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University Degree: Finance

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  1. DELL WORKING CAPITAL - optimising inventory and Accounts receivable and payable

    The old technology loses its value and has to be sold cheaper to customers. On the other hand Dell can faster bring new technologies to the market than its competitors. We can take the fast development by Intel CPUs to Pentium in 1994-95. Dell was able in the shortest time deliver the new chips to its customers. Such technology change is for Compaq clearly more expensive and it means a potential margin advantage for Dell. 3. From Tab #3, you can estimate the "Net Financing Requirement" for Dell in FY1996. Why do companies, even profitable ones, need financing as they grow?

    • Word count: 926
  2. Corporate Website Research: The Walt Disney Company

    company's film, recording label, and theatrical divisions; Parks and Resorts, featuring the company's theme parks, cruise line, and other travel-related assets; Disney Consumer Products, which produces toys, clothing, and other merchandising based upon Disney-owned properties, and Media Networks, which includes the company's television and Internet operations. Disney's target market is consisting mostly of families, which is evident by the products and services provided by each division. The Investor relations portion of the Disney site can be found directly from directly from the main corporate page.

    • Word count: 633
  3. Letter to the bidder shareholder stating the case in favor of making a bid.

    Eventually this could help increase the shareholders wealth The new technologies have led to an increase in competition in the IT world, and we must take every step possible to retain our position in the market. With people having thousands of alternatives present we have to show our existence and give people what they want. Online gaming sector is a huge market and is rapidly growing every year.

    • Word count: 510
  4. Business Finance

    In most cases, shareholders elect directors who then, hire managers to run the company. Although the managers cannot affect the interest rate, they can increase the market value of each shareholder's stake in the company as they represented the shareholders. In order to achieve the goal of maximizing shareholder wealth, managers will have to adjust the goal of profit maximisation in order to deal with the complexities in a real-world environment because many things that are happening in it, will affect share prices.

    • Word count: 797
  5. Free essay

    Dissertation Proposal

    the changes of buying behaviour over a period of time and also the new marketing and sales strategies to which these changes are likely to predispose. The primary research question is : 'Which industry has been most affected by the fluctuations of consumer spending ( and plans to regenerate the losses????)' The main research objective is to investigate the ways consumer spending has changed over the past 5 years through the financial crisis and to address the research question. This can be done by dividing the explored area into 4 sub-topics.

    • Word count: 663
  6. Free essay

    Analisi fondamentale

    con la finalita di analisi fondamnetale -correzione incidenza fiscale sul bilancio Il fine e ricondurre i componenti di reddito a rapporto di effettiva causaliita con attivita dell azienda e periodo di riferimento I)ALLINEAMENTO DEI PRINCIPI CONTABILI allineamento ad una serie unica di principi(principi contabili internazionali).in assenza di cio sussiste il rischio di sommare grandezze nn omogenee.

    • Word count: 362
  7. Fusioni

    merger of equals) -il concambio ha significato di vero e proprio prezzo negoziato -concambio e influenzato, in misura rilevante, dalle potenzialita che le aziende partecipanti alla fusione sono in grado di generare e apportare FUSIONI IN CONDIZIONI DI SUBALTERNITA -una delle parti nn ha

    • Word count: 387
  8. impairment test

    DI PERDITA I)ESTERNI -riduzione del val di mkt dell attivita maggiore di quanto preisto -cambiamenti significativi, con effetto negativivo, nell ambiente tecnologico, di mkt, economico o legale nel quale essa opera o nel mkt nel quale l attivita e destinata -incremento tassi di mkt -valore contabile delle attivita nette dell impresa maggiore della loro capitalizzazione di borsa: P/BV<1 I)INTERNI -obsolescenza o deterioramento fisico di un attivita e evidente -cambiamenti in senso negativo delle condizioni o potenzialita di utilizzo di un attivita -dall informativa interna (internal reporting)

    • Word count: 694
  9. Thomas One Project

    I think with Deutsche Bank is making a really smart and tactical move by coming to Jacksonville with the market the way it is. They are getting into more of the US market just before it is about to have a big rebound. I don't think they planned this way, but it is how it currently is. Jacksonville is a growing metropolitan city in both its banking/ financial growth as well as in becoming one of the biggest ports. Looking at Deutsche Bank's 2007 income statement shows good financial strength moving into this year.

    • Word count: 977
  10. Market potential

    We plan on using the concept of energy harvesting which refers to using light to generate energy. Our products of solar powered cell phones will allow for optimum and necessary energy, and convenience capabilities for all types of cell phone users. Future efforts to optimize power supply systems for mobile phones will increasingly become more popular as size and style, along with power capabilities, does. In order to achieve maximum power utilization with the highest degree of efficiency, a system of intelligent power management is needed. The goal is to link the energy delivered by batteries and solar cells in a device.

    • Word count: 858
  11. Global Financing and Exchange Rate Mechanisms Paper

    "A tariff is a tax on foreign goods," (en.wikipedia.org). It is a form of government intervention in economic activity. There are different types of tariffs and they are used to protect the domestic market of the importing country from foreign competition. Some examples are high customs duty, countervailing duty, and anti-dumping duty. There are generally three types of customs duties, ad valorem, specific duty, and compound duty. Ad valorem duty is assessed as a percentage of the imported product. For example, 10% of free on board (FOB) price. Free on Board (FOB) is a term used in shipping that indicates that the supplier is responsible for shipping costs and shipping until the goods reach a particular location.

    • Word count: 924
  12. Risk Analysis on Investment Decision

    Silicon Arts Inc. presented two capital investment proposals to their Financial Analyst to make a final decision. The first proposal involved expanding the existing Digital Imaging market share with Digi-image and the second is to enter the Wireless Communication market with W-Comm. The capital project investment decision will be made by comparing the economic value of each proposal's benefit to its cost. The difference between the two is the NPV. The goal of this simulation was to choose a proposal that yielded a higher Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Profitability Index.

    • Word count: 920
  13. Types of risk in financial markets

    Default Risk: the chance that customers will fail to repay their loans. As mentioned earlier, many consumer finance companies lend to borrowers who are unable to obtain credit from other sources. Naturally, these borrowers tend to default more frequently. Finance company delinquency rates are usually higher than those for banks or thrifts. 7. Event risk: the chance that a totally unexpected event will have a significant effect on the value of the firm or a specific investment. 8. Exchange rate risk: the danger that an unexpected change in the exchange rate between the dollar and the currency in which

    • Word count: 851
  14. How did tesco become number 1

    This was just 1 step for them to become number 1, another clever thing which they did was add 40 metro stores which were only 10,000 square feet long so it was perfect for urban areas and neighbourhoods. More importantly for the long term Tesco brought Catteau a 92 store grocery chain in northern France for �175 million. However Catteau struggled against rival firms such as Promodes & Carrefour. Tesco tried desperately hard to compete but it failed in the tough market place of France. Eventually Tesco sold Catteau to Promodes in December 1997 for a profit of �75 million.

    • Word count: 919
  15. financial incentive is the most inportant factor determining worker performance

    Performance is determined by various factors mainly level of motivation, which is in turn determined by the possibility of satisfying our needs. Financial incentive is one of them, which enable us to satisfy basic needs. But is it the most important? Financial incentives i.e. monetary reward will help to satisfy basic needs identified by Maslow, Taylor and Hertzburg. Reward is a wider concept than pay. It includes pay, remuneration and compensation and represents a portfolio of managerial practices where financial and non-financial elements are flexibly directed at enabling and rewarding employees who add value in the interest of competitive advantage.

    • Word count: 700
  16. Share price analysis. Description: Goldcorp explores for and produces gold, silver, and copper in the Americas and Australia. The 2005 acquisition of Wheaton River Minerals added silver and copper mines to Goldcorp's gold-only portfolio.

    Goldcorp announced a friendly all-stock offer for Glamis Gold in August 2006. Sector Basic Materials Shares outstanding 704.39M Market Cap 18.31B Current price $25.99 Price to book 1.44 52 week range $20.35-$31.47 Beta .89 1 year price appreciation 4.94% Stock Type Growth Dividend yield .70% 3-month Average Volume traded 7,764,700 Ratio Analysis 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Company-ROE 25.87 23.04 9.46 16.09 5.29 Industry Median-ROE 3.34 8.78 15.32 17.44 22.42 Company-Profit Margin 35.44 37.62 26.88 33.23 25.97 Industry Median- Profit Margin 1.81 3.62 6.38 7.5 9.63 Company-Total Asset Turnover .54 .48 .29 .38 .16 Industry Median- Total Asset Turnover .71 .76

    • Word count: 527
  17. Profession Athlete : Financial Matters

    An example of investment could be in properties. They can either be developed to return a profit or the investor can wait simply until they increase in value. Investment is a long term form of making money as it more often than not, requires a certain amount of time. Saving accounts can also be a form of investment as interest can be gained. Stocks and shares can also be a good form of investment but there is always a gamble. Should the product or company you are investing in for some reason fail or depreciate in value it can cause money loss.

    • Word count: 950
  18. There are many critiques against the traditional budgeting and planning. Amongst them are that budgeting are time consuming and costly, major barriers to flexibility, add little value, focused more on cost rather than on value creation, strengthen vertic

    The tool used most to control overhead costs now is called a flexible budget. This budget is based not only on one level of activity. The flexible budget analysis gives correct basis for comparison between actual and expected financial costs, give actual activity. Traditionally, most companies used standard costing as part of their budgeting process. This is found to be concentrating mostly on financial numbers, short term and performance was based on variances to the budget. Therefore, more strategic approaches have been adopted to enhance budgeting and performance measures such as the Activity Based Costing, Beyond Budgeting, Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking.

    • Word count: 857
  19. Role of the Financial Manager The financial manager plays a variety of important roles in creating and maintaining an effective and successful financial management

    The financial manager has an impact on shareholders and stakeholders of the corporation. Gregory (1998) stated, investors are willing to invest more with companies that hold management accountable to shareholders. The stakeholders include individuals who have a direct economic link to the corporation such as the employees, customers, suppliers and creditors. The stakeholders prefer that the corporation make an effort to be socially responsible to the stakeholders. The role of the financial manager assist and enables other managers with the management of assets, costs and as well as other strategic planning for new and existing products and services (Catanach, 1999).

    • Word count: 768
  20. How can you go about empirically testing the CAPM? Explain the possible statistical / econometric procedures that can be employed to carry out the testing. What are the main problems and issues in empirically testing the CAPM?

    coefficient r = the month's return for a particular stock under consideration R = the month's return of the portfolio (KSE, NYSE, etc) of stocks E = the month's regression residual for a particular stock (Grinblatt and Titman, 160) The slope of the line of best fit is the beta. The second step obtains estimates of the intercept and slope coefficient of a single cross-sectional regression, in which each data observation corresponds to a stock. This is represented by the following model r = v0 + v1B + v2unrel + u Where: r = average monthly historical returns of a

    • Word count: 994
  21. The Role of the Financial Manager and Maximizing Share Holder ValuesThe financial manager is one of the main sources of an organizations decision- making team

    Financial managers provide leadership in effectively using firms' financial resources through proper allocation and utilization of company funds by putting in place effective financial management practices. Financial managers manage and determine the debt equity ratio of the company as well as determining the source of capital for investments. They are also responsible for setting up an appropriate capital and financial structure for a given organization. A financial manager provides timely and reliable financial information by analyzing all financial information and relating it to the company's goals and objectives.

    • Word count: 850
  22. In this feasibility report, I will discuss the 3 main section of sunshine charities concert. These are the financial model, the car park model, and the advertising of the concert. I will discuss whether they are feasible or not.

    The only part that is not feasible is that we do not know how many refreshments will be bought. However, because the prices are low, I'm sure many refreshments will be bought if not all. The sale of one refreshment could be made easier to understand if the 'including profit' and 'including VAT' from it was separated into columns. The sale of merchandise is feasible because we know exactly how much we are going to sell the merchandise for. However, if less people attend the concert, or less people buy the merchandise, then the total income will be reduced.

    • Word count: 826
  23. Investigation &Analysis Questionnaire

    the cost for labour, materials, and overheads) and interprets it and prepares reports for the director. 4. Briefly state your responsibility in the organisation? He is concerned with the financial decision making with the directors, planning and control of the businesses finance. Current Method: 5. Describe briefly in the current system being applied? Paper based accounting systems. Using a Double-entry book-keeping system in a manual accounting system 6.

    • Word count: 443
  24. Financial Statement Analysis

    --Violations of accounting rules --Outright Fraud Some ways of cooking the books --Smoothing earnings * Smoothing earnings growth gives the impression of stability, which lowers the cost of capital. How to smooth earnings-shortfalls * It is late in the quarter and earnings appear to be falling short of last quarter's. * Borrow sales from next quarter --contact customers and offer a substantial discount if they place orders this quarter --acquire a small firm with good earnings that you can consolidate into yours How to smooth earnings-downfalls * Raise expenses --Invoke non essential expenses like training programs, etc --Begin required maintenance sooner than planned.

    • Word count: 881
  25. Current Trends Journaling: An Analysis of AOL Tweaks Search Risks

    Following this strategy, they conduct "Ingenio's Pay-Per-Call" plan to attract their clients by a profit-related service. Above event brings us to analyze AOL's business risks and opportunities, and evaluate its aggressive growth strategy through the study of business models. Issue Analysis Labeled as an aggressive growth business in IT industry, AOL's up-dated unveiling is not out of our expectation. However, its business strategy should be carefully analyzed through the following two dimensions. The first one is operation risk, which includes two perspectives in AOL's case. AOL provides value-added search to benefit its members as well as non-members without raising its service fee.

    • Word count: 902

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

-Warren Buffett

It's been said that finance is to economics what engineering is to physics. So if you're highly numerate and abstract economic concepts don't interest you as much as the nitty-gritty of managing large piles of money, then a university degree in finance might be a good choice for you. You can study finance on itsown, or as part of a joint degree with accounting.

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Conclusion analysis

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How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

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  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • "It is meaningless to financially analyse a company without understanding the context and environment in which it operates". Discuss to what extent you agree with this statement.

    "Part 4: Conclusion To sum up, this essay has discussed that accounting data itself alone is invaluable. The lessons from MicroStrategy case have proved this point. Then, the essay has discussed how to make accounting figures more meaningful through analyzing ratio analysis, and found contextualized analysis is a better approach to achieve the goal of financial analysis by comparing with the acontextual analysis. We also have considered the international situation for foreign analysts. Finally, without doubt, contextualized analysing manner is necessary in the international situation."

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures: Discuss With ReferenceTo the Auto Car Industry.

    "Conclusion Looking at these advantages and disadvantages, it is vital that a company picks a partner which is compatible. A compatible ally is one whose products or markets complement the firms own products and customers. It is important that the firm learns about its partner's technology thoroughly before creating an alliance. The firm must be careful not to divulge competitively sensitive information to a partner. The alliance must be always thought of as a temporary arrangement so the firms can each remain competitive and not rely on the partner for success. Partners in an alliance often attempt to learn as much as possible from the other partner while guarding their distinctive skills. One of the greatest costs to a firm is the liquidation cost of the alliance, if the partners do not agree. Losing proprietary know-how is considered to be a high impact drawback of forming alliances."

  • Throughout this assignment I will look at the environment that British Airways operates in and try to critically analyse its current and past strategies.

    "To conclude the strategy that BA is currently heading is will eventually be s success due to the fact that they are starting to take notice of the smaller customers and that they are realising that there is competition in the market place and they are no longer the rulers of the roost. For their new strategic approach to work BA must continue to look forward and continue to examine the options that are available to them. They have to be careful not to get to big headed again and slip back to how they were in the early 90's."

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