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HR Case Study - Nitish, a highly promising recruit, is finding it difficult to perform well in his job and is losing motivation

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´╗┐Case: Nitish @ Solutions Unlimited Problem Statement Short Term: Nitish, a highly promising recruit, is finding it difficult to perform well in his job and is losing motivation due to certain hygiene factors. Also, existing interpersonal, role and goal conflicts have reduced organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Long Term: Due to the structural deficiencies and lack of proper processes within the company, Solutions Unlimited faces the risk of increasing attrition of its key employees, reduction of Organizational citizenship behavior, loss of morale, lack of strategic fit between the new recruits and the existing organizational value system leading to formation of subcultures within an otherwise organic cultured organization. (Too long winding for a person to grasp the problem. It MUST be brief and to the point. How to improve the work environment is your short term problem How to improve the structure of the organization is your long term problem. Now, this is fine as the former fits well into the latter. But you must articulate it with parsimony in words. SWOT Analysis for Solutions Unlimited: Strengths 1. Young, dynamic, highly qualified managers in the organization 2. Well established parent organization headquartered in San Jose, with 40 offices in 12 countries 3. An informal work culture with a regular orientation program allowing new recruits to know the organization Weaknesses 1. Lack of guideline policies hence leading to Goal conflicts Eg. Commitment from Venkant about paying for spouse travel which was later not accepted. Also a continual changing the pay package which should be specific to the goal and a new recruits qualification levels. ...read more.


Lack of a proper hierarchy leading to absence of specific targets to be achieved. Hence lacking a specific path to be followed by the HR department. 2. An organization culture should be uniform throughout the system. Since Nitish expected an organic culture he was open about his expectations. However the HR department seemed more mechanistic in its structure. 3. Key people missing from the hierarchy: The CEO of the company has access to the information of the organization through certain key people under him who constitute the top management; who are constantly being depended upon in the functioning of Solutions Unlimited, and if Mr. Kapoor also leave the company, as mentioned in the case, three out of four key people will be out of the top management, which is certainly not a good preposition for any company. Also shows an alarming increase in attrition rate of a company. 4. Lack of proper hierarchical mechanism(GOAL CONFLICT): In addition to the above issue, lack of proper hierarchy can result in serious effects on the company?s performance and the information blockage at a certain level can paralyze any company. 5. Lack of proper issue-resolution channel: There is no proper issue resolution channel that takes care of all issues that are raised by employees. Currently Mr. Alagu and Meena have a closed system which does not allow free flow of information. 6. Lack of Feedback Mechanism: There should be a proper feedback and appraisal channel which should be transparent. ...read more.


After this Manish should have another meeting with Nitish; lastly there should be a common meeting to resolve all the issues and maintain a healthy working environment. 1. Pro-activeness required at Nitish?s end: Nitish didn?t cross verify the directions provided by Meena, and had also carelessly deleted Venkat?s email. He should verify any promises made and should take in written statements about any action plan from HR for future reference. 1. Assigning a proper reporting manager or mentor for Meena: As we can see from the organization chart, Meena is the operations officer who is taking care of the entire HR related work, but there is no person in the HR department to whom Meena reports or is supposed to work under. Thus all the HR related decisions are taken by her. This means that Meena has a high chance of being prejudiced about her opinions. There should be a reporting manager to whom Meena should report/ consult before taking any decision so as to avoid any kind of miscommunication. In this way, she will also have a clear picture about her roles and responsibilities and targets to be achieved. 1. Institutionalize proper channels for resolving employee related issues. There was no clear mechanism for employee grievance redressal that Nitish could turn to when he faced problems with the payment of severance amount, compensation for relocation expenses, project allocation, interpersonal problems with Meena etc. This led to the problems mounting up to a point where he started avoiding Meena and considered quitting the company. There should be concrete systems in all organizations to address employee issues. ...read more.

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