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Human resource management in Carrefour

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-Moray College- Human Resource Management In Carrefour Student : Mihaela Tistu Department : HNC Business Administration Date : 12. 12. 2005 -2005- Table of contents Introduction in Human Resource Management Theory Aims and objectives Personnel activities Role of personnel function Manual system and computerised information system Statutory requirements Evaluation the effectiveness of the Personnel Department Carrefour Personnel Department Aims and objectives Personnel activities Role of personnel function Manual system and computerised information system Statutory requirements Evaluation the effectiveness of the Personnel Department Conclusions Bibliography Appendixes Human Resource Management-Carrefour I. Introduction My role of Human Resource Consultant , is to analyse the function and the purpose of the Personnel Department within the Carrefour organisation . Usually , the life of a company is described by results, figures , indicators ,forgetting one of the most important aspect: The Human Resource aspect of the company. The people within the company are valuable assets witch influence and helps the development of the organisation , and because of that , the Human Resource Management is very important . How well an organisation obtains, maintains and retains its human resources determines its success or failure. William Werther and Keits Davis (1993:10) suggest that:" The purpose of Human Resource management is to improve the productive contribution of people of the organisation in an ethical and socially responsible way". In practice, human resource management achieve its purpose by meeting objectives. II. Theory Aims and Objectives The objectives are benchmarks against witch actions are evaluated. There are four types of objectives that are common to human resource management: a) Societal objectives -its about meeting social and legal responsibilities within the employment field. ...read more.


The Data Protection Principles The Act establishes a set of 8 Data Protection Principles witch data users must comply. Personal data must: be obtained and processed fairly and lawfully be held for one or more specified and lawful purposes not be used or disclosed in any manner incompatible with these purposes be relevant and not excessive for their purpose be accurate and, where necessary , kept up to date Human Resource Management-Carrefour not to be kept for longer than is necessary for their purpose be disclosed on request to the data subject at reasonable intervals be kept secure against unauthorized access, alteration, destruction , disclosure or accidental loss Requirements of the Department of Health, Employment and Social Security &Inland Revenue The legally required benefits and services are imposed upon an organisation by government. They include social security, unemployment compensation, extended medical insurance, workers' compensation, and occupational safety and health. Since governments further societal objectives through laws, employers must comply or face legal sanctions. These laws help employees after work-related hardships and protect them from future workplace hazards. Legally required benefits and services are important to human resource department for four reasons. Top management holds the department responsible for meeting legal obligations. If the department is to meet this responsibility, it must keep the firm in compliance. If the obligations are improperly handled , the result can be severe hardship for employees, along with fines, more taxes, or higher insurance premiums for the company Effective management of these legal requirements can help the department contribute to the organisation's objectives. For international companies, good treatment of employees creates a favourable impressions of the company, even though foreign-controlled firms are not always welcomed by local residents. ...read more.


4.Role of the personnel function The role of P.D. is to enable, to facilitate different activities, to guide, to support, to empower the employee from the organisation. It also offer consulting for all the employees and managers also. Manual systems and computerised systems Carrefour is a big company and is essential to have an information system that works out with effectiveness and agility, providing relevant information at the right time. 6. Statutory requirements All the legal responsibilities are fulfil. The Group is subject to different types of audit so , the statutory requirements are an important part from the company life. Being a company orientated on people needs, Carrefour designs its policies on employee and customers needs obeying the work legislation. 7.Evaluation the effectiveness of the Personnel Department The Personnel Department cannot assume that everything it does is correct .Error happen. Policies and practices become outdated. Carrefour Personnel Department use self-audits for evaluate their effectiveness. But more information about this ,there will be in the presentation paper. 8.Conclusion The Carrefour Group comprises a highly successful group of retail brands . The Group's success depends greatly on its employees. Recruits to the business are given high quality training and the opportunity to progress in their careers. Working at Carrefour provides the opportunity for a highly challenging and rewarding career for young people. Appendices Evolution of manpower on the last three exercises is as follows: Manpower 31 d�c. 2001 2002 2003 France 3 340 3 384 3 362 Italy 610 592 - Romania (50 %) 339 415 782 Total 4 283 4 391 4 144 Human resources Average manpower 2001 2002 2003 France 3 190 3 284 3 371 Italy 699 596 - Romania (50 %) 228 349 559 Total 4 117 4 229 3 930 Distribution of manpower by function: Manpower 31 d�c. ...read more.

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