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Evaluate the present marketing mix for T-Mobile, making recommendations for future marketing success in mobile communications

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Business Studies Coursework: Evaluate the present marketing mix for T-Mobile, making recommendations for future marketing success in mobile communications T-Mobile Marketing Mix Aim: To evaluate the present marketing mix for T-mobile, making recommendations for future success in mobile communication. Methodology: To fully evaluate the current marketing mix for T-mobile I will make use of secondary research available from survey companies such as mintel or keynote I can analyze how T-Mobile have been trading in the past twelve months. When using my questionnaire I will use quota sampling doing this enables me to narrow the results down to certain age groups so when I put the information into graphs I can analyze further allowing me to make more accurate recommendations for T-Mobile. My primary research will be made up of visiting stores and making notes about their products and their price. Viewing the T-Mobile website will also help me gain a better understanding of how T-Mobile is part of a group (Desutshe telekom) the T-Mobile website also has information on up and coming promotions aiding me even further with evaluating T-Mobiles marketing mix. Primary research ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Using these questions I am able to gain a clear understanding of what recommendations to make I will need clear and concise questions because if interviewees don't understand them later analysis could be incorrect Face to Face so less chance of misinterpretation Length of time it takes to conduct interview OCR have compiled a list of the top 10 questions given to them by the whole country. The results of which were then compiled and were allowed to be analyzed by everyone taking part. The questions were of a closed format this was to be expected as people would not spend a great deal of time answering questions however using this format does not allow for specific detail to the personal needs of different individuals cannot be recorded. ...read more.


If the price on the product is to low and is kept this way for a substantial amount of time, the business in question will eventually fold. By looking carefully at the price and their own cost they can set out a profit margin. A business may charge extra if they feel that consumers are willing to pay this high amount. * Competitor Pricing This method simply looks at the price being charged by competitors to give a business an indication as to what price it should charge. Before any business begins it would be sensible to see what prices any competitors were charging before the business opened, the new business may well charge slightly less than others, but the price will be based on the competition. * Promotional Pricing This is employed t0o either try and shift old stock or to attract new customers. When sales are falling companies may try and kick start the buying and set prices this way? Fashion shops often use this to try and sell old stock while still making a profit selling this old stock is necessary to make way for new stock. This happens often in January with shops trying to sell what failed to sell in the Christmas period. * Psychological pricing This method of pricing involves setting a price at �9.99 instead of �10. While the actual difference is just a penny it is hoped that consumers will believe that it is dramatically cheaper. Car sales rooms use this method of pricing as do estate agents. * Differential Pricing This method of pricing is used when different businesses charge different prices for the same product when selling to different customers. It is common in the transport business where customers can often be charged a wide variety of prices for what seems to be the same product. An example of this would be on a train, there might be the following customers all paying different fares for the same journey, sitting in the same carriage: ...read more.


offers like these will attract customers. T-Mobile need to also start improving the product segment of their marketing mix. The mobile phones that they offer to accompany their price plans are not as extensive as other networks. As new technology comes through T-Mobile must be the first in line to sign exclusive contracts with mobile phone manufactures for the latest and most popular phones. The phones that are exclusive to T-Mobile are often too expensive for "Mr Average" to buy . Investing in the latest models will attract new customers as mobile phones for many people are now being seen as a fashion accessory. T-Mobiles distribution is strong they have many of their own outlets as well as contracts with "The Link" and "Carphone Warehouse". This will ensure that as many customers as possible will be able to access their products. Thi part of the marketing mix is fine and at this present stage needs no alteration other than to continue on its present stage. T-Mobiles promotion strategy may at some point need to come under review, currently they are focusing on football and certainly this is a very good way of T-Mobiles product being on show to thousands of people but they may want to expand into other sports or areas to gain a different type of clientele. Promotion and advertising was voted T-Mobiles strongest part of their marketing mix . To conclude, T-Mobile have a very good promotion stragey so customers want to buy their products and they also have a good distribution system with a range of shops that a consumer could buy a T-Mobile product with relative ease. From here however it seems to falter T-Mobiles lack of the latest mobile phones let them down also the price plans leave a great deal to be desired, once these two area are corrected T-Mobile should have a winning marketing mix but with the world always changing it is important that T-Mobile keep changing with it because the marketing mix that worked today may well not work tomorrow ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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