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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. "Job analysis is a fundamental HRM activity"

    In reality, they are making predictions as to what is going to be needed for the position and also working out ways in order for the position to meet those predictions. This process is the beginning phases of writing out a job description and person specification. By doing a job analysis, the Human Resource Manager is able to discover the actual jobs required for a given position. This can be done in a number of different ways. Firstly it can be done through interviews.

    • Word count: 2010
  2. This research proposal is for the independent study based on motivation, the research is looking at the motivation of employees that are involved in the manufacturing lines for electrical goods.

    This independent study will be focused on how to achieve the motivation of employees in these types of situations. It is going to address what motivational styles if any electrical goods companies provide for their employees and to what extent these are successful in improving individual motivation as well as achieving better performance within their job. This study will provide a good understanding of the aspects of motivation in today's companies, and also employee behaviour within the workplace. The study will look at the theories of motivation, and to specify the research it will look at Frederick Herzberg's two-factor theory.

    • Word count: 2303
  3. On what is a manager's power based? What might a manager need to consider when attempting to use power to accomplish something at work?

    Different types of power exist and are used in different ways to achieve different desired goals. Power is central to management; it is the leverage that makes management possible. An understanding of power is essential to understanding management. It is a vast, complex and confusing area to understand and analyse. Power, also described as influence and authority are the means for carrying out managerial responsibilities and functions. Power is the capacity that stems from resources enabling you to change people's behaviour.

    • Word count: 2511
  4. Motivation - A Case study on Mega Manufacturing

    Often employee motivation is the line which seperates good companies from great companies. It is essential that the management at Mega Manufacturing understand the motivational profiles of their workers and implement a strategy that will increase employee satisfaction whilst optimising productivity. A number of researchers have argued that a unified theoretical analysis of motivation in organisations would be highly desirable, but that it is difficult and perhaps impossible to achieve. Simply put no one theory can be applied to every individual in every situation.

    • Word count: 2339
  5. This report is intended to evaluate the various methods of staff selection and to give examples of when each method might be most appropriate.

    Both documents create an impression of the candidate and provide information, which can then be used for discussion at an interview. Application forms need to be well designed to avoid putting candidates off applying and they include biographical information, educational information and previous work experience. They are a useful tool when used to draw up a shortlist, as stated. In this respect application forms/CV's are a valuable selection tool because they save time and money for the potential employer. However, used on their own, they are not a good selection method.

    • Word count: 2082
  6. Management control

    Control also has connotations of: "Coercion, domination, exploitation and manipulation. The absence of control from this point of view means freedom, individuality, discretion, responsibility and autonomy." (Huczynski A & Buchanan D, 1991) This shows that control is a balance. Humans like order but do not like the idea that they are constantly dominated every day. Order and reliability are desirable both socially and psychologically, but domination and exploitation do not appear so desirable, even though some body always dominates humans whether it is the government or the BBC.

    • Word count: 2121
  7. Money Is The Only Thing That Motivates People To Go To Work

    For example an employee may prefer to work on his or her own than in a team. In order to have good motivational plan, employees needs have to be accurately identified and met.. An example of how employees' needs could be identified and satisfied is through involving them in discussions so that they feel recognised and wanted. A business could also set up discussions with management about goals and working practises which would make employees feel their opinion counts and also that their contribution is valuable. In the long term this may result in the employee being willing to work longer hours or take responsibility.

    • Word count: 2319
  8. The position of recruitment in human resource management.

    E-recruitment is the "application of technologically sophisticated tools and techniques to facilitate staff recruitment" (Krawiec, Pedigo and Scott 2002:159). Back in 2000, only 68 per cent had used the internet to attract candidates, but the latest poll found that just 2 per cent of firms now ignored online recruitment (Patterson 2000; Piturro 2000, and Theaker 2002). By 2008, the Department of Labor (cited in Neil and Sherrie 2003) predicts, employers will spend 10 times as much on electronic recruiting as they do today. Many literatures point out three main pros and three main cons of e-recruitment. Pros Cons 1.

    • Word count: 2598
  9. Should humor be encouraged in the workplace?

    Thirdly, the reason why people can not make jokes will be explained, and the possibility of injecting humor in the workplace will be evaluated. First of all, before exploring other aspects about humor in the workplace, it is necessary to understand clearly what humor is. Different people might give different definitions of humor. Fry (Shearer, 1998) explains that humor is composed of situational jokes. It is an ongoing interpersonal process. In addition, Malone (1980), in reporting Chapman's study, states, "humor is a process initiated by a humorous stimulus, such as a joke or cartoon, and terminating with some response indicative of experienced pleasure, such as laughter".

    • Word count: 2083
  10. Effective communication is an essential component of professional practice. Critically discuss the barriers to effective communication in relation to a particular user group. How would you address the barriers in relation to the chosen user group?

    " The book of Job is regarded as the work of a depressive." (S.Mangen 82) More recent sufferers include politicians such as Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincon and various other writers and poets such as Thomas Mann and Edgar Allen Poe. So whatever else we may say about depression, it seems that it has been in existence for a very long time. It is not unique to humans and various animal models of depression have been advanced and researched. The type of people who suffer from depression vary and it is not too be stereotyped to the image of a person contained within a mental hospital rocking backwards and forwards.

    • Word count: 2887
  11. Planning is much maligned terms of its formal structure and control aspects. Those in favour of planning argue that it is much more about a system for thinking rather than of control. Discuss this comment in an essay format.

    Therefore, semi-controlled organisational structures can be referred to as a possible position of compromise between the suggested divide. As a side observation, consideration needs to be given to the word limitations and variable constraints of this paper and the process undertaken of information inclusion and exclusion. Key Concepts - Planning and Strategic Planning Planning, according to Shiner (2001), can be viewed as the design of a desired future and includes the effective ways to implement this in the organisation. More specifically, planning is the 'effort made by the planner to have a different system model from the previous one' (Shiner, 2001, p.

    • Word count: 2673
  12. Espresso Pty Ltd: Human Resource Management Strategy

    Dino wants to avoid staffing problems by lifting the standard of his employees and the way they work. As the new Human Resource (HR) manager for Dino's company I am planning to achieve increases in efficiency and effectiveness by implementing employee selection and performance management processes. These human resource management functions are very important, as they relate to the way staff are selected to work within the company, and their performance whilst at work. As well as the above two human resource management functions, I have researched legal issues related to the company and the ways HR will influence the Espresso's processes.

    • Word count: 2927
  13. Present an analysis and evaluation of the organisation's corporate strategy and identify the HRM implications and problems which derive from it.

    is through market development. Since 1990 the A&E department has been growing with the growth of the hospital (technology) as well as with the development in its cultural web (Johnson and Scholes; 2002). There is continuing modernisation of A&E. (Appendix-4)) and the new technology replaces the old one (X-ray films). Though the training and development needs are identified and carried out through various performance appraisal schemes like comparing, monitoring and analysing the problem and treatment given twice, but the quality is seen as being 'built in' to the system by the dedication of the staff and acquiring skills with experience.

    • Word count: 2665
  14. Human Resource Management - Sexual Harassment Case Study.

    ISSUE I: ROBERT SCOTT EVALUATION As director of Corporate Human Resources, Robert Scott had written the company's corporate policy on harassment. Policy and Procedure Scott's sexual harassment policy is open to interpretation by managers and employees. Scott should have allowed for measures to provide ongoing tracking of policy effectiveness, and requested an external audit of the document by legal counsel and/or specialists before introduction. He should have been more critical of his policy, and cited its weaknesses. Communication Min's failure to act on Lee's initial complaint demonstrates that Scott's employee education programme on sexual harassment was ineffective.

    • Word count: 2207
  15. What is 'management' and what is expected to be achieved through the process?

    However, because the authority exists, it does not necessarily mean that group members will be willing to agree to its use. Although the compliance of instructions might be adhered to, it will not be sufficient for the successful achievement of organisational goals. The manager would require more than the wielding of such formal authority to be a successful manager. The manager will, in addition, have to possess and demonstrate leadership qualities.4 Hence, a successful manager must also be a leader. The four functions of a manager, as described by Henri Fayol, are fundamental to the prolonged success of any company.

    • Word count: 2021
  16. What are the motivating characteristics of work? Discuss with reference to well-known theories of work motivation.

    Most of people are highly motivated when they are well matched to their job. It is the fit between people and their jobs which determines an individual's level of motivation.1 The fit of job to an individual is not the only motivating characteristic of work. Accordingly to Huczynski and Buchanan there are other important characteristics in form of work motivation theories, which can be divided into three distinct but related perspectives, from which we can explore motivation: content theories, process theories and job enrichment theories2.

    • Word count: 2413
  17. The Factors that Influence the Motivation of the Team Members.

    * Freedom of speech- the managing director allows the other team members to have their say in the business. This could influence the motivation of the team members in our group in the two following ways: 1) With freedom of speech problems within the business can usually be resolved as everyone has a say in the running of the business. If everyone were given the freedom of speech then it would give a hint of cheerfulness, and therefore, motivation to the group. 2) Without the freedom of speech, conflict can occur as people have differing ideas and desires, which can clash to cause problems leaving problems unresolved.

    • Word count: 2288
  18. Organisational Change - The Wakewood Organisation

    How can we convince employees that organisational changes are needed? The staff morale is poor. Employees are not very motivated in doing their work. The results of production are not satisfactory and employees do not feel comfortable because they do not have enough knowledge in the processes of production and in the new technologies. The organisation implemented a new computer technology but the employees have not been trained on it yet. All these factors are affecting negatively on the motivation of employees.

    • Word count: 2840
  19. Humans - an important factor to growth organisations.

    Moreover, Thompson and McHugh (1995) mentioned that motivation can be indicated into two main factors: internal and external. These focus on the process of motivation theory which content of theory will be used, for instance, external use payment level and internal use a creation of work satisfaction. Discussion in details deeply will be revealed later. Although money seems to be seen as the main factor of encouraging people to work, but it cannot motivate them working in long-period. In fact, people always expect more and more payment, and they will not willing to work in fully power if they have inadequate expected money (Thompson and McHugh, 1995).

    • Word count: 2738
  20. Team Work.I will discuss teamwork from two aspects: control and pressure within teams and danger of group thinking. Both of them, I think, will have a potential influence on the performance of teamwork, and should be paid attention to.

    In order to answer this question, I think it is important for us to look at aspects that will potentially influence the performance of teamwork. In the following part of my essay, I will discuss teamwork from two aspects: control and pressure within teams and danger of group thinking. Both of them, I think, will have a potential influence on the performance of teamwork, and should be paid attention to. Control and Pressure within Teams Different from those working in the traditional management structures, people working in teams have great autonomy.

    • Word count: 2326
  21. Management and organizational behaviour.

    1 These are showed graphical below: Herzberg's Motivator Factors and Hygiene Factors Source: Wagner,J.A.,Hollenbeck,J.R. (1995) Management of Organisational Behaviour. p.536 He has identified five major motivations, and my perception of these is as follows, however, this is not my perspective on a motivated group of employees. Motivator factors 1. Achievement - that the individual feels that something has been accomplished by his/her efforts. Example: A shop assistant, in a supermarket, who puts forward an idea on how to generate sales, receives achievement when management implements the idea within the organisation.

    • Word count: 2005
  22. Turning Mirrors into Windows.

    I entered University to improve my chances of furthering my career in the HR sector. At the start of the MA course, I found myself pursuing it for some of my reasons above. I put and a lot of value in the MA and I remain extremely driven to pass all the requisites of the course to reach my objective. I feel that if I put in great effort, I will ultimately get the MA. One of the most influential theories of motivation is Vroom's (Vroom 1964, 1974)

    • Word count: 2230
  23. Determine whether or not it would be feasible to institute an employee wellness program at The Wrights.

    The most important benefit is healthier, happier lives for workers. Although, The Wrights is a small design house, having a wellness program would be an asset to the company. Employee wellness programs can vary in scope and cost. Developing the right wellness program and adapting it successfully to bring about the lifestyle changes necessary to improve health, productivity, and fewer health insurance can be challenging. Many companies turn to the Wellness Institute when they need wellness programs. The Wrights can use the Wellness Institute to implement a wellness program that would maximize benefits for the company (Odonnell).

    • Word count: 2146
  24. Briefly describe the ways in which the emergence of the World Wide Web has affected access to information, either from a sociological or technical perspective. Identify and discuss one key issue in depth.

    Introduction A. The Creation of Internet Internet was first created by people who had the need to exchange information for scientific and military matters. It was primarily used by scientists from various scientific fields like engineers, computer experts librarians and others whose need for communication and exchanging information was very essential. In the early stages, Internet was only permitted to education and government use. This happened because it was initially sponsored by the government therefore commercial uses were not allowed.

    • Word count: 2357
  25. Business studies: Analyse the different approaches to motivation; comment on the relevance of theories to today's workplace.

    Taylor came up with the phrase 'Economic man' to describe workers nature, this theory was that workers only worked for the purpose of getting money. He believed managers needed to devise efficient systems to maximise profits so the workers could be paid more and managers needed to devise threats and incentives. This is the most basic type of motivation that any of the four theorists being covered came up with, and possibly the one least likely to produce good results in today's workplace.

    • Word count: 2063

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