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University Degree: Finance

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  1. First Wind

    Seventy million of this amount was raised for the 30 MW Kaheawa wind project in Hawaii. The remaining balance has been raised in support of the Mars Hill project in Maine. First Wind is a company that operates on 20% equity and 80% debt. Currently, First Wind assigns a full-time Operations Manager for each project supported by an additional individual dedicated to site management. Working together, First Wind's on-site staff manages all third party contracted turbine operations and maintenance services, oversees local community involvement activities, and ensures permit compliance. Sensitivity Analysis An important assumption of this valuation is that the assets of First Wind, such as production equipment, technology, patents, intangible assets, or real estate holdings, have no greater value as standalone assets than they have as profit-generating assets for this business.

    • Word count: 2722
  2. A Case Study on O.M. Scott and Sons Company

    How should the company finance its current policy of combination of seasonal dating and trust receipt plan? FRAMEWORK FOR ANALYSIS > To assess the current financial position of O.M Scott & Sons Company, key ratios are computed and a Dupont analysis is prepared. > A proforma income statement is prepared to project the company's target sales that will conform to the company's 25% annual growth rate goal. > A further analysis of the financial statements and the notes is made to evaluate the company's condition and the needed financing for the current policies of seasonal dating and trust receipt plan. ANALYSIS Financial Ratio Analysis Liquidity The overall liquidity of the company seems to exhibit an inconsistent trend.

    • Word count: 1984
  3. Hampton Machine Tool Company

    Forecasted Sales from January to August 1979 Exhibit L: Pro-forma Income Statement under alternative D Exhibit M: Pro-forma Balance Sheet under alternative D Exhibit N: Pro-forma Income Statement under alternative E Exhibit O: Pro-forma Balance Sheet under alternative E Exhibit P: Ratios under alternative D vs. Ratios under alternative E Exhibit Q: Decision Tree Executive Summary: Hampton Machine Tool Company is facing problems in paying its $1 million loan, which will mature two weeks from September 14, 1979. The loan was used to buy back the stock of a group of dissident shareholders.

    • Word count: 6173
  4. Wilson Lumber

    1990 Cash 41 34 29 62 82 109 145 193 257 Accounts receivable, net 120 155 222 295 392 521 693 922 1226 Inventory 167 228 292 385 512 681 906 1205 1602 Current assets 328 417 543 741 986 1311 1744 2320 3085 Property, net 90 98 110 170 226 300 400 531 707 Total assets 418 515 653 911 1212 1612 2144 2851 3792 Notes payable, bank 0 102 163 173 173 173 173 173 173 Notes payable, Mr.

    • Word count: 3327
  5. Should UK join euro?

    Another conclusion resulting from this reasoning is referred to as: "the optimal currency area theory", that suggests that a currency is the more useful the wider its acceptability. Businesesses will benefit from joining to Euro too; especially those with partners in the Eurozone. A single currency may reduce some costs, because of the elimination of the exchange rate spread. This will allow UK businesess to become more attractive for Eurozone citizens and viceversa. The fluctuations in the exchange rates make the planing process more difficult, because of the lack of knowledge of the exchange rates in the future, some firms suffer additional costs trying to hedge against currency fluctuations.

    • Word count: 1083
  6. Identify a UK based small or medium enterprise (SME) that you are familiar with that has grown, or is attempting to grow, using internal or external expansion, funding and other assistance.

    A sole trader is 'where the business is owned by one person', (Sloman and Sutcliffe Economics for Business third edition, page 45). Another advantage a partnership has over a sole trader is that the partners in the partnership might specialise in different areas of the business and share the workload, which makes the business run more efficiently. However, a disadvantage partnerships have compared to a sole trader is that the profit has to be split with the partners, which could be legally between 2-20 partners.

    • Word count: 2453
  7. Strategic Finance For Manager (BT)

    Currently BT is competing in a hostile environment. There around 170 fixed line providers, five mobile providers, 59 mobile service providers and 700 ISPs (Datamonitor, 2002) that require BT to defend its position. (www.btplc.com) It seems that BT management manages to find a strong partner to co-operate with. The latest market growth strategy adopted by BT is the formation of a �840m strategic alliance with HP aiming to "address mutual growth opportunities in the global information and communication technology" and also to build each other's core capabilities.

    • Word count: 1829
  8. Rio Tinto Business Environment

    However, although start-up costs were cheap, marginal costs ended up becoming too high to sustain any level of competitiveness. This was because the production of Aluminum in terms of raw material was complicated and costly, and, the Chinese government, already faced with pressures of securing the country's energy needs, no longer viewed the Chinese Aluminum industry as favorable, since it devoured stupendous megawatts of electricity in the production process. Consequently, the Chinese are slowly becoming importers again. This is relevant to a firm like Rio Tinto for two reasons.

    • Word count: 2367
  9. Regulation Banking

    Bank failures can also cause social costs10 such as e.g. Unemployment, investment decisions decline. Thus to minimise social costs, and prevent the financial system to collapse banks are prudentially regulated. Prudential regulation gives confidence to depositors to place their savings in banks, and prevent a bank run. It could be argued that depositors may not have the expertise to assess the "soundness" of a bank, hence the reason for retail banks to be regulated. Under the 1979 Banking Act, depositors money is insured to prevent a run.

    • Word count: 3412
  10. Marvel case study

    Due to its high leverage (52%), the company was not able to serve all the debt in case of sharply declining revenues. It is obvious that the company did not anticipate the change in customers' preferences and was wrong in prediction of market trends, focusing on cards, stickers and publishing business lines and leveraging itself. With this revenue structure, Marvel lost $48,5m in 1995 due to the losses in its comic book and publishing segments. Despite these problems, in 1995 Marvin continued its leveraged expansion into entertainment cards business, acquiring a SkyBox (another maker of trading cards)

    • Word count: 1894
  11. LEI Gap Analysis

    On the same note, LEI is also being pursued for a takeover by Avral Electronics. Both LEI and Shang-wa, after an investigation of the component parts of the whole situation, have agreed that the best solution would be a merger of their two companies in hopes of avoiding any hostile takeovers and maximizing shareholder wealth. (UOP, 2005) . This merger will impact both companies in the short term and in the long term. What is important is for the specifics of the recommended merger to look financially strong to shareholders. Developing post merge financial information will help determine if the recommended merger will be a positive recommendation.

    • Word count: 2227
  12. Managing Financial Principles & Techniques

    Voting rights might also differ from those attached to other ordinary shares. Ordinary shareholders put funds into their company: a) By paying for a new issue of shares b) Through retained profits. Simply retaining profits, instead of paying them out in the form of dividends, offers an important, simple low-cost source of finance, although this method may not provide enough funds, for example, if the firm is seeking to grow. A new issue of shares might be made in a variety of different circumstances: a)

    • Word count: 14066

    Because of the shutdown of their nuclear plant due to earthquake they are buying additional tankers. In last 10 years, the world's LNG trade has risen, on an average, by 7.4%. INDIAN OIL AND GAS OVERVIEW Demand in India for oil and gas exceeds the production in country. India has GDP exceeding US$ 1 trillion. Compound annual growth rate more than 8.5% in last four year and the GDP growth is anticipated at least 8% over the next decade. India is one of the fastest growing continental economies bettered only by china. Petroleum and natural gas constitutes more than 60% of GDP of the country, including transportation, refining and marketing of petroleum products and gas.

    • Word count: 2406
  14. Market potential

    We plan on using the concept of energy harvesting which refers to using light to generate energy. Our products of solar powered cell phones will allow for optimum and necessary energy, and convenience capabilities for all types of cell phone users. Future efforts to optimize power supply systems for mobile phones will increasingly become more popular as size and style, along with power capabilities, does. In order to achieve maximum power utilization with the highest degree of efficiency, a system of intelligent power management is needed. The goal is to link the energy delivered by batteries and solar cells in a device.

    • Word count: 858
  15. Ratio Analysis

    Indicadores de finanzas para Dell: Interpretaci�n de tendencias Los cuatro tipos de coeficientes financieros son Endeudamiento, Liquidez, Eficiencia y Rentabilidad. En cuanto a los indicadores de endeudamiento, estos muestran la deuda de una empresa, cuan grande es la misma. Los indicadores o coeficientes de liquidez son una medida de la facilidad con que la empresa puede poner sus manos sobre dinero en efectivo. Los indicadores de eficiencia o turnover ratios son los que miden cuan productiva es la empresa utilizando sus activos.

    • Word count: 3461
  16. Dell Analysis

    Cuanto mayor sea la proporci�n actual, m�s capaz es la empresa de pagar sus obligaciones. Una proporci�n menor de uno indica que la empresa no podr�a pagar sus obligaciones en caso de que sea necesario. Dell a�n tiene la capacidad de pagar ya que no se mantiene en un rango mayor de uno. La empresa puede tener problemas para cobrar sus cr�ditos o tienen un inventory turnover muy amplio (Investopedia ULC, 2009). En el Quick ratio, muestra una tendencia estable de 0.8 en los a�os estudiados. Este ratio mide la capacidad de la empresa para cumplir sus obligaciones a corto plazo con sus activos l�quidos sin incluir al inventario.

    • Word count: 5816
  17. Walgreens Finance Analysis

    Esto es una fortaleza ya que hubo un aumento de .67 compar�ndolo con el a�o 2005. En comparaci�n a los a�os anteriores este ha tenido un aumento de de un 40 %. Lo que significa que es favorable y beneficioso para la corporaci�n. Comparando este ratio con la industria nos indica que Walgreens est� bien ya que ha ido en aumento y se encuentra por encima de la industria. En el Average collection period de Walgreens este mide la velocidad con la cual los clientes pagan sus cuentas. Este ratio expresa las cuentas por cobrar en t�rminos de ventas diarias.

    • Word count: 2093
  18. Free essay

    CAPM Model

    - is sometimes known as the market premium or risk premium. Assumptions of CAPM * All investors have rational expectations. * There are no arbitrage opportunities. * Returns are distributed normally. * Fixed quantity of assets. * Perfectly efficient capital markets. * Investors are solely concerned with level and uncertainty of future wealth * Separation of financial and production sectors. * Thus, production plans are fixed. * Risk-free rates exist with limitless borrowing capacity and universal access. * The Risk-free borrowing and lending rates are equal. * No inflation and no change in the level of interest rate exists.

    • Word count: 3722
  19. Clarkson Lumber

    Both these ratios serve to point out the lack of cash in this company. The cash flow has been decreasing because, it takes longer to get the money from customers, but the company still needs to pay for its purchases. Also, the company couldn't go over the $400,000 loan limit, so they were forced to stretch their cash. Return on sales is decreasing and is below the industry average, but the goods news is that sales and profits have been increasing each year. However, costs of goods are increasing and more inventory is left over each year causing the return on sales to decrease.

    • Word count: 2274
  20. KENNECOTT copper

    At $66 per share, Kennecott was paying $528 million for a firm with a value of only $409.6 million. Obviously, it does not make sense to acquire this firm. Although Peabody had been profitable and stable over the past few years leading up to the acquisition, the internal rate of return related to the investment was not high enough to justify a purchase of the company. Reasons for the Private Sale of PCC * PCC's shares would be valued in the public market on the basis of historical and current earnings, which is poor. Therefore, the purchase price would not reflect PCC's extensive coal reserves and future earnings.

    • Word count: 1238
  21. Computer Information System

    This would ensure that human error is not involved in inputting the necessary information and it is ready directly off of the proper bank check. Retail tags- The best method of input for retail tags are barcode information. The bar code that is attached to the merchandise reads the specific information for that particular item(s) and input it into the system to give the user necessary information. The retail tags are attached to the merchandise so the user can directly scan this information versus manually inputting the necessary information causing room for little error.

    • Word count: 1279
  22. Global Financing and Exchange Rate Mechanisms Paper

    "A tariff is a tax on foreign goods," (en.wikipedia.org). It is a form of government intervention in economic activity. There are different types of tariffs and they are used to protect the domestic market of the importing country from foreign competition. Some examples are high customs duty, countervailing duty, and anti-dumping duty. There are generally three types of customs duties, ad valorem, specific duty, and compound duty. Ad valorem duty is assessed as a percentage of the imported product. For example, 10% of free on board (FOB) price. Free on Board (FOB) is a term used in shipping that indicates that the supplier is responsible for shipping costs and shipping until the goods reach a particular location.

    • Word count: 924
  23. Investment Portfolio

    Before looking at the securities, it is important to look at the market or economy where the intended investment will be made. In this case Mr Fourier intends to invest his money in either European or US securities. Economic Conditions Europe is beginning to exhibit positive signs of economic growth, with low inflation and unemployment at its lowest level for seven years and an increase in productivity. Klaus Regling, Director-General of DG Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission, said that the EU's Annual Progress Report showed that the euro zone and the EU-25 had seen more growth than forecast, with economic improvement driven by domestic demand "desaving."

    • Word count: 1504

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