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Examine the benefits of doing case studies on post-graduate business programmes? Explain some of the most common weaknesses to be found in poor responses to case studies. Suggest how they can be addressed.

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Examine the benefits of doing case studies on post-graduate business programmes? Explain some of the most common weaknesses to be found in poor responses to case studies. Suggest how they can be addressed. Know Details of Business Situations Generally cases are description of a situation related to a real life context. By studying the case material one will get the details of a particular situation in its various angles. Data collection, information analysis and result reporting are the important steps in a case study (Yin RK 1994). Case studies have special importance in Post Graduate business programmes as they enrich students with a lot of skills and abilities. Case Study Enhances Critical Thinking Ability Case studies generally incorporate a wide range of information on which the researcher can apply his critical thinking ability to reach reasonable conclusions. A good case study throw light on the various aspects of a particular problem or situation. Quinton S and Smallbone T (2006) ...read more.


The develop capabilities to classify, arrange and judge the value of information. By this process he learn the art of recognizing missing information. Application skills Case studies are instruments for applying already learned principles, techniques and concepts. For example, while dealing with case studies regarding price variations the law of demand is widely used. Creative skills Creativity plays an important role in finding out alternative solutions. The outcome of a course of action can be assumed by creative thinking. It helps to learn the art of forecasting. Communication skills Presentation of case study findings develops the communication skills. Skills for effective oral presentation, writing good reports, ability to use visual and other media, ability to defend own viewpoints etc. will be improved. It also enhances the abilities to listen, argue, encourage and control emotions. Self-analysis skills Moral and ethical issues will play vital role while evaluating case studies. ...read more.


False Generalization False generalization is a common weakness related to case studies. The basic data may be related to a particular situation. The researcher may tempt to generalize it. Case study method depends on a number of assumptions, which may not be reasonable always and may lead to wrong conclusions.( Naumes W, Naumes MJ 2006:65) To ensure the reliability of data, always relate it with the source and avoid generalization, latest data should be collected from primary sources. Inadequate Data The personal relationship developed between the researcher and data providing unit may influence the basic principles of research. Some times response to data collection methods may be poor. The personal beliefs and perceptions of the researcher like women are weak in managing companies etc. may influence the collection and interpretation of data to a great extent. (Kumar R2008) Kumar R(2008) recommends that the total awareness of the above weaknesses is the easy way to avoid them. The researcher should be conspicuous about the entire process. He must be well trained in modern methods of collecting data and analyzing it. ...read more.

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