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Flat Out Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd - Proposal for Converting Winery into a Orange juice/Brewery.

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Flat Out Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd Proposal for Converting Winery into a Orange juice/Brewery Prepared by Team X07 Anthony Maggary, Mario Pace, Phillip Snell, Mark Santoro, Anthony Young. Table of Content Proposal 1 "The Orange Juice Factory" page 3 Proposal 2 "The Boutique Brewery" page 4 Factors considered during design process page 5 Appendix A Orange Juice Tank Layout page 8 Appendix B Orange Juice Data page 9 Appendix C Orange Juice Graph page 10 Appendix D The Brewery Layout page 11 Appendix E The Brewery Data page 12 Bibliography page 15 PROPOSAL 1 The Orange Juice Factory To convert the existing winery to an Orange Juice Factory the following tanks have to be removed 1.5� x 2m, 2 x 1.8� x 2m and 3� x 2m. That's leaving a Water tank (3� x 2m), OJ Concentrate (3� x 3.5m on a 2m stand) and the Orange Juice (3.6dia x 2m). The un-used tanks may be sold or kept as a backup. For the water to mix with the OJ concentrate at a ratio of 2:1 the following number of pipes have to be used. ...read more.


Glucose is 4% of the receipt and equates to 900 mm of liquid from a 2m h x 1.5 dia Brew Tank: Balance tubes are used to maintain and even level and increased surface area for faster velocity. All piping is straight (only laminar flow) Costing 14m3 Water tank to brew tank pipe work 95mm� x7.52 long x 3 off =$136.17 24m3 Water tank to brew tank pipe work 105mm� x 7.52 long x 1 off = $151.52 Glucose tank to brew tank 200mm� x 1.2 long x 2 off = $81.60 Malt/Hops Syrup 200 mm� x 0.8 long x 3 off = $81.60 Beer to bottling machine 200mm� x 3.5 long x 1 off = $119.00 Cost of filler pipe work to batch tanks 200mm� x 27m long x 1 off = $918.00 Total Cost = $1618.97 Factors considered during design process. Capacity of tanks - For both the Orange Juice design and the brewery the capacity of the tanks determines their individual usefulness. ...read more.


Shows us that the total energy i.e. the sum of pressure, potential and kinetic energies per unit volume is constant at any point. E.g.. If we change pipe diameter mid run from say 100 mm to 60 mm while the velocity will go up the pressure will decrease. At a specific velocity characterised by a Reynolds number of greater than 2000 the flow may become turbulent. Turbulent flow will decrease the flow rate and increase the absorption of heat through the pipe walls. In order for the design to ensure the flow rates remain laminar, a calculation of the Reynolds number for the maximum flow rate experienced in each pipe has been worked out. Where p = density, u = mean velocity, d = diameter and u = viscosity Laminar flow: Re < 2000 Transitional flow: 2000 < Re < 4000 Turbulent flow: Re > 4000 Cost of construction- In order to keep the cost of construction down, the use of stands was minimised and instead larger sized pipes were used in the brewery design. ...read more.

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