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Euroland Foods S.A. is one of the leading European producers of ice-creams, yogurt, bottled water, and fruit juice. After a brief overview of the given case study, the first part of the first question will evaluate the extent to which the various given me

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Introduction This work is aimed to research certain questions, given. Euroland Foods S.A. is one of the leading European producers of ice-creams, yogurt, bottled water, and fruit juice. The Capital Budget was to discuss in the Board of Directors. 11 major projects totaled EUR 316 million were up for consideration. However, the limit was set at EUR 120 million. The challenge for the senior management of Euroland Foods S.A. was to allocate funds among a range of compelling projects. After a brief overview of the given case study, the first part of the first question will evaluate the extent to which the various given measures of economic investment have provided a good justification for the three projects to be approved. The second part of the first question will present my recommendations on the displacement of any or all of the approved projects. In the second question I will provide a discussion paper for the Corporate Social Responsibility, considering several significant "triple bottom line" benefits and the nature of any potential social and environmental costs arising. Euroland Foods S.A. Euroland Foods, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is a multinational producer of high-quality ice cream, yogurt, bottled water, and fruit juice. Its products are being sold throughout Scandinavia, Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, western Germany, and Northern France. ...read more.


Having a Debt/Equity Ratio at 125%, Euroland was urged by the President of Banque du Bruges et des Pays Bas, which is one of the major shareholders, that "Restoring some strength to the right-hand side of the balance sheet should now be a first priority. Any expansion of assets should be financed from the cash flow after debt amortization until the debt ratio returns to a more prudent level" Having said that, Bank puts some limits on next year's spending and that means that projects, which are not going to create direct profit (#5, #6, #10) could be rejected. Political gamesmanship is generally refers to actions that employees take that are intended to improve their performance indicators- without producing any positive economic benefits. Analysing the profiles of Board's Members we can create a "list of preferences", from which we can conclude that approval of the projects could be the political decision rather than efficient economic decision. Besides that, almost every member of the Board has his or her personal wishes to receive more power. Moreover, there are certain alignments exist inside the company, which can also affect the final decision. Question 1 (b): Taking into account the above analysis and weaknesses of the projects, I would like to recommend the displacement of some projects, justifying the substitutes. ...read more.


Carefully implemented CSR for project #11 can bring its benefits: * Win new business; * Develop and enhance relationships with customers, suppliers and networks; * Attract, retain and maintain a happy workforce and be an Employer of Choice; * Differentiate the Company from its competitors; * Generate innovation and learning and enhance your influence; * Improve your business reputation and standing * Provide access to investment and funding opportunities * Generate positive publicity and media opportunities due to media interest in ethical business activities Financial and non-financial CSR politics In the case of Euroland Foods, the implementation of Effluent-water treatment at four plants can be the step toward exercising the CSR in practice. The outcome of that project can be used to strengthen the positions of the Company in the eyes of stakeholders and customers. Being one the major problem nowadays, reduction of emissions is one of the primary goal for almost every company, which has plants and production lines. Analysing the CSR already implemented in different companies we can draw the main points of successful CSR politics: * Contribution to greenhouse gas emissions through energy use and other parts of your process * Use of raw materials, both nonrenewable resources which by definition are not sustainable in the long term, and as importantly renewable resources which are produced in a fashion which is not currently sustainable. * Potential for environmental accidents - releases of pollutants into air, water or land. ...read more.

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