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Green marketing can be regarded as the process of offering products or services to customers based on its environmental advantage whereby customers are willing to pay for the value and quality in return. The rising trend of green marketing primarily resul

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Green marketing can be regarded as the process of offering products or services to customers based on its environmental advantage whereby customers are willing to pay for the value and quality in return. The rising trend of green marketing primarily results from rising demand for 'greenness products' where green customers believe they are minimizing their impacts to the environment in such way. Hence, greener products are available all around and have seen as part of our daily lives. However, after reading the article, it changes my perception on green marketing and has lead me to the question is green marketing solely a promotion tool? I agree with the authors that marketing has failed to drive the sustainability agenda because of 'false marketing' which the major force is the desire of company to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. According to the pollution issue website, the concept of sustainability marketing has been exists since 1970s. However, there was a significant rise in demand for green products appeared in the 1980s. ...read more.


Apart from that, the main drawbacks for a start in environmental marketing is that some consumers might think that green products are more expensive and fail to work as what they paid for. Nevertheless, I do believe that green marketing does works because it is a trend of marketing strategy that helps companies to get more customers and make profit, but, only when it is do it in the right way. For green marketing to be able to perform well, companies should understand that sustainability development is not solely for the profits and advantages instead it is about being a good corporate citizen that contributes back to the society. There are 3 ways that are crucial for companies to move towards sustainability. One of the way companies may consider to adopt is to be honest in the way that whatever that you claim to be doing in the marketing campaign ought to be true. Besides, company policies should consistent with the business practices, that is the steps taken by companies should be consistent with sustainable development from production to consumption and disposal. ...read more.


Customer's perception is the key for companies to go beyond the sustainability agenda, which is what we always called, go beyond green. On the other hand, social marketing is a marketing approach which focuses on the consumer's demand. Social marketing can be applied in selling the green concept because it involves in selling ideas rather than solely selling the products to customers. It is more on the customer-oriented approach whereas traditional marketing only focus on the sales and objectives of the organization. I would agree to the social marketing approach because I feel that the organization is providing solution for my problem rather than selling things that are unrelated to my problem. Green marketing should emphasize on the economic aspect of marketing. Companies need to understand the meaning of green marketing because customers are paying a premium for products that are more eco-friendly and eco-responsible. It is crucial that companies must increase their product performance and build customer's loyalty. Reference * Jon Entine. 1976. Brazil Magazine. The Queen Of Bubble Bath. http://www.jonentine.com/articles/queen_of_bubble_bath.htm (accessed April 19, 2011) * Pollution issues. 2011. Green Marketing http://www.pollutionissues.com/Fo-Hi/Green-Marketing.html (accessed April 20, 2011) ...read more.

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