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Google vs Yahoo

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Google vs. Yahoo A Comprehensive Analysis Google vs. Yahoo This document contains information regarding the similarities and differences with two companies in the Internet and Information Providers industry. Google and yahoo are two large, well-known web portals. They are not just a standard search engine but provide other services as well. The intentions of this paper will be to address the differences in e-business models, strategies, financial history, and competitive advantage's between Google and Yahoo. As well as identifying other strategies that one of these companies should pursue. Industry Overview The Internet and Information Provider Industry gives the ability to consumers and businesses to quickly transmit information over long distances . It has become a way of life for today's society. The internet has changed the world and how we process data, communicate, work, shop, live and learn (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Web portals are one of the many backbones of the internet which help process getting "online" smoothly (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Portals search the world wide web and create databases of web pages with their internet addresses (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The portal then allows you to enter in key words or phrases which then sorts through large databases to provide the user with results of their search (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The internet is constantly expanding and many industries now provide internet services. ...read more.


It turned into a leading global brand that gave people more ways to communicate with each other, conduct transactions, share and create information (Yahoo press room). When it comes to innovation, Yahoo and Google are in close comparison. They both have collaborations, acquisitions and new products that are released every year. Yahoo has new text search solutions and leads Google into new collaborations and are happy to do it (creativity and innovation driving business-innovation index). Yahoo has also taken an early lead on the mobile platform since they are expecting that in the future this is where games will be played. Yahoo is different from Google because it tries to keep its customers on their page. They offer news, entertainment, and financial data to try and keep the user from surfing to another page. This is why they have their ad content directly on the yahoo site. Yahoo continues to expand their horizon by providing searches on the web, email accounts, financial information, greeting cards, maps, driving directions, and stock quotes (Shafer, Smith & Linder, 2005). Their search engine is now embedded into applications as a vertical line of business (A conversation with yahoo founder Jerry Yang, 2005). Yahoo learns your habits to make it more of a personalized experience (A conversation with yahoo founder Jerry Yang, 2005). Global competition has stepped up as foreign economy is working its way up to provide their own new innovations (A conversation with yahoo founder Jerry Yang, 2005). ...read more.


Recommendation on Strategy One recommendation I would provide to Yahoo is to create a Medical section as an option to choose on their page. Since so many people have become Cyberchondriacs and self diagnosing this would bring more consumers to their site. They could acquire a company such as WebMD or NHS Direct. Yahoo could even create a support group or forum on different diseases. Yahoo could utilize a symptom checker plus provide up to date information on current conditions with any outbreaks such as the Swine Flu. If Yahoo could get an acquisition such as NHS Direct it would improve their amount of people who visit their site drastically. NHS Direct alone receives 25,000 calls daily and over 9 million calls book an appointment online (NHS Direct). The colds and flue advice health checker received over a half a million visits since the end of 1998 and the contraceptive advice health checker received over 90,000 visits since launching at the end of 1998 as well (NHS Direct). Just during April 2009, there were over 3,818 online enquiries to NHS Direct (NHS Direct). Over 82% of the population is aware of NHS Direct and 40% of those people have used it (NHS Direct). Yahoo should look into acquiring a business like this and it will help improve their site hits. If NHS Direct has close to 4000 hits in one month, Yahoo would greatly benefit from providing that service to increase their hits as well (NHS Direct). ...read more.

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