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Explore the use of integrated marketing communications by any two recent or current PR campaigns, with particular regard to the use of different sections of the media. How successful have they been in shaping the corporate image? What limitations might re

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PUBLIC RELATION AND INFOMATION MANAGEMENT M38CMC AN ASSIGNMENT IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE COURSE TOPIC Explore the use of integrated marketing communications by any two recent or current PR campaigns, with particular regard to the use of different sections of the media. How successful have they been in shaping the corporate image? What limitations might restrict their success? TUTOR JOHN LISTER DATE 23/04/08 INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION AND THE TOOLS OF PUBLIC RELATION Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is a planned method for marketing and communication coupled with the basic Public Relation tools which includes sales promotion, direct mail, press releases, newsletters advertising and media. Tench and Yeomans (2006:502) proposed that "Integrated Marketing Communication as a comprehensive, consistent, goal oriented, focused method for marketing and communication". Marketing industries often incorporate terms like advertising, PR, Sales promotion or Events promotion to explain what they do. In marketing, communication tools used to reach the target audience or a large number of audiences include the media which is in terms of TV, Radio, Newspaper, but it has come to include cinema, print media, direct marketing, phone marketing e.t.c. this ensures all forms of communication and message sent across are carefully linked and convey one message to the audience at large. This essay is aimed at exploring the use of integrated marketing by any two recent PR campaign, with regard to the use of different section of the media, and how successful they are in shaping the corporate image of that company and the limitation that will restrict their success, and I intend to use Garden Burger and Warner Bros as my case study. ...read more.


The campaign was named "Real Men Eat Garden Burger" how it was done; it was like an in house promotion for everybody that came into the store was told about it, the media used was the internet and direct marketing. Customers that come into the restaurant were told about the promotion, about sending in pictures of the real men that they knew and they stand a chance of winning a prize at the end of the promotion. They meant real men in the sense that a man that is capable of doing everything from cooking, doing household chores, e.t.c. With the use of the internet (media) lots of pictures of men were sent and each had a reason for why they think the contestant is a real man. That was not all they incorporated interactive website competitions, which included games, questions and answer into the contest so people can log on to their site for a long time and answer questions which will give them a results between manly man and girly man. Results: The campaign and promotion was a success, particularly for the customers because they were enthusiastic about the prize at the end of the day. The winner of this promotion was a marathon runner whose leg has been amputated, according to him; he takes care of his ailing wife at home and he has been eating garden burger before the brand promotion started. His prize includes 1year supply of garden burger, flat screen a gull and party for 25. The PR tool/ media used here was the traditional type. ...read more.


If they had done proper research before the promotion of this product, it would have been a success instead of a failure. * Lack of communication strategy, or misleading strategy. This can happen when messages sent through different channels are perceived differently or misunderstood; this is called lack of uniformity of message. Harrison (1995: 112) affirms that for communication to be successful it has to be appropriate, to the organisation, audience and culture. For if the method chosen is inappropriate, the message will lack credibility and will simply be ignored. * Lack of adequate research. For a campaign to be successful there is the need to know where you are going, the target audience for a particular brand or product, and how they will be reached. A campaign can only be successful if adequate research is carried out based on the target audience. On research Harrison(1995: 65) suggest to achieve a good campaign proper research has to be carried out to know what perception the target audience has about that organisation, and what their attitude and behaviour are. Or else the company will risk having a bad campaign. For example Warner Bros had a good campaign due to the fact that they researched into what motivates their target audience. * Lack of funds / or backup plan: for example if a company embarks on a brand campaign an along the line they suddenly run out of money, that can actually crumble the campaign or the brand image. Usually when a company embarks on a campaign a large sum of money should be laid out for the campaign for instant out of 100%, 20% should be laid aside in case of mishap. ...read more.

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