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Entrepreneur Essay. The unique selling point of Beyond Party is to create and organize events with creative and innovative ideas

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1.0 Executive Summary Our event company, Beyond Party is established based on the idea to provide memorable and amazing event experience for the clients. The unique selling point of Beyond Party is to create and organize events with creative and innovative ideas that will impress and surprise people. After detail research, we plan to locate our company in the Bandar Manjalara, Kepong. We find that most of the sources that needed for event organizing are focus located in Kepong areas, this can ease for use to deal for supplier partnership. We plan to provide quality service to help people and organization to organize various types of events and parties with themes. Furthermore, those events include birthday party, holiday party, anniversaries, graduation party, and reunion party, small size corporate event and etc. Moreover, we segment our customer into different market such as corporate market and social market. Moreover, we also find our customer based on their age and income level. Our outstanding selling point is that we are providing a party package named "The Unknown Party". The preparation work of party and the theme will all keep in secret until the client step into the venue. We have identified Generation Y as our main target market. There are many young adults mainly the college students or fresh graduate who wish to open a secret event or birthday party to create a memorable memories in their life. We provide various types of party themes packages which depending on clients' requirements to meet their expectations. In terms of pricing structure, we will determine all the services fees that will be covered and establish the reasonable event or party prices for the customer. We charges different prices for different packages that we have provided such as Normal Party Package, Special Beyond Package, and Event Package. Lastly we have our own Facebook page and Twitter account that will be updating all the upcoming event or new promotions to every online user and also to retain the customer relationship. ...read more.


For sound and light, we have professional to in charge for it where client does not need to seek from outsider. Our staffs who handle sound and light are all professional and experience to handle large event. Client will never need to worry about the cost from us is expensive because if compare to outsider, we are always the cheapest as we promise to give a full line service to our client. 3.2 Strategy Asset To let Beyond Party business to grow and expand, identify the strategy assets of our company and maintain it so that we are not losing any assets because it is going to make sure how far a company can go. Our major strategic assets are the main management team form by 5 founders who play the most important role to keep the company going. They are the person who devise strategy and to achieve the visions and goals. These people are going to make many important decisions on many crucial situations which will indirectly cause the company failure or successful. Besides, their responsibility to dedicate time and effort to fully supports the company. Planning an event flow might takes a lot of time to make sure there are zero mistake happen when the event going on. Then, company financial resources are mainly support from them where they need to bear any loss from any unsuccessful event. Nevertheless, maintaining company culture and keep a positive work place is founder responsibility to do it. Secondly, the outstanding factor that may drive our company to success is our priceless know-how and experiences to plan every creative and innovative event. Every personnel in the company are having task to fulfil with their special knowledge and skillful ability. For example, we have graphic designer to decorate the ambiance and provide extraordinary visual scene to impress every guest in the event. Our production team is professional from record to edit the video that is going to present during the event or record event scene to provide client a copy if necessary. ...read more.


There are many clients prefer to know how much a project will cost according to their package without the ?hidden? expenses. Besides, we able to let clients know what exactly they are getting for the event. Beyond Party is a new event company and our client might not established a trust with us. Therefore, we are using penetration pricing strategy to set a price lower than eventual market price to attract new clients. Most of the clients willing switch to the new product or services due to lower price. We will serve them as well as we can and provide them better services with reasonable prices in order to make them feel comfortable for our services. The estimated prices of different events will be as follow: Normal Party Package( Appendix 9 ) 1. Client Provide own venue, normal party will be provided others thing such as equipment, drink and beverage, lightning and sound system, DJ, food, decoration, cleaner, and entertainment. Party Pack A: RM 4000 ++ (80 people) Party Pack B: RM 9000 ++ (200 people) Party Pack C: RM 17000 ++ (400 people) Special Beyond Package (Appendix 10) 2. We provide for the venue and everything base on clients? preferences, clients just sit in and enjoy the party. Price sub change depends on the venue and clients? budget. Secret Pack: RM 30000 ++ (200 people) Ultimate Secret Pack: RM 40000 ++ (200 people) Event package (Appendix 11) Client can choose to provide or not for the venue, Party provided others things such as equipment, drink and beverage, food, lightning and sound system, keynote speaker, decoration and entertainment. Seminar: RM10000 Company dinner: RM50000 Training: RM5000 Of course, the rates may also vary based on where clients may live, types of events and what the market is willing to pay. Appendixes Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Appendix 3 C:\Users\User\Desktop\berris-cuisine-kiddie-birthday-party-catering-caterer-event-stylist-styling-laguna-philippines-1.jpg Appendix 4 C:\Users\User\Desktop\Revelry-Event-Designers-Special-Occasions-Event-Planning-1.jpeg Appendix 5 C:\Users\User\Desktop\Church-Wedding-Decorations3.jpeg C:\Users\User\Desktop\images.jpg Appendix 6 C:\Users\User\Desktop\images (1).jpg Appendix 7 C:\Users\User\Desktop\images (2).jpg Appendix 8 http://hostingessence.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/49.jpg Appendix 9 http://doublefunparties.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Beatles-Birthday-by-She-Paperie.jpg Appendix 10 http://www.partyideasblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/birthday-party-decorations.jpg Appendix 11 http://static.commentcamarche.net/en.kioskea.net/faq/images/0-H691bajA-facebook-s-.png Appendix 12 C:\Users\user\Desktop\SecretLogoBig. ...read more.

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