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Explore the foreign direct investments in the big emerging market as well as to carry out the preliminary research of the dissertation. This proposal consists of 3 main parts; the introduction to problem statement and purpose of study,

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. ABSTRACT 2 2. INTRODUCTION TO PROBLEM STATEMENT AND THE PURPOSE OF STUDY 2 2.1 INTRODUCTIONS TO PROBLEM STATEMENT 2 2.2 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY 3 3. LITERATURE REVIEW 3 3.1 INTRODUCTION TO THE EXISTENCE OF THE FDI 3 3.2 WHY TO INVEST IN THE BIG EMERGING MARKET 4 CHART 1 5 3.3 ANALYZE THE CURRENT SITUATION OF THE BEM AND THEIR COMMON TRAITS 5 3.4 THE CHALLENGES IN THE BEM FOR FDI 6 4. METHODOLOGY 6 4.1 PURPOSE OF STUDY AND TYPE OF INVESTIGATION 6 4.2 SAMPLING DESIGN 7 4.3 DATA COLLECTION DESIGN 7 4.3.1 Secondary data 7 4.3.2 Primary data 7 4.4 POTENTIAL DIFFICULTIES FOR DATA COLLECTION 8 4.5 DATA ANALYSIS 8 REFERENCE 9 APPENDIX A 11 APPENDIX B 12 Topic: Foreign Direct Investment in the Big Emerging Markets 1. Abstract The purpose of this proposal is to explore the foreign direct investments in the big emerging market as well as to carry out the preliminary research of the dissertation. This proposal consists of 3 main parts; the introduction to problem statement and purpose of study, a brief review of relative references and the section of methodology which includes the type of study, sampling design and the way of data collection. 2. Introduction to problem statement and the purpose of study 2.1 introductions to problem statement According to the IMF BPM5, paragraph 359, FDI is the category of international investment that reflects the objective of a resident entity in one economy ("direct investor" or parent enterprise) ...read more.


They have large territories, big populations with massive future demands for infrastructure, like power generation and telecommunications, and consumer goods, like computers and washing machines. The big emerging markets have undertaken significant economic policies that have already contributed to faster growth and expanding trade and investment with the rest of the world. They aspire to be technological leaders. They are markets whose economic growth would have enormous spillover in their respective geographical regions and significant political influence in their backyards and beyond. Philip R. Cateora and John L. Graham (2005 P244) discuss this idea that in the big emerging market, there is an ever-expanding and changing demand for goods and services. As countries prosper and their people are exposed to new ideas and behavior patterns via global communications networks, old stereotypes, traditions and habits are cast aside or tempered, and new patterns of consumer behavior emerge. A pattern of economic growth and global trade that will extend well into the twenty-first century appear to be emerging. It will therefore be interesting to investigate why the BEM develop so rapidly in the following steps. Chart 12 3.3 Analyze the current situation of the BEM and their common traits Five common traits of the big emerging market can be identified (Jeffery E. Garten1997) ?They have large populations, resource bases, and domestic markets and are regarded as power houses in their respective regions; ? ...read more.


In the purpose and snowball sampling, questionnaires and face-to-face interview will be applied in this research. The specific target group in the research will be 4-5 Foreign Direct Investment Corporation which have been operating in the Chinese market for a few years; in addition the companies will be in different areas of China. The professors in the business school of the university and government employees who are working in the relative department will also be interviewed. Qualitative technique will be adopted for data collection as the interview will be more flexible and adaptable. A preliminary phone survey consisting of closed-end questions will start at around February next year (See appendix A). Then, a face-to-face interview will be arranged (See appendix B). This will probably carried out during Easter holiday next year. Before the interview, a main questionnaire will be sent to the interviewee two weeks before so as to make them familiar with the topic and also get some preparation in for the interview. A voice recorder will be used during the process in case of missing some of the important information for the investigation. 4.4 Potential difficulties for data collection Comparability across respondent is sacrificed for information that is very relevant to the study (Blackwell, 1990), it may happen that some people will refuse to be interviewed. Even when the interview was finished, it could be that some of the interviewees will reserve some of their personal opinions to protect their own company or industry to potential competitors. The information collected from various interviewees may be vary different. ...read more.

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