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Evaluating St Vincents Hospital Recruitment Process

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Geeta Kumar Dr. McLaughlin MGMT 190 August 16, 2012 Evaluating St Vincent?s Hospital Recruitment Process 1. I believe St. Vincent?s Hospital is using to many recruiting sources, all of which are unsuccessful. Because there was 11 percent of nursing positions that were not filled five years ago and now it has increased to 23 percent. Having multiple recruiting sources can be beneficial only if they all are successful, but each source is unsuccessful and the hospital is wasting money and time paying for multiple ineffective recruitment sources. The background of the company shows that the turnover rate has increased which puts additional pressure on the recruiting process to provide large number of qualified candidates. This is where the problem is beginning instead of focusing on gathering large number of qualified candidates the recruiters need to advertise to attract candidates. That way people who do respond for the position will be the ones who are actually interested. In other words rather than finding candidates, the candidates will come to them. ...read more.


The company can also focus on asking the rehired candidate as to why they left the job so that the company can fix or improve the issue to prevent more employee turnover in the future. This way the company benefits by less cost and will receive feedback from the employee and the employee will be able to work in a comfortable environment, which will likely prevent turnover. 1. The stages in the recruitment process that seem to be most amenable to improvements are the workforce planning and the lack of recruiting internal candidates. The nurse recruiting strategy currently being used is missing the steps in the recruitment and selection processes; instead it is all over the place with multiple recruitment sources. The recruiters need to create a workforce planning and forecasting system where they decide the positions the firm will have to fill (which they have done successfully) and diversify their labor by expanding geographically fulfilling employees personal needs. In the background of the hospital it is evident that the turnover rate increased after putting an overload on the existing nursing staff since they would have to cover more hours due to the short amount of staff. ...read more.


FORM ?A YIELD RATES Recruitment Source Number of Applicants Potentially Qualified Invitation for Interview Qualified and Offered Job Accepted Job One Year Survival Above Average Rating Recruitment Cost per hire Internet Applications 83 1.15 1.38 2.18 3.95 6.91 16.6 54.5 Walk-Ins 34 2.00 4.25 5.67 11.33 34 34 $300.00 Employee Referrals 13 1.08 1.86 2.6 3.25 6.5 6.5 100 Newspaper Ads 24 1.5 3.0 6 12 0 0 375 Journal Ads 19 1.06 1.45 2.37 4.75 9.5 9.5 112.5 Educational Institutions16 Junior Colleges 16 1.23 1.45 2.6 2.67 16 16 600 Hospital based schools 8 1 2.67 4 4 0 0 800 University programs 24 1 1.5 1.71 2.4 3.43 3.43 130 Private Employment Agency 9 1 1.25 1.8 2.5 9 9 2000 Public Employment Agency 8 2 4 8 8 0 0 600 Direct Mail 15 1.07 3.75 5 15 0 0 450 Job Fair 13 1.87 2.6 4.3 13 13 13 900 State Nursing Assn Meeting 7 1 1.75 2.3 0 0 0 270.10 TOTALS 273 1.24 1.87 2.87 5.25 8.27 13.65 270.10 ...read more.

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