product or service. Tradiantly marketing depended on 4 P's. Product, price, promotion, place The need for modification of the 4Ps mix. The 7p's : Industrial marketers have long claimed that industrial marketing has features that make it unique and different to consumer marketing. The most important of these features are product complexity and buying process complexity that leads to a high degree of interdependence Between buyers and sellers. This has led Webster (1984) to assert that the essence of industrial marketing is the buyer-seller relationship which binds the two together in pursuit of their corporate goals, each becoming dependent on the other. The focus of industrial marketing should not be products but buyer-seller relationships. ...read more.


the car is bad, the quality of service is bad To work out its strategy in foreign markets it should have a good advertising campaign in daily paper and magazine to get the people hear of the company, the company should then start a promotional scheme like one side free trip to let it old strategy of word to mouth to spread and creating a good reputation about people . It should offer better service, keeping in view of the cultural and social difference and it should always maintain low price than its competitors. A good way to start is get customer feedback on rental car service and device a strategy on that. Finally using it productivity to the maximum it can improve like easy jets which uses it aircraft to run the maximum number of routes per day. Its Trade name, success in US and it good reputation is sure to give a edge in International markets. One of the biggest challenges facing the car rental industry today is improving its image. Specifically, it's important for all rental car companies to work together to make sure all customers have a positive experience. The last thing Enterprise need to do in the foreign market is to scare customers away from the rental car business because of negatives, like unfair tax burdens, challenges that inhibit a speedy and convenient transaction, and other regulations that raise costs. Conclusion: It is not difficult to grow, because when our competitors make mistakes we grow automatically, to stay there on top is always difficult. So it is important for companies not to make big mistakes and learn from their mistakes to improve. Enterprise is presently doing a good job which is evident from the way its was ranked highest in customer satisfaction for rental cars companies for two consecutive year by J.D. Power and Associates ( source : J.D. Power and Associates ). It just has to make sure that its cars are running on perfectly without a breakdown, ...read more.

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