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HR Strategy

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Boxall,Purcell and Wright identfied three domains of HRM, using the strategic domain and one other of your choice identify and critically evaluate the human resource strategy of an organisation with which you are familiar. The case of Turkish Airlines HRM strategic and international approach By: TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Overview of Turkish Airlines 1.2 Human Resource Problems Facing The Turkish Airways 1.3 Human Resource Strategy of Turkish Airways 2.0 Conclusion and Recommendation 1.0 Introduction Human Resource Management (HRM) is of strategic importance to all organisations. HRM do not only create competitive advantage for the organisation but is the force underpinning organisation's success1. No wonder, the way HRM practices and policies take shape also affects the employee's experiences of work and the employment relationship2. Within the mainstream HRM literature, there is a long tradition of research arguing that in order to make an optimal contribution to firm performance, HRM policies and practices should be integrated both with firm strategy, so-called vertical strategic integration and with each other, so-called horizontal integration3. Paul Ilsles best fit model attached in the appendix lay emphasis on this. In present day organization, because any discussion about how an organisation's succeeds or fails ultimately comes back to the way individuals are managed, academics and practitioners agree that as the dynamics of competition accelerates, people are perhaps the only truly source of competitive advantage4. ...read more.


From a review of the company webpage, the Human Resource Department of the Turkish Airlines tends to be very goal/employee oriented and one can deduce that the management believes that conductive workplaces are an argument against competitiveness. According to Sveiby (1997), organisations under such a situation should create and incorporate healthier psychological work environments. This was the same position echoed by Gilbreath (2008) when the researcher postulates that, healthy psychological environments contribute to career conduciveness. According to Gilbreath (2008), creating strong HRM policies requires creating a strong psychological environment in which employees can thrive. Such an environment requires conducting stress audit, monitoring the work of the environment, matching people and work environment and using teams of employees and researchers to study the work environment. The Turkish Airline should eliminate unnecessary stressors (e.g., poor job design, ineffective supervisor behaviour, poor communication, mismatches between employee's skills and job demands). The Human Resource Department can also facilitate this through greater involvement, employee's autonomy, physical comfort, organisational security and recognition. At the Turkish Airline, there is no substitute for these as security of its activities have increased with regard to terrorist treats. To be critically useful to management, Ellis et al(2007) argue that an overall HRM framework should capture and integrate various functions and also clarify how various aspect of HRM add value to an organisation. ...read more.


Cobb Gnyawali & Offstein (2006:6) see strategic human resource planning and policies as vital and primary to an organisations survival. To make this a success, these researchers on their work "A strategic human resource perspective for firm's competitive behaviour" refer to human capital as a full range of knowledge, skills, and abilities an individual can use to produce a given set of outcomes and at the "upper echelon of the organization, human capital is usually deployed to scan the internal and external environment, process information, solve problems or recognize and seize opportunities". Drawing from Portals five forces framework, Cobb Gnyawali & Offstein (2006) postulate how internal human assets and human resource practices of a firm help drive the specific competitive activities that result into market advantage. 2.0 Conclusion and Recommendation The purpose of this paper was to investigate the human resource management strategies of Turkish Airlines. Judging the human resource management strategies of Turkish Airlines with the work of leading experts in the field of Human Resource Management strategies, we found out that: At Turkish airlines management has created a conductive environment, with more workers participation, career succession planning, career relevant training, greater opportunities for higher roles, job satisfaction, trust and commitment to enhance employee commitment and satisfaction. If these findings are properly implemented by other organisations, a number of benefits could be achieved which include developing a set of shared values, reducing costs when the relationship finishes and increasing profitability as a greater number of end users customers are retain. ...read more.

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